The Boy to be Kurgan Picture

Oh my heart
Changing the way I kill
By changing the way I feel
Step forward

Everybody, around the world understands
What makes a child of man (yes come)

- The Sound of Violence - Cassius

"When he is five, his father crushes the boy’s head with a rock, which leaves him scarred. In return, the boy feeds his father hot stones while he sleeps and kills him. He tells his mother that a bear killed his father. At the age of twelve he left home to join bandits preying on caravans crossing the steppes between India and the Mediterranean. "

Cat has been watching too much Highlander with her brother lately. The Kurgan is a character from that movie who, in the mythology of the movie, has been around for almost all of history. This will hopefully be part of an ongoing project of the Kurgan character at different times in history according to this website [link] .
although honestly knowing myself this will probably be the first and last piece in that project
FYI-- I use that website because it cites its references and I know it's not all fanon.

Credit to ~KeepWaiting for creating these truly awesome snow brushes that I used for this. [link]
Neither the Kurgan character nor the movie Highlander belong to me.

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