Faces of Parvati : Goddess Meenakshi and Abihrami Picture

I know they don't have wings and those are supposed to be wreath of flowers on their backs but I am so much made of fail that I couldn't do it. T_T


Meenakshi Amman (meaning "fish-eyed") is said to be the sister of Vishnu. She is an incarnation of Parvati who was born to a childless King and Queen. At a very early age, she displayed her strength and power in battle, as well as her wisdom as Crown Princess. After her father died, she became a fierce and yet beloved warrior Queen. Another thing about Meenakshi is that she was supposedly to have a third breast, which would only disappear after she met the man who she was destined to marry. On a pilgrimage to the Himalayas, she met Shiva, and her third breast disappeared. On their wedding day, the god Vishnu himself gave Meenakshi away to Shiva and stood witness to their wedding.

Abirahmi Is a lunar goddess. A popular legend of hers is that when an enraged King sentenced Abirahmi Patter to prove the power of his beloved goddess or die, Goddess Abirahmi herself appeared in the sky to bless Abirahmi Patter with the light coming from the moon in her hair. The King and his Queen saw this and became devotees of the Goddess.

Meenakshi is the one with the green skin, Abirahmi is the one with the blue.
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