It Burns Like Ice Picture

-an exert from an interview with Dr. Chester "Chess" King; the smartest man alive-

I've yet to decide whether this man is completely insane or a genius like everyone believes him to be. Certainly he is smart, understanding things that even my own brain can't comprehend; some of his answers to my questions being misleading, or vague. But maybe that is his angle, maybe he wants to give me confusing and turnabout answers to avoid telling the truth. That's why I'm here though, to pick through the facts and fiction and get a glimpse into the mind of this man. Though, just being in his presence is nerve wracking, like being surrounded by ten hungry lions, I can't seem to get the question out without feeling like they're completely ridiculous in his eyes. They probably are. He just sits there, with that slick smile and wine glass propped between his fingers, looking like he was just waiting for the world to recognize their new king. Yet, he didn't seem like the type to want the world; no, he wanted something more. Something far more valuable and important. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

"Is there something else you wanted to ask me?"

There it was again, I swear he's mocking me. I turn the page on my notes, trying not to look too nervous, but he can probably see right through me. Why else would he be so calm, so relaxed, so... poised. Ready to kill; and I'm the prey that knows it's going to get caught, but still flees anyways. But I'm trapped, I accepted this interview, I chose to be the one, it was all me. A deep swallow and I move onto the next question.

"So, Dr. King-"

"Chess~, please..." He smiles, yet all I can imagine is a grinning alligator.

"Er, my apologies.. Chess.... rumor has it that you, of all people, were able to steal angels from the heavens... is that true?"

Its a silly question, I'm sure, after all, it's rumors. But it's in my notes, I wrote it down to be asked, and so, now the wait. The man takes a sip of his glass of wine, casually; unflinching. He isn't phased by the question, or otherwise is about to laugh. After a moment he finally responds.

"Ahh, yes... two very special angels... Desolation and Salvation~" he smirks, cradling the glass between his fingers and giving the remaining red liquid a swirl.

I can't help but look a bit surprised. They're names I've heard before, names I've encountered, met personally. From what they've said of him, I'm surprised they hadn't changed their names. Though, this puzzles me. The pair of them seemed.... horribly mis-matched for their names. Desolation; she was a quiet girl, sweet, kind, always having a smile on while her sister Salvation was the opposite; brash, sarcastic, cautious and usually scowling. I frown, puzzled by this; he seems to notice, because he chuckled and quirked a brow in my direction and spoke before I could even explain myself.

"You're puzzled over their names, yes?" he asked, getting a nod from myself and nothing more since he continued to speak. "Surely a normal man would think I simply got them mixed up as children, considering the two of them were near identical at the age I took them into my care... but I am no fool~"

He pauses to take another sip of his drink, making me question his stability. Though, he goes on after a moment, elaborating for me since I apparently still had a deer-in-the-headlights look on my face; or at least, that's how he made me feel my appearance was.

"No, I didn't mix them up... Desolation is Desolation for a reason, as is Salvation herself~... you see, these two aren't just 'ordinary' angels... No, they're far more special than that... they are what the order calls 'consuming angels'..."

Another pause, and another blank look apparently is drawn across my face. I'm not researcher on myths, mythology or anything spiritual or unnatural otherwise, so him saying this puzzles me; Whoever heard of consuming angels? What did that even mean? Is he really telling the truth or just blowing smoke in our faces again? He goes on, catching my dumbfounded look and finding amusement in knowing more than the rest of the world.

"Consuming angels do as their name suggests... consume~... they are meant to keep the 'balance' of the world, if you believe in such~" he says as though it would be stupid for someone not to believe, after all, if the smartest man alive believed, shouldn't we all? "There's 18 in total, each having a different aspect of balance they govern over. Desolation and Salvation were meant to govern over hate and love respectively..." he sets the glass down on the table he's sitting next to before going on "Desolation consumes hate and in turn, makes people 'happy', while Salvation consumes their 'love' and makes them angered...."

This only causes a bit more confusion with me, though he tells me to bear with him as he continues to explain this phenomenon. "Now, the truth to their names does not lie in their current state, but more so what happens when they become imbalanced... you see... it'll be simplest to explain this to you in a abstract sense~ think of them instead of as angels, or humans, but instead as 'containers'..."

Containers? now that doesn't make any sense. Though, the piercing, convicting, degrading gaze he gave me makes me hold my tongue; I go with his analogy, even though it makes no sense at all.

"Containers, yes~ because in the end, that's all they are... if they were raised properly, they would have been taught how to channel such energy and would be able to release it back into the world... however.... I'm not expert in that area~ so, instead.. they contain. For every person they go near, they take their excessive emotions, be it anger or love and absorb it..."

He pauses again, probably for effect this time around, though it's making me even more unnerved. I wish he'd just get to the point.

"Now, what happens when you put something into a container?" he asks and I'm drawing a blank. I know the answer, but, is he really asking such... a silly question? Or is it rhetorical? Am I supposed to answer? I don't even know, and by time I drop my jaw to say something, he's already going on, sounding a bit agitated for my lack of response.

"They fill~.... containers fill.... now, for one of them, this isn't so bad. Her bitterness is being drowned out by all the 'love' she absorbs, and it is for this fact she'll live up to her name and become 'Salvation'..... Desolation, on the other hand..." he smirks, a dark, malicious smirk as if taking some sick joy in his idealizing this explanation. "The more hatred she absorbs, the darker she becomes.... and before long...." he takes the bottle of wine and begins refilling his glass, though, does not stop pouring, even after it's over flowing with the liquid. I look worried, only because I'm not sure of his point any more, and the fact that his tale has gone so dark.

Trying to imagine that girl, Desolation ever being dark or cruel was... impossible. She was so kind, naive, gentle, caring; she couldn't harm a fly if she wanted to. Yet, this man was suggesting there was a darkness about her; an evil that would come from her taking the hatred of others. It wasn't.. believable, yet, he told it as if he was explaining the way atoms worked in a reaction.

"Her cup will over-flow" he goes on to say "and then.... then the world will find that such a fragile flower will break under the pressure.... and we will be given the deepest hatred of all....." he gives a short, light chuckle, finally setting the empty bottle next to the glass, still brimming with the red liquid, his eyes regarding me, as if looking for a response. I haven't given one for such a long time, I've almost forgotten. Though, I somehow form words and manage to speak them, a simple question crossing my mind at this.... prediction of what to come. "How?..."

"How?.... That's simple my boy.... for now, she and her sister are safe, they transfer their hatred and love between one another, neither of them gaining more than the other, and neither reaching their 'limit'... but.. get them apart... and well, then a imbalance occurs... then, and only then, will we all see the horror that is 'Desolation; a fragile flower, hiding the thorns of the world'..." he laughs, soft and low. He'd been planning this, obviously, but why? I don't know. But there's a bigger concern, and I'm forced to ask, if only out of curiosity "Is.. there a way to stop her?" surely there must be a way to stop such evil.

Another short laugh, as if he's mocking my intelligence... again. "There's always a way..." he doesn't say anymore, though, picks up the glass and sips it lightly, the hum of a song coming from him lightly. Its troublesome tune reminding me of a song, being almost unmistakable in it's origins.

It's 'Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly' by HIM.


For the rest of this interview....wait until I write it >>;

ANYHOWS~ back to what's important. This here is, obviously, Desolation, who got a re-design in the wing department. I am /much/ happier with this version, and I will be keeping it this way >>; Also, the exert above is supposed to help explain Desolation a bit, in the fact that she holds a darker fate within herself. Being a consuming angel, she consumes hate and takes it in herself; though was never taught how to get rid of that hate and so, one day, it'll take over and turn her into something.... well, we can only imagine.

Now, her powers (which you can see her holding) are a type of ice fire. It is, in fact, simply called 'ice fire' because it can take on a solid and 'flame' form. Though, it doesn't generate heat like a flame would, it does burn. Able to leave 3rd degree burns with just a grazing of one of her flame crystals, this power is said to be the raw form of hate, or in the sense that hate can be as cold as ice, yet burn one's soul.

She can't exactly control this power, just yet, and so, isn't a threat to anyone at the time; though, it does mean she has a few quirks thanks to them. She is immune to the cold, and partially immune to heat as well, though her affinity lies with ice over heat. As well, when she comes in contact with ice (and fire, if she's willing to touch), it turns blue/red/violet at her touch. This allows her to more easily manipulate ice and take on the ice fire form she can conjure. Though, without training, her powers are extremely limited.

So aye, she's name appropriately when you think of her in a abstract sense, as she'll eventually be the desolation of the world if she cannot learn to channel the hatred. Though, perhaps Salvation would be able to save us then?.... that is, if she's getting as much love as Desolation is getting hatred~ otherwise...

Doom for us all~

And that's that~ I'll probably (most likely) do a counter piece of Salvation ~ though, don't expect anything any time soon >> this one took me three...four days to finish <.<; So yea... I was originally planning a more complicated background but uh.... no e-e;; my mind is done with complicated backgrounds for now... You'll see once I'm able to upload it~ e-e;

And, I think that's all I've got for this one~

Desolation character and design (c) Whitefoxfire
Chess's Interview exert (c) Whitefoxfire

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Do NOT steal/reproduce/copy/trace/role play/call your own~ I will hunt you down and hurt you if you do e-e....
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