Esile Embers Picture

Name: Esile Embers

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Social Class: M

Race: Te-No-Me
◉the spirit of the blind from ancient Japanese mythology◉
Height and Weight: 5'8", 124 lbs.

◉ manipulative
◉ Bossy
◉ sassy/feisty
◉ opinionated
◉ insincere
◉ conceited/ stuck-up
◉ slightly shy at times

When Esile was human, her name was Ember Smith and she was a scarily normal woman. She was raised by her kind-hearted mother and serious father. She had a typical childhood and a typical education with average grades. She went to college, a state university and got her masters in medicine. Then she got a job as a receptionist in a hospital, on the verge of getting a promotion. Personality wise, she wasn't so normal. She had severe anxiety and had to take pills everyday to keep herself calm. Ember was a self-conscious, nervous, paranoid, jumpy, and easily startled woman. Despite her extreme paranoia, she could be considered brave. One day on her way home from work, she heard screaming from around the bend. If she had ignored the screams, she would still be alive, she was even right next to her car. Instead, she went towards the sounds and further away from the safety of her car. What she witnessed was a rape, as she approached the man slit the poor woman's throat. Ember shrieked, and the man looked back. Ember memorized the man's face as she ran to her car. She testified at his trail and was put under the witness protection program. However, once she was tracked down by the man's gang, she was raped and her eyes were cut out to teach her a lesson. They did not predict she would die from her injuries though. She died filled with anger and resentment. When she came back as a Te-No-Me, she remembered nothing of her past or who she was. All she remembers is feeling of caged all her life prior, and free now. So she mad up a name and wandered the streets and came across Master's Chain. She should b an L class, however due to hr race sh was bumped up to M.

◉messing with people
◉coming up with pet names people hate
◉bossing people around
◉sitting down
◉ interesting things
◉things/people that hate her

◉people liking her
◉boring things
◉people not listening or reacting
◉having to do work
◉scary men

◉ she finds herself knowing lots of things on medicine
◉ despite being able to see through the eyes on her hands, she rather not have to use them
◉ her hands are really sensitive, but she loves to clap her hands together regardless
◉shes a trouble maker and a prankster
◉she can be kind or thoughtful, but only when no one's around
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