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1029 years old.


(Identifies as Male, he's actually a woman who enchants herself into a man.)

6‘ 1“


Lost Soul Inn

Andreas is a dark skinned male with his reddish purple dreadlocked hair pulled up into a ponytail a majority of the time. He usually wears his scarf to cover his mouth as he does not talk, or more like doesn’t want to risk talking as he is a Siren and feels that if he tries to enchant somebody in this town it will not end well so he’s putting up a barrier to prevent himself, not that its really needed because his mouth is sewn shut but y’know precautions are needed. He also has scales around his eyes, hands, and legs/feet. [[You can't see them because I'm lazy and didn't draw them--.]]

However whenever he gender-shifts into his true self there are only a few differences besides his body being a womans. Like how his hair seems longer.

Andreas tends to lie a lot, mostly to keep up his facade, sometimes just for attention. However you can't really tell that he's a so called pathological liar because he doesn't usually stick around long enough to trip up on his lies. Which isn't the case here considering he's stuck in this town for the rest of eternity. Well it's not like he's going to be telling lies anytime soon considering his mouth is sewn up but then again give him a piece of paper and a pen he'll probably write complete bullshit on it so I guess his ways aren't going to be coming to an end anytime soon. He usually seems to be quite calm, somewhat perverted, and supportive when you're around him however that really isn't him at all. After being around for so long you tend to see a lot of bad things and been in at least half, he's emotionally wrecked more than anyone will ever realize. Especially since he won't fuss up to what's happened to him. He usually ends up cracking under the stress when he's alone or sleeping via dreams, SO IF HE'S ALONE JUST GTFA. //shot

At least with his lips sewn shut he can't scream.

So basically, angst angst angst facade angst pervy support angst liar.

During his younger years he was actually and she and this she was sold off to some perverted old man who she then ended up marrying, however the young girl was not having that so she went and ran off. Ran and ran and ran till she hit the cliff, it was either you jump or you're going to have to put up with the onslaught of horror that was produced just especially for her in that house or anyone in it really. So she jumped. And died. I mean she fell directly onto the rocks, snapped her spine, and was taken by the ocean when high tide reached. Yeah it was a bit painful to say the least. Now she however woke up, yes woke up from being dead, alive. She woke up alive from being dead, I know it sounds stupid but she was resurrected by like Mythological gods or some other deity and the next thing she knew she was in the ocean breathing in the water like it was air and free. So utterly free.

Now her life was spent learning, her young mind taking great honor on filling itself with knowledge till she began to realize she had other powers than being able to breath water like a fish and swim way better than she should've been able to. No, she began to enchant people, it was weak and it only give them ideas to finish and other things like that but soon enough with a lot of practice she had people being manipulated left and right. She was the essence of sinister for anyone that crossed her path, you could just tell. She killed and had people kill for her. This was her reign of terror against the world for being an awful place.

After a few centuries she finally mellowed out and this is around the time she began to work on being able to enchant things, more specifically herself. This was during the time when she started to become Andreas instead, although she finds her feminine self fine to be, being a men comes with much more perks. And even more centuries after that he continued to slaughter, however being more selective as to who died.

Hidden in trench coat, usually takes his woman form when fighting, as it allows him more agility and flexibility along with it proves a point that woman can fight just fine.

Enchanting- Due to his mouth being sewn shut the most he can do is hum, it can only make people have thoughts about what he wants you to have thoughts about. With smaller creatures he seems to reign more control. He also can enchant himself into a man. That's something.

Water Spray- Can spray out water from his lungs, from the tiny gaps he has in his stitching, because look he's a fish. //shot

Manipulates Water- He can't separate the sea or anything but he seems to reign some control over water, usually is seen doing so with the hand that's gloved with his fingers showing.

Agile [Even more so as a woman]-
He has very good agility considering he’s part fish. His body is extremely light and makes it easier for him to move.
He can speak various languages as he has learned them during his killing spree.


Makes it kind a hard to be understood at times, you could only assume.
Although he is stronger than quite a few people, he can be easily overpowered by many things, and/or people. He mostly stuck with the avoidance technique than ‘lets-mess-crap-up’ technique.

Likes / Dislikes:

+Making bad people suffer.
-Not being able to eat.
-Not being able to drink.
-People being stronger than him.


I will probably update this to be better once I feel out his character.
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