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Species: Selkie

Name: Roane (Irish form of Selkie)
Age: Unknown.
Height: 168 cm.
Build: lightly musculed, is deceptively strong and swift in the water.
Hair Colour: White.
Eye Colour: crystal blue ring, expanded iris.
Skin Colour: pale, but with a mottled (darker spots) pattern along his his spine, spreading wider across the shoulders.

N.B Judging from his hair colour, he's still quite young in Seelie terms. His eyes are his most unnatural feature, looking more like a seal then any part of him.

BACKSTORY (abridged version):

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Roane is a Selkie*, whose skin is mostly destroyed, leaving him stranded on land and sold into slavery. Roane, when he gets a spare moment is usually found staring off to the east, with his face lifted to the breeze as if he can smell the ocean, regardless of his location. He's subserviant, quiet and carries about him an air of wistfulness.

Usually unresponsive, if he sees anything that reminds him forcefully of his old ocean life, he becomes rage-filled and has in the past caused inland storms and large objects to capsize/fall, though this is a rare occurrence and usually only triggered by seeing seal-skin coats or seal images.

He is kept in slavery by a remaining scrap from his seal skin that his master need only touch to draw the Selkie near.

*Selkie: a seelie fae that can discard its seal skin to become human in form. If you can capture the skin of a selkie, they become good wives, but will flee if they can find their skin and will leave their husband to pine and die in their absence. The male Selkies raise storms and upturn boats in anger over the slaughtering of seals. (lore taken from Brian Froud and Alan Lee's "Faeries")

BACKSTORY (full version):

(sorry, this will be long, but it explains part of the mythology of the selkie as well.)

Roane fell in love with a Peregrin Falcon and in an attempt to meet the bird, became human. However, once he had transformed the bird took fright and flew off. Heartbroken, he was left weeping, inconsolable when he was approached by a beautiful human girl who asked him why he was crying.

Unbeknownst to the two, at that moment a young man visiting his cousin in the nearby fishing village, sees the girl and is astounded by her beauty and believes she must be some kind of seelie fae. He spies the discarded fur of the selkie, and remembering his folklore, took the skin and hid it, later taking it to his own home town.

When Roane realises his skin is missing, he must follow it to the person who took it and tracks the youth down. Horrified when the selkie walks through his door and is not the beautiful woman he expected, the young man panics and locks the seelie creature in his house and burns it to the ground, the skin being destroyed in the process.

Roane, freed from the bond of the taking of his skin, is able to escape from the burning house, but incapable of returning to the ocean due to the loss of his seal-skin. He has since spent his time alone, overlooking the ocean he once lived in. A passing traveller comes across the burnt wreckage of the home some ten years later, and curiously sifting through the remains, he happens upon the charred remnants of the skin. There is a corner of it unscorched like the rest and his bare skin brushing it invokes the contract that possessing the skin imposes.

Roane tracks down the stranger and when he realises what he has in his possession, the stranger takes Roane to his home town and sells him off as a slave, with the scrap as Roane's chains. Whenever his master requires him, all his master need do is touch the remnant to draw the selkie to him.

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