Ming and Ting Ray Picture

Lookit dese cuties *O*

First up is Ming, cause ladies first and all dat shet. ouo

Name: Ming Ray.
Nicknames: Ming-Ming, Carrot Top, Foxy.
Age: 14.
Favorite color: Green.
Favorite food: Pizza with sardines.
Favorite drink: Grape soda.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Personality: Peppy, funny, excitable, chatter box, nice, a bit rude, athletic, flirty, boyish, not well-mannered.
Likes: Yoga, zombie movies, Gorillaz, rodents, acting, having her hair messy and long, long showers, video games, being pampered, helping people out, being told that she's sweet, messing with her brother, playing with her brother, nature, any excuse to use her stealth, stealing things, violent movies, raunchy jokes, teasing people, her own butt, being barefoot, her tattoos, intense animes/mangas, her flexibility, mud wrestling, pranks.
Dislikes: Skirts, brushing her hair or fur, makeup of any kind, girly stereyotypes, being around sick people, mushy lovey dovey things, not getting attention, when her plans fail no matter the magnitude, her breast size, nail polish, people who can't think for themselves, racists, hunters, mannequins with actual faces, celery, being bored.

Name: Ting Ray.
Nicknames: Tingaling, Geeky, Brainiack.
Age: 14.
Favorite color: Purple.
Favorite food: Cheese.
Favorite drink: Milk.
Sexuality: Bisexual.
Personality: Shy, soft-spoken, intelligent, strategic, easily frightened, careful, kind, cry baby, well-mannered.
Likes: Puzzles, sleeping, reading books and mangas, hentai, stealing things, making plans, pranks, his tattoo, rabbits, any kind of baby animal, hugs, having something to cuddle while he sleeps, actually being able to scare someone, his eyes, having his hair messy, long showers, having his ears rubbed, playing with his sister, keeping things organized, keeping his tail fluffy, gnawing on things, running on all fours, hide and seek, mythology, movies, being told that he's smart, video games.
Dislikes: Blushing, being called cute (in most situations), how pathetic his growl is, how he squeaks in his sleep sometimes, being caught looking at innapropriate things, being called a shota, being called a nerd, being soft-spoken, carrots, feeling dirty, when his sister uses up all the hot water, being single, not being able to flirt, gore, pain of any sort, crying, being so needy, being a bit of a social hermit.

History: Ming and Ting were born normal foxes, they had a wonderful time with their mother, but one day she was caught by hunters and they were left alone since they were decided to be "too skinny" to be hunted. They were only five when their mother disappeared, and they were left alone to fend for themselves, neither of them were very good hunters, and they were slowly starving to death. One day, while searching for food, they came across a tribe of witches, who took them in and practiced spells on them. They were kept in cages like they were beasts and experimented on, not being able to eat or drink anything. One day the witches turned Ming and Ting into humans while they were sleeping, but it only worked halfway. They still had their animal instincts and their ears and tails. Their cages grew too big for them and they had to be shackled to a post to be kept there. Ming and Ting devised a plan to steal the key while the witches slept, their chains were just long enough to reach their tents. They succeeded and ran away into the night and took shelter in a long cabin where they would stay, the cabin had food and water, but soon their supplies ran dry and they had no where else to go. They were huddled up in a corner with a smelly, torn up and thin blanket for warmth and slept there hopelessly, as if they expected something to take them away to somewhere better. But, something did. A samurai with grey skin came into their cabin after hearing Ting crying after a nightmare and offered them a home and food. Ming and Ting were unsure at first, but they had no other choice, so they allowed the man to take them away. Sho Ray, which was his name, took care of them and raised them well. However he starved a bit himself in the process of giving them food, since it was becoming more hard to find, and he grew ill. The twins took good care of him and went out on their own into town to find food, they actually got much more than they expected, and though Sho didn't think that their stealing was right, it was the best they could do to keep themselves stocked with food. So he allowed them to steal as long as they were careful for no one to see them, he didn't want them to be taken away from him, for he did love them as his own, even if he never said so. Ming and Ting think of Sho as their big brother, and they both love him very much. They keep helping him obtain food as much as they can and comfort him during bad times. They made a nice living out of what they had, and they're all very happy despite what they don't have.

Okai das dem. =w=

Hope you enjoyed mah new cuties~
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