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Lol I didn't bother with coloring that background or shading. MetalWolfGemstone dared me to do this ages ago, and now I done it! So many failures in the human anatomy. I need to practise drawing humans more, especially Tony. Good lord it doesn't look like he's holding a camera!

I've had too much practise with Loki pfft. I draw him a lot at school along with Thor and a Pop Tart!

Anyhow, story time eue

The Helicarrier, for once, was peaceful. For once, ever since the unplanned arrival of five cheetahs from another world, all was in order; no yelling, no Bruce Hulking-out and chasing Agents down the hallway while grabbing a certain God of Mischief or red Tyro along the way. And for one time since starting his job here, Tony was glad of it. Not that he minded it of course; it was all fun really, unless of course it involved the Hulk. That always ended well.

Still, as the philanthropist, genius, billionaire play-boy, who happened to also be the famous Iron Man continued to weld his latest adaptation to his armor in the labs, a sudden anguished yell broke the silence. Of course, Tony had to admit, it wouldn't last. It always didn't last. Fortunately, it didn't distract him too much, otherwise he would have welded the table said piece of armor was on as well! Curiously, the Iron Avenger left the lab and went to find the source of the screaming.

I know that voice, but can't lay a finger on it yet Tony thought as he steadily walked down the metal hall, the occasional talk bubbling around him by all that "classified agent" shit. Yet, as he walked by, a sudden blur ran past him, almost causing him to fall head over shoulders. Irritated, Tony whipped around, only to see that the person - cheetah he corrected - was wearing extremely familiar clothes. What made the situation more weird was the mere fact that the cheetah was wearing extremely familiar clothes.

Before he had the chance to fathom it, said owner of such dark green, black leather, and golden plated clothes came frantically running, almost slipping, down the hallway. The poor people in his way either gagged, blushed, or fainted, for Loki was in the nude. If he knew, he didn't even show it; the house-arrest criminal was chasing Damu whether he was naked or not. Tony found this most hysterical. Remembering he had a camera inside his pocket, the inventor took it out and aimed it towards Loki as he neared.

"Say cheese Reindeer Games!" was all Tony said to make Loki realise he was not in any clothing. Humility flooded the God's face, causing it to go bright red and him trying to cover up his manliness as Tony took the picture. Laughing wickedly, Tony barely managed to dodge the God's advances to strangle him to death. In that moment Thor, Clint, and Bruce ran towards them, curious as to what the commotion was about.

When they saw it, everyone had different reactions; Thor was beaming, the likelihood that he was proud his brother was flashing in public like most Asgardian traditions in the mythology books he managed to somehow get a hold of. Bruce was horrified, and Clint looked like he was going to puke. As to which he almost did, if it weren't for Damu strutting clumsily in on his hind legs in Loki's clothes. For some reason, the symmetry loving tom hadn't even noticed the outfit was asymmetric; no-one pointed that out though.

"I must say, I suit these more than you ever did!" was the red Tyro's sneering reply towards Loki, walking away with his tail and head held high. There was silence for a moment. Than a scream; "I'LL KILL YOU, YOU INSOLENT MORTAL CREATURE!!!!!" Than, grabbing a blanket from a nearby Maono whom had heard what had happened, ran off after the red tom, leaving the other men staring outwards. No-one didn't know what to exactly say, until Tony spoke.

"That was... the most unconventional thing I've ever seen." Smirking, the man took out his camera and opened up the picture he had taken. "Wanna see?" he mischievously joked, instantly gaining the God of Thunder's attention as well as, surprisingly, "Legolas's". For the rest of that afternoon, all that was heard was a bratty, pissed off Loki, maniacal laughter from the Avengers, and eventually the sound of Fury's bazooka going off....</s>

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