IHC Application- Angel Brady Picture

EDIT: Redrew it 'cause that was old art~

Angel Brady

Gender: Female

Job: Owner/Bartender

Height: 5'6" sans heels

Age: Appears 27

Birthday: Sept. 29th

Race: Cwn Annwfn (Hellhound)

-Highly loyal
-Easily bored
-Protective of those under her

History: Angel is a very ambitious Hellhound, and quickly moved to her Master's side as his favorite hound. He gave her a "human" form as a gift, and has given her command of this sanctuary, a place for mythological creatures to stay when their disguises dropped. However, she took it one step further— turning it into a cafe for humans and creatures alike.

-Management skills- She runs the place and knows what she's doing.
-Sensitive ears and nose- She uses them to make up for her weak sight.
-Strong- She can lift a fully grown man and hold him over her shoulder with no problems.
-High alcohol tolerance- It's not always easy to tell if she's been drinking.

-Sensing the presence of other mythological creatures- As soon as you walk in the door, she knows.
-Speed- She runs like a hound even in her "human" night form.
-Able to travel to the Underworld- It's part of her real job, after all.

-Having fun
-Her employees

-Careless or cruel hunters
-Church bells
-Reading (Since she has to wear her glasses in order to do so)

Important Possessions:
-Cú Ghaeilge Cafe

Other Information:
-She nicknames all her employees. Whether they like it or not.
-Her human form was given to her by her Master. Her true form is a terrifying hound, and she will usually not use it unless it's necessary.
-She's got terrible eyesight, and does have glasses to correct it, but refuses to wear them, relying instead on her highly sensitive senses of smell and hearing.
-Certain nights, she will disappear without a trace. On these nights, she's been called out to hunt.
-The bands around her arms, legs, and neck are the collars that bind her to her Master.
-She refuses to speak of her Master, though she has absolute loyalty to him.
-Even if she's not wearing high heels, she will continue to walk on her toes.
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