Svartblod Edited Picture

I wanted to give him a more natural feel, not like a normal troll with antlers and whatnot, but just more various things. And I'll give a little bit of information about him.

Unlike other trolls, he holds no Shamanistic powers of any sort due to his unnatural form of a troll which was "gifted" to him by Loki's influence and corruption over him.

He used to be a man named Mathias Gudmundr. He had a daughter and a wife which, in the process of Loki's corruption, he slaughtered them for sacrifice to his "master".

Age - 34

Race - Human Troll

Height - 6'7

Weight - 289 lbs

Alignment - Evil

Place of Birth - Some island off the coast of Norway

Sexual Preference - Straight

Beliefs - The Nordic Gods

Personality - Sadistic, twisted, witty, clever, meddlesome, tricky

Battle Tactics - Lunges onto his victims and stomps their chests or skulls in, also known to rip open or apart them as well. Also uses a spear to impale his enemies. Every now and then, he'll use dark magic given to him from Loki

Weapons of Choice - His claws and polearms

Armor - Bits of cloth and decorative or camouflaging leather
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