Chie Picture

Name: Chie
She was named after the Chi (mythology) (螭), a dragon in Chinese mythology. She was mostly used that way for a dragon, but the only one of her breed. That means only one is born if she does mate, yet only one of her breed to be found. She is a ultra rare everything.
Age: Teen
Close to about eighteen which is her age, but she prefers teen age when answering the question.
Gender: Female
Personality Traits: []Curious[] Protective[]Cunning[]Thinker[]
Attacks: Iron Tail(tail turns to iron), Energy Ball(Color Green ball made of energy), Protection(small time cover sheild of entire body), Electric Zap(one bolt of electric lighting aimed at traget), Quick Attack(fast speed attack)

Shows: D.Gray Man, Macross Frontier, Young Justice, Pokemon, Spiderman
Characters: Allen Walker, Alto, Robin(Nightwing), Shaymin, Zorua, Spiderman
Food: Shrimp, Crab Meat, Ham
Drink: Cream Soda, Apple Juice
Thing to Do: Watch Anime or Hang with Others, and Draw or Read
Book: Fateful by Claudia Gray
Movie: A lot of them
Stuff Animal: Zekrom- Always has it when sleeping

Other info: Her breed can only turn human when she does to someone she loves. When she does that she turns fully human with plain ears, not tail, and not a neko. She will have the same eyes, but her body will be human. Her condition to bond is rare, and is only known for another animal named Coless(my character future), but its unknown if he is still alive.

Design made by Bati, known as Galaxier
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