Yet Another Jayus Redesign Picture

Yes, it's a design idea for Jayus. HOPEFULLY it'll be the last >_<
Ugh, I am just never satisfied! At least I got his chibi spider form done on the first try though. Can't say the same about anything else! XD

So many designs, dear god. I need to make some sort of timeline deviation at some point. It's actually kinda interesting how different parts of the original idea spun off into entirely separate characters, and at one point an entirely separate character ended up turning into a Jayus redesign too. o.O YOU SHALL BE ABSORBED BY THE HIVE! XD
And it'd also help if I could compile all the rejected design elements that I wanna someday use for different characters. I wasted a lot of time getting irrationally attatched to stuff that didn't suit him, and forgetting I could just save the idea for another day
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