The Most WTF Crossover Ever! Picture

Well, I might as well do this since it is my meme and all, plus I might actually write a fan fiction of this, if only to show how a multi crossover is properly done. The story is this: Dracula awakens and gains the control of Imhotep and Dr. Frankenstein and the three plan to get Pandora's Box and unleash and army of monsters upon the world. Dr. Issac Van Helsing learnd of this and is prepared, using alchamy, magic, and technology, he creates the Monsterfyiers (The morphers) drawing the powers from five monsters from different mythologies from around the world as well as developing something called Beast Armor(which is basically like the Green Ranger's shield) for each of the Rangers. The morphers take the forms of the monsters and seek out those who they deemed worthy to use their powers and become the: Power Rangers: Monster Squad

(I know it's cheesy, but you know what, it's Power Rangers so shut up)

Red Ranger (power of the Werewolf): Jack Darby (Transformers Prime)- Moving to New York with his mother and step-father after the events of TFP, Jack was running from a group of muggers when he encountered the werewolf, which bit Jack and became his morpher and giving him his civilian powers, enhanced senses like hearing, smell and night vision, along ablities such as strength, speed, agility, and stamina on par with Captain America, Jack used his new abilities to fight off the muggers before teleporting to Van Helsing's mansion north of the city. Once there, Van Helsing explained to Jack that the werewolf chose him because it sensed untapped potental for being a leader within him as well as something else. In addition to his civilian powers, when morphed, Jack's abilities are doubled and doubled again when activating his Beast Armor, his weapon is the Howler Saber, a gunt that turns into a sword. He also can access the Chimera Armor, all of the other ranger's Beast Armors combine into a battleizer which give's Jack all of the abilites the other's Beast Armors give them and making his own powers five times more than if he just had his own beast armor on. His zord is the werewolf zord which if it becomes the torso when combined with the others, it forms the Beowulf Megazord, the most frequently used combination when fighting monsters, it has the sword Hrunting and is the most balanced in speed, strength, and armor.

Blue Ranger (power of the Gryphon): Gerald Johannsen (7 years after the events of Hey Arnold)- Gerald was practicing basketball when he saw two bullies picking on a young girl, stepping in, Gerald challanged the bullies to a game against him and the girl, after helping the girl's self esteem and helping her score the winning goal, the bullies walked off and the girl thanked him and walked off as well, once Gerald was alone, the Gryphon swooped in and took him to the mansion and turned into his morpher by clamping down on his arm with its talon. After Gerald explained what happened, Van Helsing explained that the Gryphon must of seen Gerald finding a non violent way of dealing with the bullies and admired his heart. Gerald's civilian powers are telescopic vision and a sonic shriek that can knock back enemies, in ranger form those powers are doubled and with his Beast Armor he gains wings to fly, his weapons are the Gryphon Talons, sharp claws that can rip through almost any material. His zord is the Gryphon zord and if it is used to make up the torso when comined with the others, it becomes the Garuda Megazord, the physically strongest of the Megazord combinations and can fly, though when on the ground it is not as agile as the other combinations except for one other, its weapon is the Hurricane Axe.

Yellow Ranger (power of the Kitsune): April O'Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)- The Kitsune took the form of a beautiful woman and captured the Turtles, Casey, and even Splinter to make a challange for April in order to save them, once April finished the challanges the Kitsune took her and teleported to the mansion, not before leaving a map for the Turtles to follow. Van Helsing explained that the Kitsune probably saw promise in April and wanted to make sure that she was worthy by making the challanges, once the Turtles and Casey arrived, Van Helsing apologized and even offered them and Splinter a new home along with asking Donnie to help with maintaining the zords and weapons. April's civilian powers are shapeshifting into anyone of the same gender, in ranger form she can change into men as well and with her Beast Armor on, April gains three tails, each made of different energies, one of fire, one of ice and one of lightning, her weapon is the Tri Fan, a magically modified version of her own fan which everytime it is blown can create an arc of one of the three energies her tails are made of or when thrown can become a boomerang disc. April's zord is the Kitsune zord and when combined with the others as the torso it forms the Kunoichi Megazord, one of two feminine looking combiniations, it is the fastest and most agile of the combinations but is also the least armored, its weapon is the Honjo Masamune katana.

Pink Ranger (power of the Kelpie): Wendy Corduroy (Gravity Falls)- After spending her summer with her father and brothers, Wendy went to New York to spend with her mother, a small claims lawyer, when walking home from school, she saw a man drowning in the Hudson, thinking quickly, she dove in to save him, the man said that his leg was caught on something and Wendy dove underwater to free his legs, though she got caught up herself and couldnt surface to get air, luckily the Kelpie saw her and rescued Wendy be becoming her morpher and teleporting her to the mansion. Van Helsing explained that the Kelpied must of admired Wendy for saving a total stranger as well as wanting to save her. Wendy's civilian powers include swimming at 56 knots(35mph) and can hold her breath for hours, in ranger form, she can swim at 110 knots(68mph) and breath underwater, with her Beast Armor on, she can swim fast enough to create whirlpools and waterspouts, her weapon his the Whirl Cannon, which is a gun that can shoot a tornado of water with the force of about 90,000psi. Wendy has the Kelpie zord and when made the torso when combined with the others, becomes the Mermaid Megazord, which can swim underwater by fusing the legs together into a fish tail, it's the second feminine looking zord and is the second most agile when on land, it weilds the Tempest Trident, which is the only Megazord weapon that can fire proectiles in the form of the Tempest Laser.

Green Ranger (power of the Sphinx): Eddward Marion (5 years after Ed Edd n Eddy)- After moving to New York when his father got job transfer, Double Dee kept to himself mostly due to missing his friends in Peach Creek, when walking home, he was approached by the Sphinx which gave him three riddles to answer, Double Dee answered all three correctly and was given the morpher. Van Helsing explained to Double Dee that the Sphinx must of sensed that he had great wisdom for his age and wanted to test him if he was worthy. Edd's civilain power is telepathy, which he can use to make a mental link with the others so they can form plans without giving them away to their enemies, in ranger form he also gains telekenesis to push back enemies, and when in his Beast Armor, he can create energy sheilds and weak energy bursts that can hurt Dracula's footsoldiers and the average person but it doest work as well against the stronger monsters, his weapons are the Crook and Flail, which can absorb energy and fire it back at double the power. Double Dee's zord is the Sphinx zord and when combined as the torso, it forms the Osiris Megazord, the most heavily armored of the Megazord combinations, it is also the slowest and least agile, though it makes up for that with its firepower, not having a held weapon but instead has cannons on its arms and chest as well as being able to shoot fire from its mouth and lightning from its eyes.

Sixth and Seventh rangers:

Silver Ranger (power of the Vampire): Vince (Transformers Prime)- Wanting to have rangers of his own, Dracula managed to kidnap Donnetello and forced him to create morphers as well as two zords, of course the morphers turned into the monsters they drew their powers from and the vampire found Vince, who was living in New York with his aunt and uncle after Jasper was evacuated, the vampire sensed how Vince intimidated others and sensed anger in his heart. Once captured, Dracula revealed to Vince that Jack was not only the Red Ranger but also made it look like Jack was responsible for the evacutation fo Jasper, driving Vince to revenge. Vince's civilian powers inclued enchanced strength, speed, agility, and stamina like Jack, as well as night vision and the ability to read minds and hypnotize people through eye contact, in ranger form his physical abilies are doubled and he gains the ability to absorb energy from others by touching them to heal himself and in his Beast Armor he gains wings to fly, his weapon is the Fang Blade, a sword that turns into a gun. Vince's zord is the Vampire Bat zord and when combined with the other Dark Ranger's zord as the torso forms the Strigoi Megazord, it is a physical equal to the Beowulf Megazord and can fly, its weapon is the Sword of Mars.

Gold Ranger (power of the Naga): Karai (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)- The Naga saw Karai change back from her mutant form to human form and went right in for it, not only curing her mutation with the magic from the morpher, but also, with a little help from Dracula hypnotizing her, made Karai into a loyal sevant to Dracula. Karai's civilan powes are snake fangs with venom, she can also spit the venom into other's eyes, blinding them temporarily, in ranger form her venom spit becomes an acid and she can contort her body to get through tight spaces as if she were a snake, in her Beast Armor, Karai can turn into a fireball for faster travel as well as a means to better fight her opponents, her weapon is the Naga Spear Whip, a whip that can turn into a spear. Karai's zord is the Naga zord, when combined with the Vampre Bat as the upper body, it forms the Succubus Megazord, another feminine looking Megazord, it is a pysical equal to the Kunoichi Megazord and can fly like the Strigoi Megazord, its weapon is the Grim Scythe.

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