Cirque De Sang: Balthazar Picture

Character Info (Short Summary)

Name: Balthazar Stanson

Age: 28 years

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 200lbs / 230lbs with armor

Hair color: Dark Ginger

Eye color: Green

Skin color: Peach

Power: Uses telekinesis to form a kinetic barrier around his left arm, where his inactive shield generator is. When the shield is formed it is near invisible, but will shimmer when moving.

Personality: Balthazar is a vary bold man, speaking his mind without regarding anyone's feelings, though he makes an exception of this when confronted with a pretty female. If he does meet a pretty girl Balthazar can be quite the flirt, coming off as determined or just not able to take a hint. Being a natural born hunter, he loves to chase down, stalk, and toy with people both psychologically and physically. When he does this in the psychological manner, he does it in somewhat of a comedic manner, prodding at any personal problems or appearances he finds. It should be obvious what the physical manner is like.

Special fighting notes:
CQC-Balthazar is an experienced Mercenary and part-time bounty hunter, so hand to hand combat is one of his strongest suites, fighting with a very offensive style of Aikido. Unfortunately, being the stubborn ass he is, he will never back down, even if his opponent can overpower him easily. Balthazar isn't the fastest runner, but he makes up for it by being very agile, so you may outrun him if he chases you down an empty corridor, but in a bustling city he'd catch you quite easily if you aren't agile yourself.

Telekinesis- Balthazar relies heavily on his energy shield during any combat situation, so he wasn't very happy that being teleported shorted out his shield generator, but he is slightly okay with the telekinesis he has gained. Balthazar has no clue how to actually manipulate the power, but it always forms a shield whenever Balthazar would have turned on his shield generator himself. He guesses it's a subconscious thing, being so used to having his shield generator.

Armor- Balthazar's armor is made from a special heat resistant polymer, as most of his foes utilize fire magic, guns, and knives. The armor can deflect and absorb the impact from most small arms, but can just barley keep the wearer uninjured from rifle rounds. It feels like a very hard plastic.

Death- Balthazar is okay with killing people he thinks are either a criminal or danger to society, but he would never do such a thing as, say, kill a child or old woman (though he may punch an old woman or slap a child if they piss him off =w= ). He may be an ass, but he still has his morals.

Special appearance notes: Balthazar is your average, sexy Irish mercenary/bounty hunter.

Conversation- He comes from a future Earth that is at war with a rebelling mining colony of Alpha Centauri AND a planet of mythological creatures, so he may talk about things like interstellar travel, galactic news, his war time exploits, and the mythological species on the myth planet in his time line.

Scars- Balthazar received his scars from a rather large Gnoll, but he always jokes that he received them from the last woman he dated; He always says the women he date are worse than the crooks he hunts down.

Extended Character Info (In depth Summary)
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