Sora vs Pit Picture

"These 2 are the most famous defenders of light in video game history,known for beating dark armies time and time again."

Sora- Keylade's chosen wielder

Pit- Captain of Palutena's army

Age: 15
Height: 5'8
Weight: 134 lbs

At first glance,Sora is cheerful and adventure type 14 year old who lived on Destiny Islands with his best friends,Riku and Kairi. Then one night,there was a huge storm in which creatures called Heartless start to take over the island. Riku was taken over by the darkness,but then a light saves Sora and thus a key-like weapon called a keyblade came to Sora as it's chosen master. Then Sora ends up in Traverse Town where he teams up with Donald and Goofy not only to search for Riku and Kairi,but also for King Mickey of Disney Castle. Throughout the events of "Kingdom Hearts I & II" Sora,Donald,& Goofy defeated many heartless and nobodies and defeated the leaders of both of them. And all the battles they fought led to a man named Xehanort "who will be the true boss in Kingdom Hearts 3". Sora wields a very powerful and most famous weapon in video game history,the Keyblade. They come in many different forms depending on which world Sora is in,they can have advantages or disadvantages depending on the keyblade. Not only that Sora attacks with a keyblade,he also uses magic to give Sora an advantage in battle. He mostly uses Firaga,Blizzaga,Thundaga,etc. Even though he's the keyblade's chosen master,his greatest weakness is his lack of formal training,but he can easily adapt into the battlefield much faster than any other swordsman. He is one of the greatest keyblade wielder of all time and will not stop fighting until he reaches master and achieves peace throughout all the worlds.

"You're wrong! I know now without a doubt,Kingdom Hearts,is light!"

Age: Immortal (physically 13)
Height: 5'8
Weight: 128 lbs

Pit is the captain of Palutena's royal bodies for who he started in 1986. He disappeared for over 25 years,until nintendo released "Super Smash Bros Brawl" that brought Pit back and made him a video game star once again. All of Pit's enemies are all based off of Greek mythology in which his 2 known enemies are Medusa and Hades. Throughout Pit's journey,he wields a large arsenal of weapons including blades,claws,cannons,fists,etc. But his most prefer weapon is the bow and arrow. Pit shoot out an unlimited supply of arrows,that they are made by the power of light. He is always so cheerful and enjoys cracking jokes,even during a battle. But even that,the weakness is mostly the combat system,just like in "Kid Icarus: Uprising",moving around in that combat system is much harder for him on the ground,but he mostly flies in the air. Pit is one of nintendo's greatest characters of all time and he is always to loyal to the light and his leader Palutena.

"I am Pit,servant of the Goddess of Light!"

Kingdom Hearts vs Kid Icarus!

Which guardian of light would out shine the other?! Will Sora's keyblade power outmatch Pit and his massive arsenal weapons of light?!
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