Kino the Minccino Picture

Full Name: Kino ??? Hikaru
Nick Name(s); "Little Thief", Rascal, Stupid rat.
Age: About 7 years old in human years.
(if immortal/vampire)Appearance: None at all.
Species: Minccino
Race: Pokemon
Gender: MALE
Height: 1′4″
Weight: 12.8 lbs
Body Type: Small and furry.
Scars/Markings: Birthmark on the end of his forearm, it's the shape of a ghost shape.

Religion: Mythology
Beliefs: Arceus, "Money is just a horrible item."
SuperStitions: None at all.
Main Language: Uhh.. Pokemon?
Other Known Languages: English, Japanese, French.
Common Phrases: "Run run fast as you can! You can't catch me, you're an old man!" "Mind if I take this? Doesn't look like it!"
Personality: Immature time to time, but can be very clever for his age.
Hygiene: Pretty poor, he doesn't get very many bathes.
Phobias: Prison(Even though he's too young.), soap, being caught.
Occupation: Stealing food, liquids, and other things he needs to survive from middle age and old people.

Student(?): No.
Grade: None at all.

Food: Fish and fruits.
Drink: Milk
Place: Anywhere with a beautiful view. (A waterfall, or on top of a mountain for example.)
Person: None at all.

Powers: Thief, Growl, Pound, Tackle
Weaknesses: Fighting-type pokemon.
Weapon: None at all.
Special Attack: His speed.
Items at Hand: None at all.
Flaws in Battle: Gets distracted by shiny objects, his collar can get stuck to some things.
Close/Long Range: Close.
(Score making)
ATTACK: *****
SPEED: *******
SKILL: ******

Biological Parents: Unknown.
(if having some)Adoptable Parents: None at all.
Siblings: Kimi the Minccino(His possible twin sister.), Kurt the Zoroark(His unknown older brother.)
Grandparents: All dead.
Aunts/Uncles: Oru the Zoroark, Eirin the Lopunny.
Cousins: Mikio the Zorua, Yukil the Buneary.
Other Relatives: None at all.

Best friends: Zee the Growlithe, Hailey the Ninetales
Friends: Omar the Vapreon, Tessie the Fearow

Rivals: Kat the Purrlion.
Enemies: Suki the Honchkrow(Basically the main cop's number one pokemon.), Taylor the Marill(Suki's partner.), Old man John(The old man who Kino steals from the most.)

Birth Place: Somewhere in the Unova region.
Living Now: In the Kanto region, but in the allies.
Living With: Zee the Growlithe
Living Arrangements: None at all.

Kino was born in the Unvoa region; everything was going well until a few horrible pokemon came by and killed his dad. Kino's mother didn't want Kino and Kimi to be hurt, she told Kurt to take Kimi somewhere safe, and she ran to the pier they lived near to, and put him on a boat that leads to the Kanto region. Kino was found by a Vulpix named Hailey. Hailey picked up Kino by the back of his neck and carried him to where Hailey's little sister, Zee was. Kino was raised by Hailey and Zee, who both didn't have homes. Kino became an expert thief, and steals stuff from middle age and old people. Mostly berries and apples. All the Kino has left of his parents is the collar around his neck.
But yes, I felt like I needed to make some characters from the Unova region(Most of them are strange, yes... But I like some of them.), sooo... Here's the first one. - w o
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