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⎾”Hahah are you really sure about that?”⏌

⎾B A S I C I N F O R M A T I O N⏌

Name: Jason Thierry Olufemi

Species: Human

Gender: Male

DOB: May 30th [ [Gemini] | Mercury | Air | Mutable ]

Age: 24

Height: 5’ 10” | 177 cm

Weight: 165lb

Occupation: Pharmacy Worker (Owner?)

⎾S T A T S I N F O R M A T I O N⏌

  • Intelligence: 11 / 20

A clever mind with the ambition to feed its constant pursuit of knowledge .

  • Wisdom: 3 / 20

Smart as he is, probably not the best with life advice, just saying. He use to a see psychiatrist after all...

  • Resolve: 2 / 20

Booooy, do not get on his bad side, lord that is an endless battle with no winners.

  • Strength: 7/ 20

He played soccer for some time and worked as a stage hand, he's pretty decent at lifting/hitting things.

  • Dexterity: 7 / 20

Catching balls, building sets, and playing video games sure can do wonders for a guy’s hand to eye coordination

  • Magic: 8 / 20

His constant exposure to realms besides his own have managed to keep this skill rather sharp for a human.

  • Presence: 6 / 20

Walk in the room like what up I got a big--PERSONALITY!

  • Charisma: 10 / 20

He's a charming shit head I'll have you know.

  • Influence: 8 / 20

He's about average on the influence scales, maybe a wee bit above, but nothing special.

⎾P E R S O N A L I N F O R M A T I O N⏌


Resourceful | Charming | Level Headed | Aware | Ambition

Perhaps one of his biggest strengths, going head to head with his charm, is his resourcefulness. He has always had the mind for research and understanding. While he is no master of these various trades he does understand the functionality and reason. Making him quite handy in cases of tight spots, moments where information slips the mind, or straight up isn’t there to begin with. His ambition is normally what drives him to pursue all this knowledge. Once he sets a goal he will reach it, and go through all lengths to reach it. This can make him one sighted or intently determined, but it is of great use when many cannot find the strength in themselves. Thankfully he never lets his ambition carry him to aggressively and among the normal worry and panic in this world he keeps a good level headed mind. Really what it comes down to is he’s just one chill af homie, and when things get out of hand he’s often the first to placate the masses. Despite normally being quite aware of the situation. Perhaps more than most, he is quite attentive and see’s a lot further past what most would presume of him. If worse comes to worse though his charm is normally is secret weapon. Having a way with words and a way to see through what people say he knows just the right ways to maneuver past guards and cozy up real nice and comf like. A smooth talker by definition, watch out for his silver tongue.

Minor Strengths: Optimism, Leadership, Determination, Silver Tongue.


  • (Advanced Knowledge on)Plant life, Poisons, Drugs, & Greek Mythology

  • (Average Knowledge on)Medical procedures, Chemical Reactions, Movies, Sleight of Hand Magic, Boy Scout Survival, Psychiatriatric Issues and Titles, Weird Kitschy Toys, & Haitian/Egyptian/Greek Magic/Rituals

  • Problem Solving (Like puzzles, riddles, ect)

  • Good mind for shitty one shot gadgetry


Egotism | Self Assurance | Easily Offended | Petulant | Facade

The easiest way to steer him away from the path of whatever riotousness he may feel he's taking is simply to egg on or attack his ego. Plain and simple. Jason has such a self love and self belief that he cannot handle criticism. Outwardly sure, you may see something along the lines of composure but inside his guts are tangled and temper inflamed. It'd only be a little push harder to set him off and once he's started, stopping him is a whole other thing. Childish and petulant to the core, the once clear sighted man he was quickly gets thrown to the side, making proving his worth priority number one. Attacking the pride and ruining his facade is the absolute key to winning against him. He holds his ability to remain calm and sociable to such a high degree that proving it fallible will not just expose him but severely make him rethink himself.

Minor Weaknesses: Easily egged on, Temperamental, Insecure.


  • Forgiving people/letting things go/Vengeful

  • Self Control on matters that upset him

  • Handling psychological damage/easily traumatized

  • Hunting

  • Sore Loser


  • Swiss Army Knife: not exactly the best thing to go attacking beasts of legend, but you know, when you’re camping it’s surely useful…

  • Gardening Hoe: It digs and is kind of sharp--

  • Sight: Can see the spirit world fairly clear and it’s both a gift and a curse sometimes.

  • Magic: Pertains specifically to spirit based magic--(Mainly used to keep his sight undercontrol)


Charismatic | Resourceful | Clever | Casual

Like honey to bees, people have always flocked towards Jason which was anything but tiring for him. Practically reveling in the attention Jason grew up a natural people person and quickly learned the importance of his words and actions. Realizing the use of this skill he sought to hone into it, which made him unintentionally a people pleaser. Easily tossing advice here, giving help there, so on so forth, put him on a level of steady trust in people who knew or wanted to know him. Though at some point in life he started to hit a wall, the questions and the needs had grown rather large--The only solution was to study into these subjects. Making him a jack of many trades master of none. For what he didn’t know though he quickly thought up ways around it, reforming ideas from bogus sources to sound educated, and with what he knew already it wasn’t to hard to fool the basic masses. Especially considering he never really put on the air of being above anyone, specifically putting himself on other peoples levels in their eyes. The word chill wasn’t just a term it was a life style, so no one ever really questioned when things were delivered in less than eloquent ways. From where others stood it only seemed he was looking out for them, why question the wrapping when it was what was inside that mattered?

Self-Entitled | Crude | Egotistical | Contriving

Unfortunately there were a lot of repercussions to all this attention-- it had built a large amount of self importance in Jason. Having everyone fall to his words and listen to his ways, he felt like a King among peasants. While he appeared to be on the same level to many, in his head he knew-- He just knew(!), he was more than them. After all, they chose to follow him. Due to this he has always felt he deserved whatever he wanted and for those close enough to experience it, got rather upset when he didn’t. In all honesty, he found it a great offense when he didn’t get his way. He was the great Jason--people wanted to be him, so why shouldn’t the world give him what he knew he deserved. His own high horse aside, his actual opinions on people were anything short of nice. Sparing no expense when it came to talking shit, if you were close enough to experience it, you’d probably regret getting to that point in friendship once you do. And while, in the great scheme of things, Jason’s advice was nothing short of benevolent, it’d be a huge lie to say however that he never had other motives. More often than not he changed the opinions of others in the guise of help to better himself or his position. Never quite causing damage but definitely pushed certain dominos for a desired effect.

Minor Traits: Friendly, Optimistic,, Vain, Opinionated, Manipulative


tl;dr: He was a haunted kid whose rich parents tried any way to cure him of his troubles. Ended up spoiling him but eventually got him some “help” that worked. Went to college and on a travel trip got trapped in the forest. Welcome to Transyre.

Born and raised by influential people in their respected fields, Jason was naturally inclined to follow in their footsteps. Be the perfect child and striving for success even at a young age. However when your child starts to sound like “The Sixth Sense” movie one can’t help but throw those cares out the window and in light of worry. It was its worst in his youngest years. They say among humans, children are the most susceptible to the spirit realm and to an extent that’s true. There were many incidents, both good and bad (from Jason’s point of view anyways). Though it was scary how sometimes the accumulation of ghosts in one area looked like a crowded subway during rush hour. To a child who could hardly separate the difference between this realm and the other, it caused a great deal of problems. His grip on “reality” or their realm was waning and it was nothing short of apparent. For his parents the fear was overwhelming (well his mom anyways).

So began the age of psychics, rituals, magic, ect-- Anything and everything. In all honesty what scared Jason wasn’t so much the spirits but the many people his mother had taken him to in hopes of alieving him of this “curse”. What made it worse was simultaneously dealing with the dead, the living, and his parents he was trying to impress everyone around him. Still expected to be high ranking and successful but also not to talk about what he was seeing; wasn’t easy for a child who was seeing apparitions every waking second. The stress was maddening, and it seemed with the stress the sightings became more frequent. It seemed even to the point that he was attracting them, and not just the normal translucent ones but more solid entities. It appeared with the solidity came heavier emotions. They were angry, remorseful, lost, ect-- and Jason was the only thing they had to cling to, a reality they once knew. A beacon in the darkness if you will.

There were many attempts to make up for all the hell he saw, especially when the aggression grew. Gifts galore--Toys, sporting goods, gaming stations, clothes, ect, anything he wanted or could want was at his fingertips. There were even attempts at boarding schools or prolonged trips abroad. He was after all born with a silver spoon in his mouth. With all that fear they held for him they tried to make up for it by telling him he was special. That this wasn’t normal and whatever god that was out there did this for a reason. It made him unique, and no one was allowed to tell him otherwise. It created some amount of self entitlement and to an extent did help with his social skills, but it was a quick fix to a long lasting problem.

For a time there was a solid duration of depression and attacks. The spirits which had once been benevolent were deforming and becoming something aggressive and disgusting. Of course all the while he still went to school but his social skills were falling. It was evident something was happening and he had stopped talking about what it was. The trauma of the many supposed magicians throughout his childhood taught him one thing. Don’t talk about it. It’s not worth the consequences. Despite being discreetly silent about it to his Mother it was clear things were getting worse. Having once upon a time been rather involved with voodoo, hoodoo and other varied magics due to her heritage she decided to delve back into it. It wasn’t easy at first, having turned away from it in light of her personal success--But she’d do anything for Jason and if working with her made me willing to talk again she was going to take the chance.

Keeping this all secret from prying eyes and mouths, Jason and his mother studied together. Trying all varieties of magic, and for all the nothing it did as a kid, it seemed to work when he tried it. There were various moments of peak and bottom--It seemed fruitless for a time but eventually some things seemed to resonate and click and in some feat of a miracle, it ended. With the control of his sight it seemed the attacks were done indefinitely. Finally he was able to focus on living. Though, with all the incidents he had gone through as a child his parents did convince him to get a psychiatrist. Having originally been very opposed to it, they soon became a crutch. Life was turning around for him however. Without the constant worry of the spirit realm he’d finally soared. He’d always been a people person, but now he was able to make good on it. His grades managed him into a decent college (money helps to tho), and while there was a year of experimentation in majors he eventually settled down as a botany major with a minor in chemistry.

In his college life he learned many new ways to “cope” with his traumatic childhood, and while the magic he used kept most of it at bay, there were times when the spirits were persistent. Getting him involved in “instant gratification” more easily identified as--well, drugs. With his particular major hand in hand he quickly became an entrepreneur in the field. Creating new friends and new sources of income with new opportunities at hand. Life was going well until...Well. Things took a turn for the supernatural.

While most partied during breaks Jason and his close bunch of buddies were fond of travel. With the money and means, why not, they were in college after all. It was time to be alive and see the world. A pit stop to help out one of his friends “associates” in the New York area was unfortunately his downfall. The acquaintance, by default, wanted to grow some of his own personal herb, but had no place to do so at his own home. The closest place with enough room to grow some--that he could supposedly tend to, was a forest off the edge of their town. Nothing too bad right? Wrong. What was meant to be a quick overnight camping trip turned into all of them getting absolutely lost. It had started as 6 friends and quickly dwindled until it was just Jason. Having shielding himself from the spirit world he didn’t realize what had been guiding them further into the dark of the forest until it was too late. One wrong step and he found himself waking up in the middle of some weird old school town. Where you might ask? Well the answer is simple, the ever lasting town of Transyre.

Partners: TBA


  • Is Haitian, Greek, and Egyptian. Quite proud of his roots.

  • Reason for his high affinity to magic and the spiritual realm being that a couple generations back on his mother’s side someone had had a child with a person possessed by a spirit. Leaving remnants of the supernatural in their genetics, it just took a few generations for it to really take effect.

  • Knows magic, but mainly spirit-based spells.

  • Loves scenic routes-- or you know, use to.

  • Had some seeds when he went into the forest haha #420 blaze it

  • Loves odd little toys, they were good for distraction as a kid and he’s started a collection of them. Doesn’t leave home without a lot of them so-- THANKFULLY he was ready to get trapped.

  • In fact, on terms of being ready, his Nike bag was stuffed with a lot more shit than he’d need for just one night anyways. Clothes, stoner paraphernalia, gardening tools, some books, toys-- Seriously, it was like he knew he’d end up fucked.

  • The necklace he has represents the strings of fate-- life and death. Clearly he has more death than life.

  • LOVES Greek myths-- Likes Haitian and Egyptian ones to-- But he thinks Greek ones are the superior myths.

  • Adored horror movies--Probably because he always sought to find one that was actually scary.

  • Had ghosty friends and ghosty attacks. Best not to like-- ask him to go into detail unless you’re ready to get deep down the rabbit hole.

  • He’s from Socal-- This weather sucks balls, just saying.

  • How is he surviving without Nicki Minaj? Good question-- He’ll get back to you on that.

  • Sexual Orientation? Whatever.

Relationships: TBA

⎾R O L E P L A Y I N F O R M A T I O N⏌

Methods: Paragraph--I do however headcanon quite frequently as well.

Boundaries: Clingy/Possessiveness Freaks me out. If you have anything you would like to do however, just ask me, and we’ll talk about it. I don’t mind discussing things as long as I/my character/s don’t get treated like a possession.

Contact: Chat and Google doc’s first, then after a while will progress over to Skype more often than not. Skype is my prefered method, but I like to get to know people a little bit before adding them.

Platforms: Chat, Skype, Google Docs.

Time Zone: PST

Availability: On and off for both Chats and Skype. (Generally pretty decent though)

Skype Name: Ask for it.

RP Example:

”Dark and Gloomy as per” he rolled his eyes looking outside the shop with his arms crossed. As someone who was use to the Californian sun, this was absolutely hell. Turning his back to the door he grabbed a broom and stared off into the store. “Maaan-- If only they had electricity…” he whined to himself remembering he had his ipod, dead as it was, in his bag back in his room. “Whatever--” he started to sweep all the loose dirt out of the room as a song slowly slipped in his head. Humming it seemed like a good idea, but the need to sing it was too irresistible ”All the other kids with the pumped up kicks You better run, better run, outrun my gun” he made a gun motion and shot it with a wink and continued “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks You better run, better run, faster than my bullet” bang bang bitch. Laughing to himself, in his own head he was remixing other songs in and lord it was turning into his JAM. Perhaps that was the worst time to walk into the store however as he’s getting down to a song no one else could hear, making all sorts of beats sounds only to turn dramatically and jolt at the sudden eyes on him. It appeared he had stopped, but really there was just an internal build up and he dropped that bass so hard it scared the customer off. “No WAIt--” he finally stopped chasing them out the door and leaving the broom silent on the ground.

⎾C H A R A C T E R R E L E A S E F O R M⏌

  • Corruption: Y/N

  • Body Modification: Y/N

  • Injury: Y/N

  • Death: Y/N

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