The V-king Theory Picture

DISCLAIMER: I do not own this, I just translated it from spanish.

As promissed previously here is a theory of why vikings probably never did used horns or wings at their hemlets.

The horns could be an obstruction for these warriors when they are fighting, the mace, sword or axe could grabb or beat the horn and make the hemlet fall just as Ogu explains at his best manner. This is a comic theory because i never seena real test around. Maybe somebody could ask it to Mythbusters one day.

This comic is created by Themistocles Lobos (better known as "Themo")[link] a chilean drawer which in his best comics are "The adventures of Ogu and Mampato"

Mampato is a child who knows an alien Xse what, after help to him and his civilization The Xagusians, to be free from a tyranic race the King of the xagusians give to Mampato a belt where the buckle is a real time machine that user can travel in the time and the space (this case to another planet)
With this gift Mampato decides to meet history personally and learn aout (he is a smart child and like the studying) He begins with prehistory and meet his first friend and permanent adventure partner Ogu: a prehistoric man very strong. With him Mampato went to many frames in the history meeting many civilizations: The Greeks, Romans, Medieval Age(met King Arthur), The Wild West, the Vikings (this comic here: that barbarian one is Eric The Red), the Chilean Independece (good mention: we are going to be 200 this year as free country) and went to future too where he met a girl named Rena.

The genre of this comics are educative cause it teachs about history and mythology. I read this comics in my childhood many years ago and naturally I learnt history by this
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