Power Rangers: Titan Strike Picture

A group of teens play a board game called Titan and think nothing of it. The game is in true a way to pick out Prue color souls(in this world, pure colored souls usually become power rangers, multicolored souls can become corrupt or are overtaken with power. (I.E Eric, Merrick, and others of the sort. ) A multicolored soul will turn into a pure colored soul if exposed to power grid long enough(IE, Tommy Oliver) The teens are an aspiring band named Radioactive Microwave and serve as a humor and part-time metal band. The main singer of the group, Cory, is a naga who has no clue about his birth parents or where his from. He doesn't really care due to the fact that he was raised on a suburban home with well-to-do parents. The board game Titan was given to him by a mysterious fortune-teller who insisted that his close friends.

Cory and his friends play the game and pick out distinct game pieces that play a larger role later. Cory picks the Dragon, Riona picks out the Kraken, Taylorn the Manticore, and Tamaler the Basilisk. As they play the game the teens are joined by a bird-like man named Corvus Eyen, he picks out the Roc. In the end, Cory wins and the teens out the game away.

Far away, an old god by the name of Shadowen looked down on the modern world and snarled. He wished to take out millennia of technology in order to revert the world back into the stone age. Shadowern wanted followers, mindless followers. The beasts of mythology learned of Shadowen's will and wished to protect the world they called home. They soon call relentlessly to the People of the Titans, a group dedicated to preserving old knowledge and artifacts. The group of teens who played Titan also heard the unending wail of the great beasts and sought to help them. The People of the Titans gave the teens five Gorgon crystals, they put these crystals into five morphers and become the Titan Strike Power Rangers!
(The story is still in its early stages and will be changed later on.)

Power of the Basilisk! Green Titan Ranger!
Roar of the Manticore! YellowTitan Ranger!
Wings of the Dragon! Red Titan Ranger!
Love of the Kraken! Blue Titan Ranger!
Eyes of the Roc! Black Tirtan Ranger!
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