Pyotir Airdif Picture

~~If you don't like Homestuck or don't know what it is, please feel free to skip over this deviation, thank you~~

Name: Pyotir Airdif
(First name comes from Pyotr Tchaikovsky, the guy who made Swan Lake. Last name comes from Airdif, one of the major stars in the constellation Cygnus.)
Age: 17 human years, about 7.85 sweeps
Screen name: admiralSingsong
Typing quirk: Capitalizes S and Z, proper grammar and spelling
Fetch Modus: Array (He's a highblood. What kind of highblood messes around with more silly modi?)
Blood color: Between Equius and Gamzee
Strife Specibus: Rapierkind, Pistolkind (Only used when close-ranged combat is ineffective/not an option)

Pyotir is a gentleman. He's polite to everyone he meets, regardless of blood color. That doesn't mean he doesn't care about the hemospectrum, oh no! He still thinks that lowbloods are stupid idiots who can't do anything more advance than firing a gun or cleaning a toilet. But that doesn't mean he can use that as an excuse to be rude! Heavens no! A highblood must act with grace and chivalry, no matter the situation.

He enjoys singing, reading some of the many books in the library in the ruins near his hive, playing strategy games (both PC games and board games), and military Flarping, which is a cross between regular flarping in the Troll universe and military reenactments. So, yeah, reenacting famous war battles, complete with actual deaths!

It's not that he's a bloodthristy monster (Well, all trolls are bloodthirsty, but I mean not in a maniac kind of way), it's just the way things are. Pyotir dreams of becoming a general for the Alternian Empire, so the more practice he can get, the better!

Pyotir is pretty much the only troll that Kalyca is on genuinely good terms with. Kilwin dislikes him because he thinks Pyotir is trying to be Kalyca's Matesprit (When in actuality both of them object to that idea and they prefer being just 'friends').

Pyotir's lusus is a Stymphalian Swan. The Stymphalian birds were man-eating birds from Greek mythology that had bronze beaks and metallic feathers. And they could shoot their feathers at enemies like shurikens/darts/etc. So, yeah, troll-eating, feather-shooting Swan Dad. Yep.
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