Donna Troy Origin Respect Meme Picture

Disclaimer: I do not own the images presented within this meme. All images belong to DC Comics and the various artists who's talents brought these beautiful images to life. If you know the names of the artists, please message me so they can receive proper credit for their work!


Donna Troy is a beloved DC Comic superheroine and the sister of Wonder Woman. Donna was created from Diana's own reflection by magic. Because of this Donna in her original sense has NO parents. Donna's origin in the modern age, having no father is a hard concept to grasp. Donna at her core has neither a mother or a father and unlike other characters in her situation, Donna is forgiven an accepted. However other characters of strange parentages aren't so lucky.

Since 2010, Wonder Woman's iconic origin has been heavily debated by newcomers and longtime readers outside of Wonder Woman's readers. I find this heavily frustrating as Diana's origins are no more complex or ridiculous than any other comic character. Her clay origin is unique and sacred to her and should be given the same respect as Superman's Kryptionian origins, Batman's tragic origins, Spider-Man's radioactive origins or any other origin presented in comics. A character of mythological origins doesn't need a father to validate their existence. In fact many religions around the world present the first humans as being formed from the earth like Diana. This is especially important to Diana as she is symbolic of a woman's freedom and individuality as a human being. A woman doesn't need a man or father to validate her existence just as a man doesn't need a woman or mother to validate his existence. It's time we gave Diana the respect that Superboy and Donna Troy have in the world of comics.
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