Culture Bended - Yu-Gi-Oh! - Polynesian style Picture

( I finished these sketches about a month ago and put them on tumblr, I forgot to add them here. )

Okay, sooo I got really excited about the idea of culture bending, and I was like, Oh it would be super cool if Yu-Gi-Oh took place in a different culture, well at least the Egyptian part of it. I fought between Aztec and Polynesian, but being a polynesian I was a bit biased.

It was hard, because the cultures don’t really fit, and neither does the story. I talked to my grandfather about royalty and stuff back in the Islands (particularly Samoa) and they arent ruled by an over all King like the Pharaoh in Egypt. In Samoa it’s run by a chief, or a Matai. There were the Malieatoa family, which were kings (are kings?) Im not sure, sorry, but I thought Hey, Atem was a king, so if it took place in the Islands of Polynesia, maybe his name would be Atamu Malietoa.. (Atamu means Adam, and I know Atem was based off of an Egyptian deity, but I thought Atem was pronounced Adam for some reason soo shhh)

Also, I’m not sure if there was gold and stuff like that in the Islands, so instead of the Millennium items, I thought it would be interesting if they were made out of either Rock or bones. I looked up some Polynesian mythology, and there are creatures known as the Taniwha, and maybe Tagaloa (Tangaloa also known as Tangaroa) who was one of the top Gods of the Islands told the people to create seven different items of peace to protect the islands, and to use the bones of a Taniwha as a symbol of Tagaloa power? The idea has lots of problems, but ya..

Next I took Mahad and Mana. The way the Dark Magician looked reminded me of the costume of the Hawaiian warriors, and Manas head dress and skirt/dress reminded me of a hula costume. The Millennium ring became a carved bone necklace as well.

Seto and Kisara I thought, maybe from the Island of Tonga. The Millennium Rod I made a Tongan club known as a Kolo. Since Seto and Atem kinda have beaf with each other like Tonga and Samoa did back back back in the day, I thought it would be an interesting twist, and since Atem and Seto are cousins, I thought it would be cool that maybe Setos father had a Tongan wife without his older brother knowing, kinda like how it happened in the anime in Egypt, since apperently that Pharaoh didnt know Aknadin had a family.

I read a story about how there was one polynesian man in mythology with blonde hair, and I thought maybe Kisara had that thing going for her with her white hair and blue eyes, which I feel are very essential to her character. I also thought it would be cool if she were some sort of Tongan princess

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