Keltica Picture

name- Keltica
Nick name- Celtic beauty, Kelt, and Irerish Hunter
Gender- Mare
age- 40
hh- 17(68 cm)
Breed- Regular Disturbed Nightmare
Personality- Like that of a Hunter, acts like she has no heart when she does.
Story-unlike most she Lived in Ireland, brought there by a man trying to make a false profit saying that she was a nightling born in the colors of the flag and that the orbs were just bugs that would leave her alone after a point, but they never did. Soon she was recognized as a threat and hunted. Now she is free, runing wild on the moor, lighting up the night.
Orenge/red: helps when she is hunting by cossing a delusion or halusination and makeing her pray think they are surounded by smoke or fogg when there isn't any.
Green: atackes all who try to kill, threaten, or atack her. Basicly a sentry/ boody gard.
Markings/tattoo's)- Celtic knots, mythological beasts, and bands. the only real marking is the one on her nose.
Feathers- No ones quite sure, but they think it is Grass and sometype of wheat or that it is neon gas.
substance- Liquid is said to be water from the lock Ness, but it is realy Neon in a liquid state.
Eye's/hooves- Red and seem to almost light the ground/ air around them. eyes have a amphibian pupil
Main color- white
Breeding- open
stable- none yet
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Disturbed nightmares- :icon Emo-Ninja-Kiriai:
Keltica/Drawing- Me
Breed sheet- [link]
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