It Stars. . . Picture

Ya know... About one year and a half ago, Dawn of Monsters began. The revamping of my original ideas for Kaiju into a proper Kaijuverse. Even since day one, I left out the original plotline of Vastrato being Thor's enemy as the Serpent of Midgard. I saw no place for Thor in the story and thus I left him out.
Many were saddened by this. A lot of people liked the blood feud to a great, great extent. Still, I stuck to my guns... Thor would not be, and STILL will never appear in Dawn of Monsters.


After much debating on it, and I have been debating on it for quite some time now, I decided that there really isn't a way to work Thor in another way.
I was going to hold off the announcement of this until I got a new computer, so that I could do more focus study on the creation of Dawn of Monsters and this new storyline. But, what the hell? It don't make much different going one way or the other. Now is a good as time as any.

This... this here... is the first few steps toward making the story before the story. The world that existed before Dawn of Monsters. When man was first getting to his feet and recording his history. The age when steel was first forged, when mankind walked the earth with great primordial beasts and terrible creatures that saw the world as small.
But amongst this dark age full of pandemonium, some stood tall. Very tall. So tall, they themselves were monsters. And the greatest of all, were the gods that cherished their weapons and worshiped the glory of battle. The Norse Pantheon.

And the star of this storyline... None other then the one you all miss most. Thor! GOD OF THUNDER!

For a great deal of time, I was sure I would make this a stand alone story. But, after watching and talking with Vagrant enough and see where Dark Hours went, I decided to follow in that line. Make it all one big universe. I already hinted Thor may have existed at one point in the Genetite Study. Might as well.

Now, I suppose your all wanting to hear about the beasts. Very well. First off, these are conceptual pictures. Details like clothing, armor and other things will come in their own good time.

You can see Thor. We all know that lovable, drunk SOB. His place in the story is pretty much set. Adventurous, happy, good hearted, loves to brawl, etc. As the story revolves around him, he goes around the world in various situations. All the way from the land that will be the America's, all the way to the far, far east.

Below him... Vastrato? Hehehe... that would be far, far too easy. That thing is not Vastrato. but he is related. His name, obviously, is Jormundgandr. The world serpent. So big that it encircles the world and bites its own tail.
Where is Vastrato? ....Vastrato is his mate. And she will cameo. And he, is, MASSIVE. All male Crocodiles are bigger then the females, after all.

Beside Thor is his wife, Sif. Sif is one of Thor's two(or more, different sources vary) lovers... or whatever. She will get a lot of screen time... or page space, be the word. She's meant to be the pretty giantess that catches eyes and stuff. Bleh.

Below her, Thor's two goats that pull his Chariot. Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr. Their design is a bit GAS, yeah, but I tried to fuse their horns and ears into one to give an exotic look. Their role, besides being eaten every god damn day, is to be epic fighters and supporters.
Also thinking of throwing them into Dawn of Monsters storyline too.

Then we got Odin. Not gonna talk much on him. He's Odin. His name says it all.

And then I got two sketches, basic line art. One of an Elf, the other a Dwarf. Gotta include these guys too, otherwise it would not be Scandinavian folklore.

Now among all these new faces, old ones will appear too. Crypt Dragons, young Thanatos, Phenoraixa and Grimm, Rama MIGHT appear... And the list goes on a little bit.
And other mythology will appear such as Native American creatures such as the terrible cannibals, Wendigos. Others too, but lets start small.

But as you can see, this general idea is already very ambitious. Dangerous ambitious. I really have to take my time with this one and I will. This one will be done right.

Just a taste, Y'all.
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