Endless Skies Cover 1 Picture

Media: Acrylic paints and pen on A4 paper, Took me about two hours tops. The front cover image of my first Copyright Graphic Novel due to be uploaded once I have designed the various aircraft Unique to the franchise: Endless Skies. His scarf is supposed to look a bit like wings, he's falling to Earth from the Space City, flight and wings is Symbolic of himself being a pilot and also suits the title.

Plot:In an Alien future where Humans are believed to be extinct Albani, a brave, truth-seeking young Pilot, and Kukia, a Speedy, head-strong little Mechanic, team up to hunt down their freedom and save their beautiful home from the the evil Lech who have the entire universe in their grasp.
With the help of scattered allies the duo defend themselves against Brainwashed thugs, Cyborg Police, Slave Traders, Bounty Hunters and Giant Weapon-Monsters left over from a passed war.

Genre: Science Fiction Adventure
Messages: Psychological and Political
Series, On going
Rating: I dunno, I don't even think things should be age rated, if somethings truly inappropriate for children it's probably inappropriate for adults too.

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