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First Off - as this is a meme - here is the source [link] - give it a try, you might surprise yourself. I went and did another meme, however - as noted, this was actually quite interesting. Seeing all my biggest inspirational points and influences on the same page - makes everything make more sense in regards to how I do things.
There were actually many more I could've tossed in, but after a ton of deliberation, these are the key pieces.

-NOTE- that pirate head thing that represents Shonen Jump - if you don't recognize it - look at the original Japanese issues, you'll see it clear as day - he's kind of a secondary logo for Jump Comics.

and there you have it

-here's a more detailed rundown-
Wild ARMs and JRPGs generally speaking - I make no excuses, I play lots of games, 90% of those games are JRPGs. Why? The characterization, the stories, the worlds, the style - just about everything about them clicks with me. So many i've my ideas have been culled from playing these games, i'd be a very differen't person without them. Wild ARMs in particular is my most beloved JRPG series - the music, the quasi-wild-west-settings, and mostly the characters therein across the 5 games have given me so much.

-The Culture, History, and Mythology of East Asia - I study history and mythology on my own time - and have been for many years, right around late high-school however, saw a shift in just where I put that focus. Prior, I studied a lot of the European stories and such, but then after a trip back to Indonesia and a few gift books - I realized just how much more was in East Asia (the -entirety- of that map) than ever given any credit here in the West. After shifting my side studies, I gained an insight and inspiration that still fuels me now

-Wayang puppets - the sheer detail put into these little gems can make me sit down and just observe these puppets trying to understand the patience and soul needed to produce them, something about them just sparks instant lightbulbs in my head

-Hokusai - his prints, more than any landscapes of any artist I've ever seen - convey a sense of beauty that is incomparable
to anything else - each piece, soothing and thought provoking in its own right

-Bruce Timm - for many years (starting with my introduction to Batman The Animated Series - a most EPIC cartoon), still even now, his lines and his ability to channel the beauty of the female form like a true pin-up artist is something I only wish I could replicate

-Ken Sugimori - something about his simple lines and really stylistic fashion sensibility speaks volumes of 'cool' for me, he might not seem like much what with just being the guy who draws up the characters and critters of Pokemon - but his style is truly his and it always sees me going "hey...that's a really nice look" - of all the more recent character designers to come by, his work has been one of the most defining more me - as I slowly shifted from needlessly complex lines, to sleeker - more purposeful lines

-Alfons Mucha - after finally figuring out the guy's name, this guy became one of my favorite- if not -absolute favorite, old world artist; his appreciation for the female figure is astonishing, his detail work is impeccable, and he has a sense of design that's inspired me to rethink how I do my illustrations - as well as shift from a rough male majority in character a female majority

-The Max Fleischer Superman and Looney Tunes cartoons - these were among the first animated features I ever saw and as such, it was these very cartoons that first drove me to get a pen and paper...and just draw, I wouldn't be HERE without them; I still watch 'em now with the same kind of amazement and glee as I did when I was 5

-Shonen Jump - the stories contained in these comics, as simple and often formulaic tho' they may be - have always drawn me in, giving me brief escapes to adventures I can only wish to experience, in a different way from my JRPGs, in that these specifically light up the fires of my inner-boy, allowing me to think up things I never would in my current age

-Akira Toriyama and DragonBall - say what you will, but this man and his greatest creation is still the bar that I wish to get to, his extremely distinct style even in comparison to his anime/manga peers is genuinely unique and fun as well as expressive - I owe a lot of my early work to this guy

-Anime and Manga - overall, encompassing all my favorite Japanese artists and studios - the Japanese embrace of the medium has defined my style as it is today, and quite frankly, I'm happy about it - nothin' more than that

the stuff that didn't make the cut only for space reasons:
-Eiichiro Oda and One Piece - his writing in my opinion far exceeds his Big Three compatriots, and his style is his own, a free form fanatic of Toriyama...turned me into a fanatic of his...and hey, I LOVE pirates, and he's been the only one to indulge that
-Masashi Kishimoto and Naruto - i'm not the biggest Naruto fan, i'd be lying if I didn't say that, and it's not just cuz' i'm firmly in the Pirate side of things, but in any case, his ART work is really something, two artbooks later and i'm still studying how this guy does it
-Kia Asamiya and Steam Detectives - immediately after finding his series...I loved it...and his technique with certain body shorthand - especially when if came to drawing hands, was something i'd wind up emulating for nearly 5 years straight
-Jet Set Radio/Japanese games in general - Japanese video games have been a driving source of many of my thoughts - much like Manga & Anime, Jet Set Radio in particular made me remember just how cool they can churn them out
-The "Dollars/Man With No Name" Trilogy - Sergio Leone permanently put the Wild West in my head...figures, it'd take an Italian to make me love cowboys...
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