The World of Tarrun Picture

So lately I've been doing a rewrite of Savage Destiny, in hopes of streamlining the story and actually getting something put up on DA. Most of the stuff I've previously uploaded is thus no longer canon, but most of the general details are still the same: Tarrun, Caitlyn, Theraga, all that good stuff. I'm feeling a LOT better about the new draft and wanted to do something simple to get the ball rolling, so here's the new, 2015 version of the Tarrun world map!

You'll probably notice it's not quite the same. I wanted to implement some of my more recent ideas for the setting and also reduce the number of settlements. It's also worth stating, again, that this is a world map, so it's not meant to show every minute detail!. Rivers, lakes, and smaller towns exist, they just aren't represented here.

Oh, and in case anyone asks, I'm probably not going to add a scale bar. Once I specify exact measurements people can start nitpicking and asking questions like "how did the characters get from point A to point B so fast?".
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