DTapp_Virginia Poage Picture

Basic Info

Name: Virginia Poage

Nickname (for friends only) : Poagie (Poh-jee)

Age: 2,220

Apparent Age: 22

Birthday: April 10

Gender: Female


Creature: Harpy

Skin: Ebony

Hair: White and Black

Gold and Black

Height (in feet as well as meters please): 5' 7" // 1.70 meters

Weight (in lbs as well as kgs please): 130 // 58.97

Body Type:
Athletic, Medium Height

Distinguishing features: Her hair is naturally two toned and cannot be dyed a different color. She has the wings and legs of a snowy owl. Quite a lot of her body is covered in feathers, including around her eyes where feathers sprout out like a mask. Her coloring is very much like the snow owl. She does have an added feature to the elbows of her wings. Four fingered claws sprout there, a further mutation her body adapted into.

Piercings: None

Tattoos: None


Disguise: Giant circle framed shaded glasses cover up the quilled edges around her eyes where her mask feathers sprout out. She tends to pluck them if they sprout beyond the shape of her glasses. She tucks the longer feathers under her hair when out in the world. She wears a shabby collared cape to cover up the wings of her arms, gloves to cover up the skin on her 'claws', and a very long skirt to keep her legs covered. She does seem to have a funny gate, but most people just think she's some gimpy homeless woman with nice hair.

Carry-on: She fills her baggy pockets with whatever she can snatch. Usually food items.


windy or stormy days
Hovering (literally and figuratively)

Super hot stagnant air
Too many men in one area
The baby down feathers on her chest

Dreams: She merely wants a place to nest. Hopefully she can live long enough to see the world infested with crows and vultures again. These humans deserve a culling.

Being Choked
Being Crushed
Feeling Caged In
The Sound of a Gunshot


Kleptomaniac - She tends to snatch things right from under people. Usually food related, but she may try to grab things that are shiny too.

She's more likely to turn her head then to move her eyes to the side. Bird Brain.

She tends to perch on the highest point she can get to.

Picks at her feathers


-Pick Pocketing


Family: None Living
Friends: None
Other Relationships: TBA


Short History: In the earlier years of her life, they used to be feared, harpies. There was legend dating back to the time of the gods. Sent to torment, sent to coax the winds on the sea, sent to occupy the seventh level of hell. Harpies used to be things of nightmares, a terror to hear crying in the distance. The only thing that overpowered them was greed. Mankind's greed to live and thrive and overcome and overrun. They robbed the nests, destroying unborn young before they could manifest into the huntresses they were meant to be. Harpies fled to the tallest cliffs to have their dens, yet even that wasn't haven for long. Mankind carved in and blew down their homes with sticks of powerful fire, and when the last of the harpies dared to band together and fight back they were met with an all new foe. They were prepared to go talon against sword, but found themselves struck and plucked from the skies by nearly invisible projectiles. The sound, Virginia still remembers the sound...a man-made thunder that bounced off the walls of their quickly crumbling home. Ka-Kow, Kow, Kow! The gunfire sprayed into the flock and down went her sisters. Some were kept as trophies...pets, really. She had escaped but come back to find them trapped in cages and bid on like objects.

It took her twenty years to find her first haven. A tall monument building in the midst of a stout little town. She enjoyed her high perch there, but five years after she arrived, the monument was torn down in order to make room for more businesses. This was devastating for her. Yet again, her home was stripped away from her even after she'd been searching for so long. She wanted to rampage and destroy the village, but she feared to hear that sound again...that devil's thunder they kept at their hips.

Now, after fifty more years of searching and searching, she has found herself a new potential home. This place called New Thedford...and its abandoned island. Surely the humans wouldn't try to tear this haven down. They'd built as much as they wanted on it already. She glared at it in the distance...then decided to take the long walk across the bridge.

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