PG: Primordial Wrath Picture

Writing the info took 4 times longer than drawing the app, holy shit. Procrastination ftw~
Will include high quality refs when I'm not lazy.

» Name: Ira /ee-ra/ (Ryuhei Nagakura in public records starting 2 years prior)
» Gender: Male
» Age: 23 / (24 in public records, much more from memory inheritance)

» Species: places or even other dimensions.' ;It is said that space becomes more stable with Palkia's every breath.'">Palkia
» Ability: Pressure
» Level:100 (174)

» Birth Date: December 5, 2980 (March 13 in public records)
» Height: 6'0" / 182.88cm
» Weight: 169lbs / 76.6kg

» Job:
Recruit -> Soldier -> Berserker
Trainee -> Specialist -> Weapon Master

» District: Diavolo
» Alignment: Lawful Evil
» Rank: Leader

» Items:
  • Lustrous Orb - A beautiful glowing orb given to him by a close relative, held the remaining essence of the first Palkia. (Also powers up a couple of his moves when equipped)
  • Ourano Code - The latest addition to his arsenal is a sword a bit more than 5 feet in length. Additional functions are unknown as of now.
  • Limiters - Ira wears limiters in the form of two bracelets, two anklets, and a choker. The choker shows a color that ranges from a deep purple to red depending on his mental condition. The limiters provide three modes: Off, Limited, and Restricted - which may be turned/taken off by will.
  • [STORED]Akū Setsudan - Being his go-to weapon at one point, this great sword has modules allowing it to correspondingly function as a cannon and whip sword for a variety of ranged combat.
  • [STORED]Veriti - A saber that was owned by Tyrone, the late leader of Diavolo. Usually summoned during situations where Ira seeks to prioritize speed due to its efficient weight and size.
  • [STORED]??? (Various) - Along with the many unknown weapons Ira has, he is also known to keep a variety of situational equipment including armor and medical supplies for safe keeping.

» Moveset: (And known/witnessed applications)
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