Luck ... pour homme? Picture

After its untimely but not entirely unsuccessful foray into the lifestyle magazine world, "pour homme?" refocused its attention to its core business. The next scent, "Luck", released on St. Patrick's day, seemed a very odd choice, with a combination of a sort of fresh green scent, a hint of clover, and a hint of spice. Yet, as with all their scents, this turned to gold, and sold very well to its target market. As with most of their early ads, this featured a man who wasn't a model or actor, Aiden Reilly Braxton, but somehow his ordinary-guy qualities combined with the stylization of the presentation to work.The ad itself was one of their simplest, yet also pointed in the direction the company would eventually take in its ads.
--- I. Noah Lott, professor of comparative mythology and modern media, Serenity Falls University

Something very very traditional, but simpler than my usual holiday image; instead of a cast of thousands, just the one guy this time. Texture and body are M5 Braxton by JSGraphics/Male-M3dia/Forbidden Whispers; head a combination of Braxton's various heads (Aiden Reilly Kenneth, in order, hence his name), plus some M5 Manly Men, plus Zev0's Aging Morphs. Skirt -- and it is a skirt -- is Fresh by Teknology3D; sash from Adzan's Solar Solace for H3; plaids on both of those from Marieah's Fabricator and Jes' tartans. Boots from Luthbel's Wildenlander Highlander; hat is the Bowler Hat smart prop by Inception8 from Body hair is Unshaven from DAZ/Mec4D along with Manfuzz by Zev0. Set is provided by Inane Glory's Ring of Light skydome, and Fuseling's Morphing Ground. Large 4-Leaf Clover by Soto from; small one in bottle by Sickleyield, and I'm not sure where the bottle came from.
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