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*Before anyone has a freak-out session and decides to critcize me for not doing the research, without doing the research themselves and actually read over all of my Saga-related crap as a whole; I do realize what a Houri is. I've done my research, as I've done with everything else. however, as an Artist and a Writer, I am allowed as much creative liberty as I need, to suit my storytelling.

I am allowed to abuse this right, as long as I do not take it overboard, to where the original is no longer recognizable. Yes, the Houri in the Saga are attractive(not hyper-beautiful, since that will never be my policy) and many of them are courtesans and trained lovers and the like, but then again, the story would be boring if I just stuck with the traditional portrayal of the Houri, as found in Islamic Mythology and Religion.

If you look back at most of the sources on Angels and what have you, they're rarely portrayed as anything but Warriors. sure, in Christianity they're portrayed mainly as Messengers and Warriors on occassion, but look at Judaism, Chaldean Mythology, Phoenician Mythology, etc., etc. They're fucking warriors, capable of leveling armies with a swing of a flaming sword. With that in mind, my interpretation of the Houri, are a blend of elements. if you don't like it, then don't read it. don't show interest in what I'm doing. Its that simple. If you verbalize it, then be prepared to be heckled and then blocked, because I'm not tolerating that shit. period.*

*Angel, Houri; Eagle Host

*Mother of Kyle, Widow of Marcus Manning

*Mother Superior of the Houri Order Maghāzī, and Battle-Sister of the Crimson Talons

*Age: Human Equivalent would be 55 by our standards, 175 in Saga Human standards, in regards to the current body she inhabits. Her actual Essence age is 150,000 years old.

*Height and Weight: 6'2, 155 lbs

*Hair Color: Silvery White(Natural Hair Color is Dark Brown, but she's older now)

*Eye Color: Dark Brown

*Occupation: Battle Maiden Title: Great Slayer *there are only twelve. She inherited the title from her Mother

*Possessions and Equipment: varies. She has storehouses of crap that she uses. Generally, at any given time, She wears the clothes seen above, along with her Shroud(Angel Duster). When not wearing that, She's usually wearing her Mother-Superior Battle-Shroud called Resplendent Shield(Battle Maiden armour). Note: the Tattoo on her left arm, is how her name would appear in Angelic Sigil-Script.

*Weapons: Twin set of Spirit Blades named Dawn and Dusk, a Houri Battle Glaive called Horizon Cutter; two HK USP Match Pistols loaded with delay-fuse soft-shell rounds and HK 416 5.56mm Assault Rifle with a C-More red dot sight, and a Surefire Millennium Universal Weaponlight on the right rail; loaded with steel-core/steel-point rounds

*Personality: when she's not in Battle Mode, Anikel is very feminine. You really wouldn't expect it when you look at her, but She's pretty girly. She enjoys the finer things in life, and she's a very excellent cook. She has a taste for red wine and cream soda(often together) and her favorite foods are ravioli, supreme pizza and steakburgers.
She's a very caring mother, almost to the point of embarrassing Kyle occasionally(in a rather cute manner). She knows she's attractive and such, but doesn't like being called a MILF. She will kill you in the most horrific way you could possibly imagine if you do call her so. She's also very assertive, positive, a bit psychotic, very loving and caring and has a habit of being very blunt.

When she's in Battle Mode, she takes on a separate personality. She's lethal, cunning, emotionless and has a very scary glare. like the kind that would make you soil and piss your pants multiple times in the span of a minute.

all characters, designs and other intellectual properties are (c) of Celestial Phoenix Studios
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