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[BEWARE! VIOLENT CONTENT AHEAD! IF YOU CAN'T STAND, DON'T READ!!! And yes Shishida is used to be one of my Inazuma Eleven OCs, I know she may be a little to violent for the series, but you know what ? rather a little violent character than a : so-kawaii-girl/boy-which-can-do-anything-and-gets-all-the-boy/girls-and-can-even-fly!-character. Just saying. (And c'mon i saw so much OCs who not really fitting in several of series and nobody said anything against them either.) ]


"Of course, I love you my dear friend, I would NEVER let anything harm you...but of course if you lie to me....I'll murder you in your sleep ~" -Shishida Sanzu


Full name: Shishida Lilitu Sanzu

Meaning of name: Shishida = Beast / Lilitu = (Lilitu is known as an evil female demon of the night , a kind of Succubus/Succubi ~ ) /Sanzu = Three developing / Three splited

Known as: Shishida Sanzu ( ししだ 三途)
Playername/Demon name: Circus Monster (サーカス 怪物)
(In Occult everyone has a second personality, Shishida's is Circus Monster which belongs to the category: Demon. The reason it's named Circus Monster is the apperance, plus the fact other peoplen usually enjoy to see Shishida suffering. Just like a clown tries to entertain people with his/her "suffering")

Dubname: Cherron Walk
Nickname(s): Shishiii, Cherry
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 13/14
Date of birth: October, 29th
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: AB-
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Even if some friends of her might see that a little differnt lol.)
Marital Status: Dating
Mate: Kenichi Tsukimura
Nationality: Japanese
Native language: Japanese


Haircolour: (pitch) black
Eyecolour: ruby/blood red
Height: 1,45m
Weight: 42kg
Figure/build: very slender
Preferred style of clothing: Shishida usually like to wear almost everything from gothic up to gothic lolita category(s).

Psyical&Mental health

- believing mostly everyone out there is just there to cause her harm.
- higly afraid of getting left behind
- bloodlust / bloodthirstiness (not always)
- considering the sound of scissors the be soothing
- heavly shivering and screaming (from times to times)

Weaknesses: Can easily get possed by ghosts, faints when entering hallowed places

Allergie(s): Salt (Shishida is not really alleric to salt, her body just can't take it without a higly burning feeling.)

Fears/Phobia(s): Thunderstorms


Shishida may look innocent to those who don't know her until she shows her true face.
Shishida is a yandere (… ) , other than that she can be pretty rude sometimes (but also friendly), Shishida is also known to be very stubborn and for having an really sarcastic and sadistic kind of humor. Apart from that she can act like a little diva sometimes.

Good Traits: deeply carring for her friends , (always speaking her mind)
Bad Traits: Yanderic/Yanderish , can become very violent , (always speaking her mind)
Likes: Spiders (especially the poisonous ones) , ghosts , demons, black cats , black magic , horror-storys/movies/games , creepypastas , almost any kind of creepy/occultic stuff
Dislikes: The colour pink , love movies , butterflys , uncreepy stuff
Favorite food: Strawberrycake!!! , other strawberry candys /desserts
Favorite drinks: Strawberry-juice , tea
Horror food/Disliked food: Salty things
Horror drinks/Disliked drinks: alcoholic drinks
Hobbies: Soccer , skateboarding (she usually keeps this a super-duper secret!) , bake , stalking Tsukimura-kun

Skills & Abilities :
Shishida has not like her brother, the ability to see ghosts, she can only feel their presence and sometimes hear their voices as well.

Background Story/Past:
Shishidas parents got killed by a man who wanted to take revenge on her father, when she was 4 years old, after that her older brother Wataru took care of her. At first Shishida didn't accepted her parents to be dead and always telled herself they're just sleeping.
Not much later , Shishida meet Salome , just calmly sitting in a coner of the house, of course the little girl was curious and started talking to the girl, but was first only ignored and rejected.
As Salome was finally talking to her they had a little argue, because she didn't belived Salome to be a ghost because if it would be that way she couldn't see her. Shishida liked Salome from the start and asked her to be her Onee-san (big sister) and stay by her and Watarus side or at least to vistit them very often, and so Shishida was a bit raised by Salome in the end.
Shishida got always excluded by other children for being a "Demonchild". One day she meet Alice, who was also excluded by other children and got called "Zombie-girl", so they became close friends and later on vistided the same elementary school.
Years passed, Shishida was now in Sengoku Igajima, were she meet some of her close friends : Etsu Hokori and Hanzou Hatsutori , but still she wasn't happy there because she was always bullied by other students for her fondness of strange/creepy/occultic things and they played terrible pranks to her.
One day she couldn't stand it anymore and keept extremly cursing about them, which seem to have awoken the attention of two demons, which telled her that if she would make a contract (selling her soul) with them, they would give her the power to fight back, the power of the seven-sins, so the girl accepted (without knowing the consequences...). She became more self-confident. The students stopped bulling her after a little while, because she has terribly beated up one of her bullies.
She also got by doing the contract, a better controll of her demon powers.
However she later was expelled from the school for pushing a student down the stairs (nope ,the student didn't die.) in the middle of her 1st year.
So she started visting the Occult, where where she felt a lot more comfortable. Even trough Shishida is known to be a trouble-child for the teachers, she really likes being on this school. She feld deeply in love with Tsukimura Kenichi, he was obviously the reason she wanted to join the Soccer-club in the first place (she later started to like soccer itself.), so Alice,which is also a member of the team, had to teach her the basics of soccer. In the end she became a member of team and later ended up being Tsukimuras girlfriend.


About the Sanzu Family itself :
The Sanzu family holds a long bloodline of great witchcrafters , alchemists and ghostwhispers.
Because of this skills the Sanzus have never been acepted by society and later on got hunted or even killed in young ages (usually someting between 18-26) even if they never had any bad intentions.
Also because the the "first" Sanzu : Oniyunko had three children with an an demon, there is some demon blood/genes in the family, but it was later more and more replaced by normal human blood/genes. Every member of the family has a birthmark with a black rose on their back (as seen in the pic.).The black roses and it's thorns appears to be the sign of the family and plays a big part, since it's reflects the demonic part/blood inside them.
The family holds three charms/talismans, which were created by Oniyunko and later given to her three children: Ryou (DEAD END cross), Aya ([Unknown by now]) and Chiyo ([Unknown by now]). Only the whereabouts of the cross are known , the other charms/talismans got lost, because those parts of the family 'died out'.
A protective curse lays on the family, which was created to at least reduce the harm other people do to them, by bringing horrible bad luck to the persons who hurted/killed them.
So before every Sanzu dies, he/she has to speak the the curses words [for which i didn't came up with something 'epic' by now, lol sorry ] in order the give the curse to the next generation.

Shishidas part in the family :
Shishida is one of the rare cases in the family, which literally sucks in all of the skills, other family members were great in.
Wataru and Shishida are the only still living Sanzus, which means she is also the youngest of the family.
She also holds the DEAD END cross, which her father inherited/gave to her.

Father : Akairo Sanzu (†)
Akairo is the biological father of Shishida.
Shishida had a really good relationship with her father, who always supported his little girl and always tried to make her smiling. She was very happy when she was able to spend time with him. For her it's still very hard to bear the fact that he's dead, because she thinks of him as the only person who ever completely understood her.She gets extremely pissed when someone says something bad about him.

Mother : Rune (Sanzu) (†)
Rune is the biological mother of Shishida.
Their relationship was rather cold, her mother always acted cold to her, and always seemed to be stressed by Shishida and the things she did.
More and more she received the feeling that her mother didn't loved her, so she stopped talking to her and always ran away when she encountered her in the house.

Older brother : Wataru Sanzu (… )
Wataru is the older biological brother of Shishida (as you can see above), who took care of her after their parents died/have been killed. Unfortunately they very often heavly argue even about little things (which makes her secretly very sad.), when they not arguing, she usually bugs him with lot of (stupid) questions she has or simply questions about their father and the rumors about the "Dollmaker". She really cares deeply for her brother because, when they were younger her brother often tried to commit suicide, because he wasn't sure if he's really alive or not, Shishida always stopped him crying with the words "Don't leave me alone!". (this part was inspired by a headcanon i once read about him.)
If they want to, they can act friendly and carring to each other but only really rarely.

Pet(s) : Mr. Fluffy ( ~ awful old drawing)

Friends & other relationships

Salome (OC by littlevillagewolf)
Salome and Shishida have a sister-like relationship, when Shishida was little she even saw Salome as something like a mother (of course she never telled her.).
Most of the things Shishidas knows about dark mythology was teached to her by Salome.
Even trough Shishida mostly loves to do embarrassing stuff to Salome (for example putting her into Maid outfits and other costumes or asking (obviously joking) when she will give birth to hers and Yuukokus child, (in front of Lucifer.) Salome is a person Shishida is really looking up to and could never bear losing.
Also Salome is the only ghost-being Shishida can see.

Toki Hoshiwa (OC by TokiHoshiwa)
Toki is a close friend of Shishida. Toki was her first friend in Occult (besides Alice).
Shishida often mentions how cute Toki is, what Toki really hates, but she really loves to provoke her, because she loves her angry-face, which makes her even more cuter in her opinion. When it comes to moments when other boys bother Toki, Shishida gets really over-protective and freaks the hell out of them.

Hissui Yuukoku (OC by Snivy-san)
Shishida knows Hissui from the Soccer team of her school, since Hissui is one of the teams managers. Most of the time they just talk about what a yerk Yuukoku in their opinion is.
But other than that Hissui yells at Shishida very often when she does something stupid.
In Hissuis eyes Shishida just acts way to childish sometimes and has to become more mature for her age.

Hanabi Mizuki/Kumiko (OC by KumikoHanabi)
Just like almost everyone else , Shishida thinks Hanabi is the most kawaii(cute) one of the group. Hanabi is more less a victim by Shishidas dress-up ideas, but even more one of her other "great" ideas, but it mostly seems like Hanabi dosen't really care at all, and just enjoys being childish with her together.
In case that Hanabi can be really shy and naive sometimes, she acts protective for her and would never allow someone to hurt her.
She also tries to pair her up with Lucifer.

Lin Kiriyoru (OC by LinTaliaMoon)
Lin is an close friend of Shishida too. She really enjoys talking/joking with her about stupid things or things nobody really cares about. Also because Lin is a werewolf (I hope i don't missunderstood something here x'D) she really loves listening to her wolf storys.
Shishida often mentons that she's a bit jealous of Lin for being so beautiful and being a
supernatural/occultic creature. She also once said that Lin is the only girl she would allows to spend time with Tsukimura, as long she doesn't tries to take him away from her.

Hikage Kasai (OC by ShadowFlammes3582)
It's rather hard to descripe their friendship, because when Hikage went to the school, Shishida didn't really liked her, 'cause she belived she's trying to take her friends away and completly replacing her, but in the end they've become good friends.

Noah Akuma (OC by Licy-666)
Shishida considers Noah to be her best buddie and really enjoys spending time with him.
Even trough she said, that she might not be in love with him, she always makes him a lot of compliments about his apperance and his personality, because she thinks it looks incredible cute when he blushes, but since Noah always counters, she always ends up blushing herself.

Lucifer (OC by littlevillagewolf)
Shishida sees Lucifer as a big brother, and even claimed him to be "Onii-san-2!", if shes not calling him that way , she uses the nickname: "Luciiii-kun" which he finds to be extremely annoying.
Shishida always tells him how good-looking and handsome he is, but could never think of him as anything else than "Onii-san-2!" because in her opinion he and Hanabi would make a freaking cute couple, so she always tries to pair them up in every situation where it's possible.(of course it always don't really end well. Usually with Hanabi asking Lucifer embarrassing stuff, Shishida was talking about before, which she didn't understand.)

Alice Jigoku
Alice and Shishida know each other since they're little.
In fact Alice uses to be way more intelligent than her she is often confused by her and sometimes don't really understands what she's talking about and is always just like "yeah!...sure..!....i guess...", but she still loves Alice as a friend. She always wants to hug her put always gets pushed aside by her, though.
Alice is also the only person Shishida takes orders from , because she's afraid other ways she would make her angry and she would going to eat her.(yesss...she's been a little traumatized since they got looked in a room for a few hours, while Alice was talking about Zombies and cannibalism, and was suddenly like "man...I'm really hungry...I hope we get out of here soon...").

Prissilla (Pru) Athela ( OC by TerminXyBoritoGRtm)
Pru and Shishida don't know each other for that long but still seem to be friends , even if Pru really doesn't understand how she can love someone like Tsukimura , she still likes her and wants to get to know her better one day.

Etsu Hokori (OC by Snivy-san)
Etsu and Shishida meet each other in Sengoku Igajima , since they've been in the same class.
Etsu really cares a lot for Shishida but can only shake her head or facepalming when thinking about most of her ideas. Another thing bothering Etsu is that Shishida dosen't belives in good- or guardian angels. Estu always tries to direct her to the right way, which often annoys Shishida a bit.

Hanzou Hatsutori (… )
Hanzou and Shishida meet each other in Sengoku Igajima , since they've been ,in the same class . He was the only one standing up for her when she got bullied by other students and always tried his best to cheer her up again. She never noticed but he's secretly in love with her and so she always seems to friendzone him (of course she don't notice.)

Endou Mamoru (… )
Shishida really loves to scare/freak Endou out ,which works most of the time.
However she really admires him for his ability to never give up on something you really want (of course she never tells him.). She was really suprised that Endou still friendly to her and wants to play soccer with her , after all the evil things and she did and said to him and his team.
Also she always wants to mess with Endou, until she wins a match against him.
She later on ends up to support him and said that he is not allowed to lose important matches, otherwise she will get very mad.

Kenichi Tsukimura (… )
Kenichi is the boyfriend of Shishida (as you can see above).
She's really deeply in love with him and would literally almost do everything for him to love her and uses to stalk him A LOT! She gets jealous really easly because of her yanderic/yanderish personality and absolutely doesn't allows other girls talking to him (except Lin) , and almost everytime ends up following them and hurt/murder them in the end, which seems to make him a little afraid of her. Not like he does, she never calls him by his first name (Kenichi) , she always keeps calling him Tsukimura-kun, because she respects him a lot.


Hiroyuki Yuukoku (… )
Hiroyuki is the captain of the soccer team Shishida is a member of.
The main point they most of the time argue of, is that Shishida thinks she would be a way more better captain than him. More and more they really started to hate each other. If they have to work on something together it usually ends in a huge disaster.
Also she always tries to steal the captain's band from him. In short there is no real training were they not agrue about the captain-thing or other stupid things.

Kikio Hyōko
The reason why Shishida hates Kikio is simple , she tries to steal Tsukimura away from her , since she loves him too.
Also because Kikio is a witch , she always looks down on Shishida and tells her that her so beloved boyfriend would gladly rather choose a witch over a boring human-being like her.

School & Soccer

School: Occult Junior Highschool
Year:1st (Grade 7)
Soccer team: Occult
Position: Forward
Element: Fire

Hissatu :
SH: 地獄のゲート ~ Jigoku no gēto ~ Hells Gate (with Yuukoku & Tsukimura/Burado)
SH: ミッドナイト ~ Middonaito ~ Midnight
SH:ファントムシュート~ Fantomushūto ~ Phantom Shoot (… )
SH: 黒バラ~ Kuro bara ~ Black Roses
DR/BC: 邪悪な霊 ~ Jaakuna rei ~ Evil Spirit


Guard: 3/10
Speed: 8/10
Stamina: 6/10
Guts: 9/10

- She lives in a haunted house.
- She is a incredibly bad liar
- She uses to roll the 'r' a lot
- She wants to learn german because she really loves german metal, but seems to be VERY horrible in this language
- When she was little she weared her cross as a kind of bracelet
- When she was little she loved to play with scissors
- She's not afraid of Ghosts or Monsters because she growed up with them around her
- She has a huge obsession for strawberrycake
- She has a has a creepy laugh (some of her friends would more consider it to be annoying)

Ouotes/Sayings :
-How darrrrrrre you ~ ?
-Watarrrrru/Oniiii-chaaaaaaaaaaan ?
-Its so creepy..... I LOVE IT!!
-It wasn't my fault!! (you know there was this...unicorn!..)
-Guys i have a great idea!
-you're not my boss!
-Have I ever done something stupid !?
-Hey, just because I hated her, doesn't mean i killed her!
-I'm a hell of a better captain than you!!!
-Oh she is talking to Tsukimura-kun ?..hmm I didn't know she wants to die a horrible painful death...

(if there are still some misspellings I'm very sorry , I've checked it about 30 times I guess.)
hope you like it.


Character: Shishida ~ me/Chainsaw-Demon-Rika

Brushes: Rose brushes (only the ones at the title and in the coners, other roses done by me.) by
Blood brushes by


Programms used : Paint tool SAI , Photoshop CS6
Continue Reading: Ages of Man