Godzilla Month 2010 '17' Picture



This next file is a truly an amazing catastrophe in the name of science. It perfectly explains the evil that Godzilla can bring by those who do not respect his awesome power. It also begs the question of how far a father will go to save his only Daughter. It all takes place exactly where we left off last time.

After Godzilla had been trapped in the volcano, a special detachment of troops was sent out to retrieve the remains of Super X. The city was comparable to a Ghost Town…just like thirty years ago; the largest city in the world was destroyed in one night. After tonight, four new Emergency Alarm Systems were put into action in case any sign of Godzilla made itself evident.

Many troops were clad in radiation suits and sent to collect samples of Godzilla’s Cells. However, a small task force of American Troops had snuck into the closed off area in order to get their hands on the Cells as well. They were attempting to get the cells for the Genetic Research company called Bio-Major. Once they were discovered, they immediately fired on the Japanese and made a run for it. After an extensive chase, they killed all of the Japanese troops that followed them. They tried to make their escape only to be killed by a Saradian Agent. The assassin took the cells and smuggled them out of the Country on an Oil Rig.

That night in the Republic of Saradia, Japanese Scientist Dr. Sherigami and received word that the stolen (but not to his knowledge) Godzilla Cells had just arrived at his laboratory. He and his daughter Erika began driving there to begin their work. On arrival, Erika went to the lab to examine the cells. He talks to his employer and they discuss how the Oil Rig in the country won’t last forever. They would have to somehow cultivate the desert to grow crops. Dr. Sherigami’s daughter had just succeeded in cross-breeding wheat with a desert cactus. It could be grown in desert climate. The doctor suggested that combining the G-Cell’s Self-Replicating Genetic Information with the wheat, the plant would become nearly indestructible. (For those of you who do know what he’s talking about, Dr. Sherigami is the first one who came close to discovering Regenerator G-1, but that is still a long way to go.)

After this genetic cross-breeding was made, the doctor would be going home with his daughter…However…an explosion caused by a bomb set by Bio-Major spies put an end to his lab and the Godzilla Cells. He ran into the lab looking for the one thing that was important to him. However as he looked around the destroyed laboratory, he saw his daughter Erica dead. She was lying lifeless next to a beautiful rose. He kept the rose as one of his most valuable possessions as a keepsake to remember his daughter by.

5 Years Later…

Sherigami had been living quietly in Japan after retiring. The rose he had kept was truly an Enchanted Rose which would bloom until his – wait a minute! Who got my file mixed up?! Wrong story folks…Sorry, let’s get back to the real story. The Rose had grown into an entire vine of Roses. He decided to try new things. He tried to discover if Roses possessed psychic energy. Luckily he knew Asuka Okouchi, an old friend of Erika’s who worked at the Mental Science Exploitation Center. And he had her recruit someone who could communicate with them. A young Miki Saegusa, a girl with extraordinary ESP abilities and head of a school for Intuitive Children. She couldn’t make a connection with the plant though. She and Asuka were about to leave when she suddenly claimed that she heard the voice of a girl calling Asuka’s name. This was strange. But the Doctor had an even worse problem. He was being watched by two groups; 2 American agents from Bio-Major and the Saradian Agent that first stole the G-Cells. They were both waiting for the Doctor to hopefully acquire G-Cells again so they could steal them. Little had they know, that Sherigami vowed never to work with the Godzilla Cells again.

A series of violent earthquakes began emanating from Mount Mihara on Hoshima Island. Smoke rose from the crater. These events started the previous night. Miki noticed that all of her students were acting strangely. They all said that they had the same dream last night…she didn’t ask of what it was. She had the dream too…and she knew it wasn’t good. She brought Asuka to the Japan Psychic Center where the children were all drawing pictures of what they dreamed. When they held up their drawings Asuka was shocked beyond belief. Whether it be fire or some form of destruction in the background, every picture had one thing in common…Godzilla.

Asuka took the drawings to Colonel Gondo – Godzilla Unit of the Special Disaster Research Council. He had just sent a phone call to his friend Colonel Kuroki requesting his friend’s cooperation in some research. The three of them took Miki in a helicopter over Mount Mihara. She used her psychic intuition to scan the volcanic area. She received a return signal. It meant one thing.

“Godzilla’s Awake,” she said. After that, Gondo and Kuroki knew they had to sound the Alarm.

First Alarm System
In case any chemical, geological, meteorological, psychical, other than physical, sign of G’s action is confirmed.

The Prime Minister didn’t believe the story that Godzilla was back yet. Gondo was actually hoping that Godzilla would show up. Regardless, he and Kuroki went back to his office to begin their plans in case Godzilla did show up. Kuroki had this brilliant idea to start an Organization specifically designed for dealing with Godzilla known as Godzilla-Force. This G-Force had all sorts of plans to stop Godzilla, including Robotic Engineering, computers, Super Conductivity and Laser Technology. All of them were apart of the First Emergency System against Godzilla. Gondo however forgot to mention their plan for a Bio-Weapon, one Kuroki believed to be the sure fire weapon to defeat Godzilla. The Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria: genetically engineered bacteria that would eat Nuclear Energy. This could prove to be fatal to Godzilla.

Asuka was later involved with these events. Her current beau Dr. Kirashima was consulted by Gondo and Kuroki to create the bacteria. He stated that in order to make something like this to destroy Godzilla, they’d need a Godzilla Cell. Inside the Godzilla cells are genes that digest Atomic Nuclei. Inside of the Bacteria, the weapon would be used to completely destroy Godzilla from the inside-out. Other things needed were the source of where to get the Godzilla cells and some scientists to work on them.

They first tried to employ Dr. Sherigami, but he turned them down due to his vow. He claimed that his work involving them lost him his daughter. But the trio had more luck when Kirashima went to the Okochi Foundation to see Askuka’s Father. He was working on a Bio-Bank Project; he planned to keep the DNA of brilliant individuals with genius minds frozen for breeding in the future. His one crown jewel in his bank was his supply of Godzilla Cells. Okochi was content to give up the cells. But he also expressed how Godzilla’s Cells would be a dangerous weapon. But seeing as how Japan was the victim of Nuclear Bombing and Godzilla…he figured they deserved such a weapon.

But as if being a strange omen, as soon as Okochi handed Kirashima the container of Cells, a massive earthquake hit. It was caused by an eruption of Mt. Mihara. It was further proof that Godzilla was awake. The tremors caused the glass greenhouse for Shiragami’s Rose to shatter and spill the rose over. The vines were cut and the plant was dying. Shiragami was greatly distressed by this. He examined the Rose Petals underneath a microscope to monitor the damage to the cells. The flower had wilted but the cells were still alive. The Doctor was greatly distressed as he expressed his grief to himself.

“I must do something…or else Erika will die!”

Yes folks you heard right…at the time of the Bombing that took his daughter’s life, the rose was the only thing to not be destroyed. He believed that it was a sign that her soul somehow was inside of the rose. He took it and cherished it. He nursed it back to health by combining it with her own DNA. With that Rose, she would live forever and grow and spread her beauty, and the plant gave his life meaning. But now all of that was about to end…Unless. He had one option. He combined the plant with foreign cells once before…he could do it again! But this time, he would join the flower with something more powerful to ensure that his daughter would forever be Immortal.

He called Okochi as fast as he could and offered to accept the position on their team to create the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria…on one condition. He requested that he keep the Godzilla Cells in his Lab for a week. Kirashima was excited to hear the news that the Doctor would be joining them the next day but was a bit curious as to why the Doctor would want the Godzilla Cells so close by.

The doctor worked all night long, examining the Godzilla Cells, attempting to extract the Self-Reproducing Gene from them. However, he was running out of time. So he took it all. He took all of Godzilla’s genes. He took the entire DNA strand. Then plucking a cell from the rose, he injected it into the Godzilla cell. Little did he know it at the time, but as the lightning bolt cracked outside in the rainstorm, nature was telling him that he had created a new Living Force of Nature…

Erika’s flower had grown quite large in the span of just one day. Her stem grew nearly three feet tall, yet her pod had yet to open. But regardless…it was clear that Shiragami’s bizarre Frankenstein-like experiment had worked…albeit a little too well. At a microscopic level, Erika’s plant cells were indeed self-replicating at a fast rate, producing many daughter cells. However, they were acting uncharacteristically of plant cells. They were behaving like Animal cells. It wouldn’t be long before the Doctor discovered that his attempt to save his daughter’s soul and life would be a little too similar to Dr. Frankenstein.

Smog began to rise from Mt. Mihara that morning. It was getting too dangerous to ignore the signs any longer. Gondo and Kuroki took another helicopter over the volcano with a scanner. They managed to spot Godzilla outside of the lava walking around the inside of the crater unable to escape. It was time to take it a step further.

Second Alarm System
In case ay physical sign of G’s action such as voice and motion is confirmed.

Luckily the JSDF had a new toy that they were ready to unveil. Salvaging the remains of Super X, they managed to build a newer, stronger version of the old attack jet. The Super X II was substantially improved with the introduction of the latest onboard Super Computer that controlled automatic and remote functions. Another improvement on its predecessor was that it was submersible able to operate at extreme depths down to ten thousand meters. The latest TA323 Armor that covered the craft was twice as durable as the Titanium Alloy Armor on the old Super X. It was also armed with a barrage of Missiles, Bombs and Gatling Guns, but it also had a new toy. The tip of the plane would separate into two parts revealing a large mirror made of synthetic Diamond. The Fire Mirror was designed to absorb Godzilla’s Radioactive Heat Ray and reflect its force a thousand times more effectively. It was very hot stuff.

At that time Kirashima and Shiragami had created the bacteria and it was already starting to multiply. The cell division would lead to 2 cells in thirty minutes, 4 in an hour, 32 in two hours, and in one day, Four Million Cells. It would certainly make a terrifying weapon to be used against any nation. That is why the two Bio-Major agents snuck into Shiragami’s lab to find out just what he was doing with the G-Cells. They found the papers on the Anti-Nuclear Energy bacteria. They intended to steal them, when they were fired on by the Saradian Agent. They returned fire and tried to escape, but the Saradian had both of them cornered. They had found what they were looking for and they found trouble…And then the three of them would find something that was more than they bargained for.

From out of a hallway came a huge vine. It moved like it was alive. It wrapped around one of the Bio-Major agents and pulled him back into Shiragami’s lab. There the vine strangled him and left it for the main body of Erika’s Flower. The other Bio-Major agent escaped as the Saradian was grabbed by the vine. However the Saradian put up a fight. Once the vine sent him crashing into the lab, he slapped it away. A second vine wrapped around his legs and dragged him across the floor. He took out a knife and cut through the vine around his ankles. He was able to escape, leaving the cut vine to slither aimlessly like a snake until it finally stopped moving.

The next morning Kirashima received a call about Shiragami’s lab. They arrived as the Paramedics were clearing away the body of the dead agent. However, when they went inside, Kirashima saw that much more damage had been done than what I have just described. He turned to Shiragami who was holding the severed vine. Kirashima finally understood what the Doctor had been doing with the Godzilla Cells. He’d created an immortal plant species using Godzilla’s self-reproducing abilities. But Shiragami admitted that he made a mistake as he looked at the gaping hole in the brick wall of his laboratory, leading out into the lake.

Back at the Prime Minister's office, Gondo had been called to an emergency meeting. The Prime Minister had received a Fax Message. The people who sent it, no doubt Bio-Major, demanded that the Japanese turn over the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria, or they'd destroy Mt. Mihara. Godzilla would be released on the world again. Gondo thought it was a bluff. Until they received a phone call from Mt. Mihara saying that there was an explosion. It was the warning that they mentioned in the letter to prove they mean business. The Ultimatum was serious and the timer was counting down. It was astonishing...They held the entire country at Ransom...Ironically, Godzilla was their Hostage.

A little more serious matter had to be dealt with. The previous night, Miki Saegusa had a dream. It was similar to the dream she and the other children had about Godzilla. And like the children, she drew what she saw. Asuka saw the picture of what appeared to be a rose...Not long afterwards, Asuka was driving Miki to the lake near Sherigami's lab. She was following her psychic powers. What they found there was disturbing.

Kirashima was dismayed by the news that they must turn over the bacteria to Bio-Major. Shiragami was studying the vine he had found. He was about to get a better look than anyone would've liked. Asuka stormed into the room yelling for him. She took the two of them to the lake where a huge crowd had gathered on the shore.

Out in the water was a huge Rose, standing nearly three hundred feet tall. It seemed to be composed of mostly vines. The pink pod at the top had not yet opened up, but the plant was making strange noises, like it was crying. The plant was alive. Asuka and the two scientists met up with Miki standing at the end of the dock. While Asuka and Kirashima were astounded, Sherigami was completely calm. He explained it to them.

"That is no ordinary Plant...Biollante," he said. He named it for a breed of a plant from Norse Mythology. The others questioned how he could be so calm with a living titanic plant before them. He knew the creature had to be calm as he stated, "That Plant...has a Human Spirit." Asuka came to the correct assumption that Erika’s spirit was inside Biollante, because she could hear Erika’s voice calling her. Kirashima was furious with the way he misused the Godzilla cells to amalgamate them with the Plant Cells. He left in a huff.

He met with Gondo to hand off the Bacteria to the Bio-Major agent that survived the night before. The detonation control for the bombs at Mihara were in the container of his large truck. Before he could open it to stop the countdown, they were fired on by the Saradian Agent. The Bio-Major agent was killed and the truck was turned over. The Saradian also got away with the Bacteria. Though Kirashima and Gondo got into the Container, they couldn’t find the switch before the last ten seconds rolled down. Gondo’s words seemed to perfectly describe how bad the situation was.


On Mt. Mihara, the bombs went off, blowing the wall of the volcano open. Godzilla emerged from the smoke angrily. He headed for the sea. The Third Alarm System sounded.

Third Alarm System
In case G appears.

Gondo and Kirashima sat helplessly on the truck and lamented about how not only Godzilla being freed, but the fact that they lost the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria.

“I guess things are about as bad as they could get,” Gondo stated.

A fleet of defense ships were set up in the sea waiting for Godzilla. Godzilla was headed in the direction of Tokyo when he came across the ships. He made short work of them as always. At this rate, Godzilla would be in Tokyo within 24 hours. The Operation Center of the Self-Defense Agency prepared to launch the Super X 2. Kuroki arrived stating that the Super X 2 was assigned to him for combat against Godzilla. The attack jet was on Godzilla in 10 Minutes.

Immediately the Fire Mirror was activated for the fight. Godzilla immediately shot his atomic heat ray at it. The Mirror worked, reflecting the shot as a stronger heat ray, green in color. Godzilla was hurt badly by it, and his strategy wasn’t working. Godzilla went underwater, the Super X following him. Godzilla then turned west toward, giving up on heading for Tokyo. At that moment, Kuroki received a call from Gondo about the news of loosing the Bacteria. Kuroki then gave the order that all the Airports should be shut down to prevent the agent from leaving the country.

The plan worked. Kirashima spotted the car heading down the Tomae Highway, heading west. Curious to where he could be going, the pair went to Okochi for information. He knew that the Saradian National Oil Corporation, the only company the Saradians had in Japan, had been known for having spies. It was stationed in Osaka, run by an Ex-Secret Agent. Every week, a freighter would leave Japan for Saradia, so the most plausible explanation would be that the Agent would smuggle the Bacteria out by sea. That’s when Kirashima remembered that Sherigami worked for that company.

When Sherigami and Asuka heard that Godzilla had escaped, Miki came to them saying that she heard Biollante Crying again. They all looked at the giant rose and saw that the pod was slowly starting to open as it sent out a caw. Sherigami began studying samples of the water in the lake to see Biollante’s affects on it. When a news reporter approached him asking of his experiment in creating Biollante, he scolded her and the public about criticizing science experiments without understanding the true value. At that moment, the dock was split in half by one of Biollante’s vines. It rose out of the water revealing a Venus fly-trap with sharp teeth on the end of it. It cawed at them before retracting. They all looked at Biollante and saw that the pod was almost completely open now. Miki sensed something was wrong as her communication with Biollante had ceased. She suspected that Erika’s spirit had left Biollante. Asuka correctly stated that now Biollante was just a cross between a Plant and Godzilla. All saw Biollante’s pod completely open briefly revealing the toothy mouth at the center of the petals. All heard Biollante give out another call before the pod closed again. Miki then froze up as she sensed something shocking.

“Godzilla…Godzilla’s coming! Biollante is calling out to him!!!”

Understandably, Biollante was a newborn creature, alone and frightened. There was no one like her around. She called out for any form of help that would listen. Much like how Minya was able to call Godzilla before he was even hatched, Biollante sent out the call. And Godzilla heard her as the people controlling the Super X 2 observed when Godzilla turned north towards Otowara. Kuroki ordered them to keep it away from the coast and out in the water. The Super X 2 fired two torpedoes in front of Godzilla, making a wall of water rise up into the air, frightening Godzilla into stopping.

The Super X 2 surfaced and re-opened the Fire Mirror. Godzilla was wiser about his old strategy but now that something was calling him to go north, he was determined to let nothing stop him. He shot his fire ray at the Super X 2 again. Though each blast was deflected, something started to happen. Sparks shot from the Fire Mirror. The controls of the plane indicated that the Ray’s Concentration dropped down to 40%. The Fire Mirror was melting!!! With no other choice, they had to close the Fire Mirror and switch to Missile Attack. They fired on Godzilla, but it worked about as well as any other missile attack on Godzilla would. Godzilla shot his breath at the SX2 and actually burned away some of the TA323 armor, before smacking it with his tail. The Super X 2 was out of action and was out of control, but they were able to get it back to base. With this last obstacle dealt with, Godzilla proceeded north.

Night had fallen and Biollante was still calling out to Godzilla. She had no idea what to expect. The Military began mobilizing along Lake Ashinoko waiting for Godzilla. Godzilla approached the lake from the forest surrounding it. Now the stage was set. As Biollante’s pod completely opened and she let out a call, she was finally answered with Godzilla’s thunderous roar. Her vines turned in his direction as he stepped out into the lake. Godzilla approached cautiously; he was surprised that the giant plant was what had called him. Sherigami stood outside and watched worried as he saw Godzilla approach the creature he still believed to be his daughter. He wasn’t quite sure of how Godzilla would react. But Kuroki knew better; he was positive that the two would fight and that Godzilla would win.

Biollante was even more confused and frightened than before. But she could sense her similarities with the creature that just arrived. She felt a little bit safer since there was something there that came for her. Not knowing any better, she shot her vines out of the water and wrapped them around Godzilla attempting to embrace him in the only way she could. She tried to pull him closer with her vines; however he was rejecting her pulling force and stood his ground. Believing him to be just shy, she sent even more vines and tried harder to bring him closer. But Godzilla still resisted.

Sherigami began summarizing his theories; he believed Godzilla came to see Biollante because it knew she was made from the same cells. Asuka concurred seeing as how technically they were of the same family – scientifically and genetically. Sherigami stated that they were more than just family. Both were made from the same cells, they were identical the same thing. Not just brother and sister; they were both the same creature. Sherigami knew that deep down, Biollante had Godzilla’s personality. Without her daughter’s soul in control any longer, Biollante – in a sense – was Godzilla.

Godzilla still rejected Biollante’s friendly expression; acting on instinct, Godzilla suspected this to be an attack. Instinct told him to do one thing; Retaliate. Charging up his spines, he shot his atomic fire at her body. The reaction cleared away some of the vines from her body, revealing flesh underneath; predominantly, a large fleshy sack-like organ, like a womb. Her body began dripping with the green sap that served as her blood and electricity sparked all over her. She was covered in smoke as her vines pulled back. When the smoke began clearing, all saw that a few of Biollante’s petals fell from her pod. Biollante was dying. Sherigami suspected that Godzilla’s heat ray had an abnormal affect on her cell division.

But now, Biollante was angry. She was going to attack for real now. More vines grew out of the ground, and these had the fly trap mouths. They shot out and wrapped around Godzilla’s leg and dragged him under the water. He got back up, less than amused. Then the other vines shot out of the water toward him. He tried to stop them with his atomic breath, but they broke free. Two of them bit down on his arms and the other sprayed acid in his face. One tried to wrap around his head but got caught in his mouth. Godzilla used his atomic breath to break the vine. He then shot at the vines on his hands. They pulled away, and afterwards, he attacked Biollante again, missing her and hitting the rocky shore behind. Then as if to intimidate her, he shot his breath at the water creating a wall of waves that shot up high. He then roared confidently.

Desperate to escape his wrath, Biollante raised the last of her vines and formed a wall to defend herself with. Godzilla was slightly annoyed and shot a blast of fire strait through them. His second beam then struck Biollante. Sparks and smoke arched all over her body and soon a red glow set in. Biollante’s body had caught fire, and the fleshy womb burst open. Biollante’s whole body went up in flames. Godzilla roared triumphantly as the flames climbed high into the night. Sherigami watched saddened by this turn of events. Soon Biollante’s body began dissipating as large glowing pollen spores. However, the people noticed something as Biollante’s body disappeared. Something was still there. The remaining creature roared monstrously before it too vanished as pollen. Sherigami was completely shocked as he watched the last remnants of hid daughter disappear.

“But…It can’t die, it’s Immortal!”

Some of the pollen spores from Biollante landed on the ground surrounding the lake. When they did, huge and beautiful flowers began to grow. Godzilla seemed tranquil for a moment before returning to the sea. Godzilla went out into Sagami bay. Seems the flowers changed his mind about going further into Japan from THIS point. Meanwhile, the JSDF began trying to make repairs to the Super X 2. They managed to restock its ammunition and re-plate it with TA323. But the Fire Mirror was completely deformed in too many places, making it impossible to be repaired. Godzilla melted a Mirror made of synthetic diamond. It was beyond any of their technological limits.

Kuroki sent out search parties all over the Sagami area to try and find Godzilla. Sonar was useless, Godzilla couldn’t be spotted. Kuroki got an idea and called Asuka. He asked if Miki could detect Godzilla underwater as she did over the volcano. It was certainly possible. They boarded a chopper and went out into the Sea of Japan. They searched until they were low on fuel and unable to return to Tokyo, so they began moving toward Osaka. That’s when Miki found him, he was moving slowly, heading west.

Kuroki suspected that by fighting Super X 2 and Biollante, Godzilla used a great deal of energy. Godzilla would be going to an atomic plant to restock on his energy. There were three atomic plants that Godzilla was sure to go for. The city closest to his position was Nagoya. Kuroki sent all of the forces at his disposal into Ise Bay. It was quite the blockade. However Gondo believed that Godzilla would just as likely to surface in Osaka Bay and head for Osaka. It was just a guess…but he was right.

Godzilla surfaced with an entire landmass between him and the fleet waiting to trap him. He was headed for Osaka! Kuroki immediately sent Super X 2 after him. The Generals believed that they had to get their troops to Osaka as fast as possible, but Kuroki said it was too late for that. Hey said that they had to mobilize the troops along the Mishimae Expressway and prepare for a counterattack on Wakasa believing they could defeat Godzilla there. But Osaka would be done for. The city would have to be evacuated, but they’d need time. Kuroki called Asuka again.

He believed that if Miki used her psychic powers on Godzilla, she could stall the beast and give the city some more time. They landed on a Chopper Refueling station out in the bay and Godzilla surfaced. Miki’s psychic energy drew him close. He stared at her curiously. She did try her best; she used nearly all of her energy to stop him. But Godzilla’s mind was much too strong for her. She collapsed and fell into a coma. Godzilla then kept moving toward Osaka. The generals wanted to attack Godzilla with the Naval Force, but Kuroki knew that it was too close to the city to attack with Naval Cannons.

Fourth Alarm System
In case G’s landing on any specific coast of Japan is positive.

Gondo and Kirashima arrived in Osaka just as the evacuation order was sent. They entered the Saradia National Oil Corporations Building and found a man inside with the silver case the Bacteria was in. The attacked the man and took back the bacteria. Minutes later, news of the stolen bacteria reached the Republic of Saradia, astonishingly received by Dr. Sherigami’s former employer. He was on the phone with the agent that first stole the Bacteria and told him to make sure that the Japanese couldn’t make any more of it. There was only one thing to do; kill the person who could create the bacteria; Dr. Sherigami. The Agent agreed and was prepared to leave Osaka and find Sherigami, however one thing prohibited him; Godzilla.

The huge Dinosaur had entered Osaka and began walking through the city. He went on unchecked throughout the city. However, Colonel Gondo along with three other troops left in a chopper, armed with bazookas with the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria canisters loaded. Kuroki now gave the order to send in Super X 2 into the business district. The four troops landed and crossed the plaza of the business district area. They separated into two buildings. Gondo and another went to the largest building in the area. They then split up to go to separate floors. Meanwhile Kuroki ordered the Super X 2 to draw Godzilla to the large building on the right where Gondo was. It was a task without the Fire Mirror, but the attack jet readied its Missiles and Gatling Guns. They opened fire on Godzilla as much as they could. The plan seemed to work; Godzilla was going right where they wanted him. They just had to keep it going when they ran out of Rockets.

Gondo and the Bazooka Troops had just gotten into position. But they were still out of range. They needed Godzilla just to be a little closer. Kuroki ordered that the Fire Mirror be activated. Though he was warned that it still wasn’t functioning properly, he said they had no other choice. The controllers reluctantly activated Fire Mirror. Godzilla shot one blast of his Atomic Breath at the mirror and that did it. The Mirror caught fire, sparks shot out of the hull as the rest of the body went aflame. The Super X 2 went down. Godzilla roared victoriously.

Gondo and the other troops fired on Godzilla. The canisters hit and began spinning to inject the bacteria into Godzilla’s body. Though all four fired, only two hit. Gondo ordered the men to pull out now. But unfortunately, Godzilla began moving toward the building Gondo was in. He was staring right at Gondo through the window. When Gondo turned and saw him, he shot another Bacteria Shell into his mouth. Angered, Godzilla destroyed the building, killing Gondo in the process. Kuroki stood shocked at the loss of his friend and comrade. Godzilla moved on, no remorse, no regret.

14 hours later. Godzilla moved north into the Tamber mountains. Asuka and Kirashima stood by Miki’s bed side. She went into a coma after fighting Godzilla. Kirashima received a call from Kuroki. There hadn’t been any change in Godzilla. If the Bacteria were working they’d have seen affects by now. If it didn’t work in the next 8 hours then it was a bust. Kuroki asked Kirashima to board a chopper and meet him in Tokyo so they could discuss it.

Kirashima was confused. One shell should’ve been enough to stop Godzilla. The creature got three; one directly in the mouth. Then Kirashima noticed a group of men moving ice blocks into the hospital because the electricity was out and the refrigeration was down. He got an idea that he presented in Tokyo. Godzilla was a reptile, so therefore he must’ve had a cold blooded body temperature. And since Bacteria thrive in warm climates, the lower Godzilla’s body temperature, the slower the affect. So they had to make Godzilla heat up. Kuroki suggested the M-6000 TC System. Thunder Control System designed to create artificial thunder using high frequency waves to generate clouds and heat. It was the only option they had.

They set everything up in the mountains as fast as they could. Godzilla was on his way. Soon the clouds rolled in and it began raining. It looked like the system was working. And just in time too, because Godzilla had arrived. The laser tanks fired at him to lure him into the TC field. He followed them and stepped on one of the TC control pads. Immediately a lighting bolt shot down and struck Godzilla. He stepped on three others with the same result; it must’ve brought his temperature up a little. It was hot enough to easily melt an A-1 Tank. Godzilla left the field, the laser tanks fired at him again to force him back in. Godzilla backed up into the field again. More lightning struck his body. Godzilla spikes began glowing but he was clearly having difficulty charging up to fire. It seemed to be working.

Miki had woken up from her coma due to a dream that she had. She immediately began drawing it using a computer. It appeared to be a giant Rose orbiting the planet. It could only mean one thing. They immediately left and went up to the mountains to meet with Kirashima and Sherigami. The news was startling.

“Biollante is still alive!”

However, their words were drowned out by Kuroki turning their attention toward the monitors. It showed Godzilla walking sluggishly and staggering around. It meant that it was working; the Bacteria was spreading. Kuroki sent in the helicopters to finish him off. However, Godzilla eventually managed to shoot his Atomic Heat Ray and brought them down. It didn’t seem possible. If the Bacteria worked, then they should’ve consumed the atomic nuclei needed to breathe the fire…unless…Godzilla was immune to the bacteria. It didn’t matter much now…Godzilla was only a few steps away from the Atomic Plant. If he destroyed it, there’d be no stopping him.

Miki sensed something once the rain stopped. She stepped outside and looked up at the sky. Kirashima and Asuka followed her to try and bring her back. Miki ran up to the shore, when she saw it. She saw the sky glowing. The clouds were shining with an other worldly light. Kuroki and Sherigami left the base as well. Sherigami ran to join the others on the shore. Soon bright golden pollen fell from the sky. All the computer terminals in the area were jammed. The Doctor knew what it was, “Biollante.”

The pollen fell all around Godzilla and sank into the ground. Suddenly there was a vicious earthquake. Soon the ground split apart and Biollante’s Venus Flytrap Vines shot out. Godzilla nearly fell into the fissure. The vines began destroying all of the military vehicles in the area. Biollante was definitely acting more violent than before. If there was a reason she was here again, it would be to fight Godzilla, and this fight would just be between the two of them. Suddenly a huge portion of the Earth rose from the ground as something pushed from underneath. Escaping from the ground was what all believed was Biollante, but what arose was something else. The creature was easily 800 feet tall! The plant flesh was dark and black, and it was scaly almost like Godzilla’s skin. Thorns extended out of the creature’s back to form what looked like Godzilla’s spikes. And its head had a huge crocodile mouth, both ends of the jaws completely covered with teeth. It had three large tusks on each side of its mouth and tiny dark eyes. It roared out a deep throaty growl toward Godzilla. What was this thing?

“Biollante…she’s molting,” Sherigami said.

It was Biollante alright. Sherigami did use Godzilla’s cells to create her. Perhaps their first fight resulted in the plant absorbing much of Godzilla’s Radiation. Now that radiation seemed to charge Godzilla’s genes and now they resulted in this transformation to become more Godzilla-like. It must’ve been the creature that escaped from the womb when it burst open. Regardless, Biollante looked more formidable now. She roared up into the sky signaling her challenge, and Godzilla roared right back. Not easily frightened by the appearance of any monster, and size clearly wasn’t an issue seeing as how he was only half as tall as her now. Godzilla turned away from the reactor and readied himself.

Biollante made the first move, shooting her vines at him, just like last time. But he shot them down. He then fired on the other vines springing from the ground. Then he shot strait at her body. She took the damage, but it seemed to have minimal affects. She sent more vines towards him. Shooting his breath again, they dropped to his feet. This battle was going nowhere. It seemed that fighting from a distance did nothing to help Biollante. But then something amazing happened. Biollante pulled her four largest roots out of the ground and started moving toward Godzilla!!! Godzilla himself was shocked. It wasn’t long before she was on him.

Her vines completely surrounded him. One of the pointed tips stabbed through his hand and began injecting the acid into him. Another did the same and stabbed into his shoulder. Roaring in pain for a moment, Godzilla grabbed the vines and pulled it from his hand. One more vine, one with a fly trap head wrapped around Godzilla and tried to constrict him. Godzilla charged up for an Atomic Heat Ray but the energy ball dissipated back into his throat. Suddenly Godzilla’s body was covered in radioactive lightning and suddenly a pulse shot from his body that completely destroyed the vine. It was the full power of Godzilla’s Atomic Shockwave attack, or as others prefer to call it, Nuclear Pulse.

The battle seemed to be fairly even to the human bystanders watching them. Godzilla shot his fire breath at her main body revealing more pink flesh underneath. She roared out in pain and decided that she wasn’t toying around anymore. Green electricity arched to the tip of her snout and she opened her mouth wide. She then spat a torrent of Radioactive Acid at Godzilla. Godzilla got hit head on. When Biollante finished, Godzilla was nearly blind. He staggered towards her in pain. She opened up her jaws and bit down on his head. However before she could bite it off, he shot his fire. She released him and he shot his breath down her throat. The back of her head burst open. Biollante tried to charge her Acid again, but there was a red glow emanating from her throat where she’d been hit. She couldn’t anymore. The people suspected that maybe Godzilla wasn’t even fighting with his full strength if he could seriously cripple her like that. She didn’t even grow any of her vines back; she was defenseless.

But then Godzilla turned away, he began walking toward the water instead. He seemed to be staggering around like before. When Godzilla got to the shore he fell over head first into the water. The battle must’ve seriously heated him up; the Bacteria was working!!! At that moment Okochi appeared to congratulate Sherigami. With all of those Godzilla Cells at his disposal, he could produce more Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria, and Japan would be a Super Power Nation in the World. Sherigami slapped his hand away refusing to work with Bacteria any longer, convince by Biollante. His words are quite inspiring.

“Godzilla and Biollante aren’t Monsters. It’s the Unscrupulous Scientists who created them who are the Monsters!”

At that moment, Biollante cried in pain. Her body was smoking. A red fog released from her body before the Golden Spores lifted up. Biollante’s body disappeared again as the spores once again rose up into space. But suddenly the spores turned blue. A heavenly light shined from them and from the center of the pollen tower, Erika’s face appeared! It was proof that Erika’s spirit was indeed inside of Biollante all along. When the spores rose above the clouds, Miki said that Biollante thanked them. Sherigami knew that it was really Erika who thanked them.

However suddenly, Sherigami was shot!!! The bullet pierced his lung and he fell to the ground. Kirashima saw where the bullet came from. It was the Saradian Agent!!! In a rage, Kirashima ran for a military jeep and chased the Saradian’s car down. He drove both vehicles off the side of the road into the TC Field. Both survived. The Saradian held his gun on Kirashima, but tripped on a rock giving Kirashima the opening he needed. He tackled him to the ground and began fighting for the gun. The gun was thrown to the ground as they fought. Kirashima tried to throw a punch, but the Saradian threw his first and easily overpowered Kirashima. The struggle was over. The Saradian pulled away and grabbed the gun. He aimed the gun at Kirashima and was about to fire, when suddenly a bold of lightning shot down and struck him, completely disintegrating his body. Kirashima wondered how this was possible when he looked down and saw the Agent was standing on a TC Control Pads. Back in the Control Room for the TC Units, it was Kuroki that activated it. Kirashima went back up the hill where he found Asuka driving up to meet him. He asked about Dr. Sherigami, but she lowered her head and swayed it from side to side.

Godzilla shot up out of the water. The water must’ve cooled him down because he was clearly still alive. But then he turned and walked away. Godzilla went back to sea and Biollante back to the sky. Everything somehow seemed right again. Kuroki turned away from the shore; the Battle was over…for today. But he would have his chance at Godzilla again. Miki never stopped watching the sky. She smiled. She later shared with us words that she had heard Erika’s voice say.

“How long have we lived in such an age? Maybe it started when man first stepped out of the Garden of Eden and left his innocence behind. Man would do well to remember this day, forever.”

The case with Biollante is extraordinary. It seemed like the Godzilla cells had life of their own and anything could be done with them as later files would prove. Biollante has yet to appear since that fateful night; I highly doubt she’ll return, but whether or not she does is a question only time will tell. I doubt we have cause for worry; Biollante is a peaceful creature when she is unprovoked, at least she is when Erika is in control. Interesting notes to consider though; after that night, people would see a large red star near the planet, that would appear occasionally every year or so. Further inspection via telescopes revealed the star to actually be a bright glowing beautiful red rose, floating around in orbit of the planet. One wonders how long Biollante will keep her solitude in space, or maybe she’ll go to another planet and fill it with life herself? Who knows? The other note is, that when Sherigami’s body was buried, beautiful and fully grown flowers were found growing out of the dirt over his grave the very next morning. It seemed that they grew to that size almost overnight.

That’s the way it was. And if it was too confusing to follow, the next one only get’s even more fantastic. Yes this next file makes even the smartest of brains hurt. It’s all got to do with the future. It also involves a face all of us hoped to never see again…well…Three Faces.

Enjoy your night, tomorrow you're in for a treat.


Here it is, Godzilla vs. Biollante in all its glory. I'm not really proud of it. I feel like I could've done more.
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