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She's a character who is going to appear in my KlavierxEma fanfic, Literary. [link]

Comments are wonderful and much welcome, but I do not wish for compliments. But what I do wish for is critique on the character overall, her profile is below.

Amaranta “Amy” Garretti Faunus

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Occupation: Band Manager of the Gavinners

Appearance: She has long, dark blonde, wavy hair that goes past her shoulders and some tresses of her hair fall over her eyes. Her body isn’t skinny but it isn’t exactly big. She is somewhere around the middle. (If you guys saw the “Be Italian” video I put up some time ago, she has the same body type as Seregina but a bit slimmer than that.) She has forest green eyes that contrast with her hair color. She has rather fair skin but she doesn’t have much red nor would pink one with fair skin have because most of her attire doesn’t so much skin. Most of the time, she wears a white dress shirt and a dark brown pencil skirt that stops on her knees. Her shirt has frills (Not like Edgeworth’s cravat) that line up where the buttons of her polo are at and stops at mid chest. She wears a necklace decorated with silver of flowers and green pierce earrings. She wears a dark green lapel jacket over her dress shirt.

Personality: She is the Big Sister/Momma Bear type. She is strong and somewhat mysterious. The Gavinners see her as their older sister while she sees herself as the soccer mom, always managing and taking care of her boys. She is always calmed and professional but when she is with friends or with the band, she teases and makes playful remarks to them. She doesn’t share romantic relations with the band and sometimes messes with them.

Misc: She is the heiress to Faunus Pharmaceuticals and the co-founder of A&M’s Flower shop. She is French as well and would sometimes insert French when she speaks.

Friends & Family: Her father is the CEO of Faunus Pharmaceuticals and her uncle is the President but because her uncle doesn’t have any children, she is the next to inherit the company.

Name Origin: Amaranta is a flower that means to never fade while Faunus, in Roman mythology, is the name of the God of Nature. Garretti is a re-written name from Goretti, who was a virgin-martyr of the Roman Catholic Church and forgave her murderer before she died. The name she goes by “Amy Garretti” sounds like “ambiguity”

Background: Growing up, she spent her life living in France. When she was around 16 years old, her mother died due to an unknown disease. She vowed then she will help those in sickness so loved ones would not be like her.
She grew to have a more I-don’t-care personality and she knows that she doesn’t take her responsibility as an heiress and does whatever she wants to do. She believes that it isn’t her job to take over or consider running Faunus Phar. Until her uncle and father are incapable of running the company. She soon left France to start her own little flower boutique business in LA. Because of her excellent business and management skills, due to her preparation of becoming president of her family’s company, she was hired by Klavier to be his band’s manager.
She was nearly murdered by her boyfriend before she accepted. Her boyfriend had tried to kill her so he could take all of her money. The man was convicted and jailed with Fransiska von Karma as prosecutor. After the man was found guilty, Amy forgave him because she was greatly for the time they spent together and truly loved him. She didn’t give vengeance and hatred a second thought.
She later accepts Klavier’s offer and manages all the business regarding the Gavinners, including publicities, shows, etc.

Amaranta Faunus (c) Plum-Blossom-Sketchy

The Gavinners, Klavier Gavin (c) Capcom
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