Aquarius Myth (Animated) Picture

Zeus is a flirty drunk with Aquarius. Hera is not pleased, however.

Story Time (my favorite take of the myth):
The story behind the greek zodiac aquarius' creation, starts with the young prince Ganymede. This prince, around the age of 15, was considered the most beautiful man in Troy. One day, Ganymede was tending to his fathers sheep when Zeus swept down in the form of a golden eagle and took the boy to olympus to be his lover/ drink bearer.

Since Ganymede became Zeus' property, the king of the God's payed the boys father with a group of handsome horses in compensation.

Over the time that Ganymede served Zeus, Hera (Zeus' wife) became jealous of the serving boy and plotted his death.

When Zeus discovered his wife's plans to kill Ganymede, whom he had affections for, the God sent the boy to the heaven's, as the constellation Aquarius, for protection.


Please keep in mind that there are various form of the same myth. Another common outcome of the story is that Ganymede was tired of Zeus' shit and poured out all of the drink of the God's of Olympus (which caused a massive flood on the mortal plain). While Zeus is enraged by this, he has a very rare moment of self-reflection and decides that he was unfair to Ganymede. To make it up to his servant, Zeus makes Ganymede immortal as the constellation.

Zeus and Hera designs © ATrueFreak
Aquarius design © Akatsuki-sisters
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