undead schizofreak Picture

His name is Jack. Otherwise, the title is pretty self-explanatory; He suffers from cliché-schizophrenia (means he hears voices and sometimes thinks it's all a conspiracy.), and he's dead.

To prevent questions nobody will ask, Jack will answer a few obvious things:

What's that writing on you side?
"It's my tattoo, I made it myself. It says 'The voices are ONLY talking to ME', because, you know ... it's true. I could tell you about the thought process, but I don't want to right now."

Why's your hair green?
"Green is positive. Everything green is good. It affects the way I'm thinking when I have green on me. There are other reasons aswell, but I reckon we're being listened to, so I won't tell, so nobody can say i told anything to anyone. They know I know anyway, but I don't want to pull you into that."

Eerrrm ... alright ... what's with this posture?
"What's wrong with it?"

Nevermind. You're mighty skinny ... don't you eat?
"Yes I do. Sometimes. It's the meds, they want to make me fat, I read it on the package insert, so I try not to eat at all. Doesn't work always, though, because I reaaaally love hamburgers."

And you're dead?
"Yup. Is that a problem for you? I swear, I don't eat brains, but I do need to consume blood and raw flesh every now and then, in addition to regular food. Errr ... but I don't eat humans. Most of the time, that is."

That's gross.
"Yeah. I don't mind much, though. It gave me super powers! And I can just eat meanies. It's not like I'm a brainless zombie or something."

What are you, anyway?
"A male human of the age of 18, male meaning that I have x and y chromosomes without any genetic alteration I know of. Despite being dead, that is. If you refer to me being some form of mythological or other creature like a zombie, vampire, revenant or other stuff that you have read about in multiple books and saw in many films, shot or otherwise killed in many games ... err, no, I'm different. You have to find a new word for it, I guess. Hey, I can dislocate my jaw like a snake, wanna see?"

No, thanks.
"Aaaww ..."

Now, for more questions of any kind, write me. Feedback, both negative and positive, is very welcome.

Disclaimer: Jack is MINE. So there's nothing to disclaim.
Policy: But if I find out you hijacked him without giving me credit, let alone if you claim he's yours, I'll be mighty angry and you will officially be a stupid git.
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