Stheno, The Pestilence Picture

Here is the Horsemaiden of Pestilence known as Stheno. She is suppose to be based off of the Gorgon sisters, immortal beings of Greek mythology with brass hands, sharp fangs, and hair made of living snakes. I also got inspiration from ~KPenDragon for the design.

Name: Stheno Medusa
Age: Eternal
Sex: Female
Species: Gorgon spirit
Horsemen Of The Apocalypse she represents: Pestilence.
Member of: The Four Horsemen and The Impurity

Info: One of Lacrimazar Orodius's four horsemen, though Stheno is considered the most hideous out of the Four Horsemen because of the fact that half her face is rotting flesh, she is the most calm, intelligent, and the most sane out of her comrades. In her past life, she was once a beautiful young woman with a hauntingly beautiful singing voice, but the queen of her kingdom became extremely jealous of her beauty and convinced her people to sacrifice her. The means of execution? Snakes. Her body was brutally destroyed by the snakes that were unleashed upon her, as well as from the venom that was injected into her, resulting in her death. However, because her body and voice had became damaged, her spirit had also suffered a great deal of damage in terms of a physical appearance and internal and external health. She turned to every ghost in the Ghost Zone for help, but they rejected her because of her deformities and because she would cause anyone she approached to become sick, which she discovered after attempting to approach a village who she tried to get help from. During her travels, she ran into Lacrimazar Orodius, who promised her that he would restore her beauty on the condition that she served him. She agreed and made her way up to one of the highest ranking members of his cult by slaughtering the female members of his cult and fusing their skin and organs with her ripped apart body, creating a new body for her and she also learned how to control her power over diseases of all kinds. However, she became furious when she found out the only thing she was missing was the ability to reproduce and half of her face and that was she met Vanth, who told her the only way for an incomplete spirit to gain such human characteristics is to slaughter a maiden with great power and steal her organs. When she heard of the Great Spirit Titans and the Sages, Stheno took the opportunity to find a female member of either one and claim their limbs as her own. However, her plan failed when she fought against Rayne, the Spirit Sage, Maeve, The Light Sage, Selene, The Cosmic Sage, Neherina, The Wind Sage, Olympia, The Water Titan, Anubia, The Great Spirit Titan Of Life, and Aria, The Great Spirit Titan Of Wind hoping to gain their limbs and abilities for herself, but Vanth, who temporarily overcame the spirit which possessed him, and at the moment before whatever good he had left was cleansed from his mind by the snake demon, Lorrizair, betrayed Stheno with whatever strength he had left and they succeeded in banishing Stheno into an ancient "living" temple, sealing her away for good.

Unlike Vanth, who is focused on knowledge and power, Stheno kills simply to gain beauty for her own selfish purposes. Even if she has the body part she needs, she will kill other beings to keep her options open. She was once in love with Vanth before being betrayed by him by using whatever good existed in him before Lorrizair took complete control. Since her imprisonment, she awaits anxiously on her chance for revenge against the sages and titans who locked her away and the man who betrayed her.

Powers and abilities:

Her hair is composed of a dark material created out of souls of those who died from diseases capable of causing widespread destruction and death. She can also remove limbs or steal abilities from ghosts and use them for her own purposes.

Cobra Strike: Extends her head at long distances so she can bite her enemies and inject a poisonous venom into their bodies which causes them to suffer high fevers and other serious, life-threatening symptoms.

Deformed Gaze: Uses the decayed half of her face to unleash a blast of smog which turns her enemies to stone.

Medusa's Curse: The snakes in her hair latch onto her enemies and kill them immediately after biting them.

Reptilian Command: Commands an army of reptilian creatures to do her bidding.

Paralyzing Screech: Unleashes a screech which paralyzes her enemies. The screech emits dark grey sound waves which paralyze her enemies immediately after touching them.

Deadly Lips: Uses her lips to kiss her enemies, which causes her enemies to suffer near death symptoms immediately after her lips touch them.

Plague Sword: Unleashes a barrage of knives down on her enemies. However, the knives are a decoy and when they hit the ground, they unleash a deadly virus far greater than that of the Ebola virus. The only way for someone to cure themselves of the disease is to kill Stheno.

Disease Fire: Fires a hellfire, which burns into ashes and causes anyone who inhales them to literally cough up their own entrails.

Eye Of The Cobra: Causes her golden eye to glow even darker and become more demon like so she can unleash a powerful blast of dark energy which kills her enemies instantly and at an unpredictable movement.

The Four Shadows: The perfect ghost form of all four of the Horsemen, Stheno combines her power with the other three horsemen. In this form, the Four Horsemen are far more deadlier in this state.

Vanth Leviathan, Lorraizar, Maeve, The Light Sage, Rayne, The Spirit Sage, and all of the mentioned Sages excluding Selena (All mentioned in the description) (c) ~EmberMcLaineRocks
Lacrimazar Orodius, Anubia, The Great Spirit Titan Of Life, Selene, The Cosmic Sage, all of The Great Spirit Titans (all are mentioned in the description), the Four Horsemen, art, and image (c) Alucard Hemlock
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