WoT APP : Samuel the Priest Picture


Name: Samuel Abelard
Nickname(s): Sam
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Breed: Color-point Shorthair/mix
Rank: Priest

Physical Appearance

Eyes: Bright green and sea green
Pelt: Grey base with color points of white and brown
Fur Length/Texture: Short length, smooth and dry texture
Nose/Paws: Pink nose and pads
Tail: Thick, with longer fur than on the body
Build: Slight and thin, longish body length; a bit taller than average when standing


Orientation: Uncertain
Status: Celibate
Preferences: Though he tries to resist the temptation of romance, he does find dark-furred cats very beautiful. He is attracted to intelligence, kindness, and slightly dominant personalities.

Misc. Info

Scent: His natural scent is very floral and subtle, but is overwhelmed by the scent of incense
Voice: Lilting and gentle, he is very soft-spoken


Positive = [Generous] [Empathetic] [Studious] [Tolerant]

Everything he has he gives back to the church or orphanage. He lives a meager, sometimes hungry life in order to provide for others. When money or food is especially sparse, he will take on laborious work around the city to keep generating income. He tends to his garden year round and donates the entire crop to the orphanage.

Because he began his life in poverty, he knows what it’s like to feel hunger and desperation. He will never turn anyone away from his church, regardless of their wealth, background, or innocence. He would even house a criminal if the criminal claimed sanctuary.

Nothing excites Samuel quite as much as reading. He soaks up information like a sponge, and seeks out new books and teachers with an insatiable hunger. Books are the only things he will buy for himself, and he values his library more than anything.

He doesn’t discriminate against other religions or backgrounds. In fact, he draws inspiration from other beliefs, not only Christianity. One of his hobbies is discussing the ins and outs of other religions—these discussions often start out as challenging arguments.

Neutral = [Curious]

In addition to his reading, he will investigate anything that seems unusual or interesting to him, even if it gets him into trouble. Some main vices to his curiosity are plants, bugs, star patterns, and intriguing smells (such as baking bread or tanning leather).

Negative = [Unforgiving] [Lustful/Desirous] [Has Arsonphobia]

He often refuses to acknowledge this trait, and keeps it buried most of the time. He finds it difficult to forgive the cats who wronged him in his past, such as the children and orphanage attendants who were cruel to him. He will forgive anyone to their face, but will usually have trouble truly letting go of his grudges.

This is another trait that he keeps hidden. Deep down, he looks at women with just as much depravity as any other man. He also feels a lot of guilty envy when he sees nobles with fine clothes and luxurious estates. There’s a side of him that wants the finer things in life, but he doesn’t ever feel comfortable facing that side.

Has Arsonphobia
His intense fear of fire used to send him into fits of screaming, due to suppressed memories from his early childhood related to a traumatic fire. He has gotten the worst of his phobia under control, but open flames still make him extremely nervous.


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