Marlow's application Picture

And finally here he comes, Mr marlow Wickes.
Name: Marlow Vincent Wickes

Nicknames : "Marly" "Marl" ( friends only)
Age: 25 yrs

B-Day: December 7th

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Sylveon

Nature: Cynical

Initial Phrase: "charming.."

Personality: Marlow is a grumpy young man, often upset with the way others if they don't work the way he wants. Marlow is a cynic, a pessimist and slightly obsessive, more than he'd care to admit. Marlow's attitude makes him hard to befriend, thogh he refused to act anything but the gentleman he was raised to be. That being said, despite his insulting and "mightier than thou" manner it is not impossible to befriend him. If it wasn't evident, mallows a solitary folk and can often be found most happy after some quiet time with a book and his relicanth harrenhall. Though he staunchly refuses to admit it, marlow is so very lonely.
please note marlow isn't a horrible man, in fact he can be quite nice to sometimes, it just isn't his default mood

- Books
- Fish
- The quiet
- His book shop
- Marlow writes a little
- The cold
- noise and the boisterousness of others
- Parties and noisy events
- The heat
- Fireworks
- mess ( Marlow's is slightly OCD when it comes to his personal place)
- Glasses
- Watch
- Wallet

Marlow Vincent Wickes was born into a incredibly wealth family in Camphrier town, never had much for want in his younger years, he was bright, loving and happy. Marlow's family took frequent trips to Johto when he was young to visit his fathers brother and his family, the Larson's. The Larsons had two children in these times, one a few years older then he and a pichu five years his junior. One visit when he was 9 had devastating consequences though, when He and his little cousin wound up in a car accident while out on their bikes. Marlow ended up with some severe injuries but nothing compared to when Cole lost his eyesight. In the following years Marlow's personality morphed, he became quiet and withdrawn as he blamed himself for the incident, a natural reaction to the event. Over the following years marlow didn't join his family in their travel, staying at home and burying himself in books of all things, though he favoured those around fish and mythology, out of fear that cole would persecute him.

As he aged marlow didn't change too much, only becoming more cynical and scathing. he took courses in laws and accounting, moving out of home quickly with his share of trust fund and moving to lumious to join one of the most respected accounting firms in Kalos. But Marlow hated it, hated the loud hustle and stupid clientele in higher business. After a particularly hard spell of stress induced illness marlow packed up and quit, despite his higher ups pleas to stay.

It was at this point Marlow gave in and phoned Cole, wading through pleasentries to ask how he was and where he lived. After listening to an age of recommendations about Aloe Marlow made up his mind and bought a tiny shop in the shopping district of Aloe and set about refurbishing it, living in the attic till it was completed. finally after a few months of work it finally became the little bookshop he dreamed of owning. the shop may be crammed and tight but it holsters a kind and cozy feel to it, with a small lounging area to read and a little area to buy coffee and such. with the shop finally completed marlow moved into a tiny house in aloe, in the right most corner, right on the coasts edge and surrounded by fruit and berry trees.

Marlow can now be found in his shop, devoted to his little place.


- He is Cole Larsons cousin

- Bisexual

- Marlow has no top bow and his ribbons are kept tucked around his neck to stay neat, and can be used as extra appendages. They are fairly strong.

- Has various scars on his arms and legs due to a accident when he was 9

- Is a oddly big fan of fish, and of children

- Marlow owns a large relicanth named Harrenhall Harrenhall's ID

- Its probably best to assume Marlow has a english accent much like my own

- Marlow is tall, around 6ft (it runs in the family)

-Lives at house 7, Lot D5. Marlow is not looking for roommates

>People marlow has met :
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