The Enyo Picture

Enyo, in Greek mythology, was an ancient goddess of war, acting as a counterpart and companion to the war god Ares.

Costumes and weapons aside, Lian "Enyo" LaBelle (Also known as "Hades") is a 21st century member of the mafia. Although independent, she serves as the "right hand" for her higher ups, known as the 4 Horsemen (Yes, like the 4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse). Lian may work for these bosses, but she has her own plans. And in order to achieve these plans, she has to take down the 4 Horsemen. As she gets closer and closer to her goal, she hits a speedbump.

His name is Chase. A handsome, enchanting man who is interested in Lian. But she finds out he is working to take down the 4 Horsemen and anyone who gets in his way.

It is sure to be filled with exciting car chases, action scenes, and sexy moments.
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