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Name: Gabriel Hofstetter
Nickname: Gap, Gab
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Appearance: brown hair, green eyes, several piercing.
Nationality: Austrian

Personality: He's a good listener and is always nice to everyone. He'd never prejudice or judge anyone for anything this person has done. Always helps were he can and tries out everything new.

Interest: acting, sitting with some dogs on the couch and watch some Disney movies

Family: none
Status: Single

Position: Kennel staff, feeding, grooming, help training in hunting
Fav pet: Lilith d'Azur, capos in general

Maybe he does really not look like his character is but that has a reason. When he grew up he often got bullied until he decided to be the bad boy instead of the one with the good grades and the 'teacher's favourite'.
He had a long long criminal record (only little offences) until he was in the youth prison. It was horrible because the guys with them he had to spend his time were much more 'bad' than he could ever be. The whole bullying thing began again and soon he had depressions. Until a nice young lawyer got him out of this hell of a prison. She gave him the chance for a 'dog therapy' and that was the point in his live he fell totally in love with dogs. Soon his depressions were as good as forgotten and all his eyes were just for dogs.
He still has to go to his 'old gang' because otherwise they may beat him up again and would hunt him until the end of world. He tries to quit it but it's not that easy. But there are still no new entries to his criminal record, however, he keeps himself out of the serious things with gang. The important thing with the gang is that he has to act like a real 'bad boy' and that they should never notice his 'second life' as dog trainer. Deep inside he is definitely the nice, good boy he was before and he would never show his 'bad' side at the Kennel or his real friends (or even dogs!).

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Name: Ariel Estat
Nickname: El
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Appearance: semi-long black hair, gold eyes with black scelera, light skin
Nationality: French

Personality: She often looks absent-minded but is really nice and enjoy good talk. She seems to be exasperated quickly by any man she accounter thought she's really patient with everyone else. She is particularly found of cats and cats love her.

Interest: Mythology, God, Goddess, Angels, Demons, animals.

Family: Only Child.
Status: Single

Position: Kennel/Catery staff, feeding, grooming, obedience/conformation training
Fav pet: Muerte

History: Ariel never knew her father, from what her mother says, he would have been an angel and had went back to God before her birth. She isn't sure if that is true or just her mother delirium as there are some traits about her that are a bit different. Her mother raised her alone, with lot of devotion and taught her to be a good christian, to prey everyday and thank God for all its gift. She went along until she was 18. When she turned adult, she decided to see for herself what she should believe in. Her mother went to a couvent a few years later as she didn't have raise her anymore and she never heard from her since. Ariel had started veterinary studies but without help from her mother she couldn't continue and she looked for job with animals instead.
She has a really good eye for dog and cat anatomy and get along pretty well with animal. They always eagerly obey her and she's a great obedience and conformation trainer for that reason.

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