Entry for MTT Adoptables ((WIP)) Picture


looking back on this drawing i realize i didn't spend as much time on the damn thing as I should have hehe. I'll try to make them better in the future. ^^
Haha guess who can't shade? This guuuy //slapped

Okay, I really love these guys. #107 really caught my eye (literally hehe), and I decided to enter to win him/her. I think the body is too short, and the head is too large, but ye.

I'll add other information to the babbie sometime later, it's 3AM and I spent about 3-4 hours overall. owo im fucking tired bruh

also the picture is not really proportional to the information ;___________;


• Full Name: Mauris (Sounds a bit like 'Maurice')
• Nickname: Maurice, Marie
• Gender: Female
• Actual Age: 23
• Birthday: July 22
• Species: MTT
• Ethnicity: British (Maybe, I guess)
• Sexual Preference: Fluid
• Saliva flavor: Tastes strongly of cream soda when aroused.
• Marital Status: Single.
• Family Members: Mom, Dad, younger sister.
• Dragonoid Height: 5'3''
• Dragonoid Length: 9'10''
• Dragonoid Weight: 204 lbs.
• Hair Color: Navy blue-violet. (Very dark shade, dyed. (Originally her bright shade of purple, she changed it because she thought it was obnoxious.))
• Eye Color: Yellow-Amber.
• Height: 6'1" (Tall for a girl, eh? owo)
• Weight: 149 lbs
• Body Type: Lean and muscular.
• Dominant Hand: Right.
• Current Location: Junction City; Lower levels
• Occupation: Waitress (not permanent, just a side-job to help pay off education fees (which will take forever with a job like that haha I'm mean to my characters))
• Living in: Family apartment.
• Hobbies: Writing, designing random mythological-like creatures for her stories, cardio exercises.
• Likes: Having something to occupy herself, making an enjoyable story, having the free time to do so.
• Dislikes: Being physically unable to do something, writer's block, having unclear directions/being unsure of what to do.
• Favorite Subject: Literature.
• Favorite Color: Teal.
• Favorite Season: Fall and Winter.
• Favorite Food: Ham, mayonnaise, and mustard sandwich. (I'd put Miracle Whip but I don't know if that exists in that universe, hehe.)
• Least Favorite Food: Uncooked asparagus; Canned pineapples.
• Default Expression: Skeptical expression.
• Clothing Style: 'Shy' (best word I can find heh); Baggy hoodies/turtlenecks, sweatpants/baggy jeans, tennis shoes.
• Posture: Straight and confident.
• Voice: Average contralto, soft-sounding, but strong. (hur)
• Usual Mood: Giddy, almost always optimistic but quiet.
• Dark Version of Self: Better back the fuck up before you get slapped the fuck up.
• Light Version of Self: Very optimistic and giggly, willing to help anyone who even remotely needs it. (Even if they don't know they need it.)
• Weakness For: Any animal/plant that has survived the pollution. (she'll be like 'oh my gaww-' //tries to take home)
• Sleep Pattern: Sleeps in 2-3 hour intervals.
• Cleanliness: Very organized and tidy, but doesn't keep herself clean.
• Personality:

Mauris has a very reserved personality, but that doesn't mean she's shy. She's completely willing to talk to strangers (not that way man), and is very open and accepting. She'll keep her opinions to herself, believing that there is a time and a place for everything, but will always defend herself and her opinions if and when it comes to that. Mauris will also resort to physical fights, if the need arises, but tries not to.

She has a bad reputation of becoming very arrogant when she's proven right, and will often step on other people's rights or opinions if she get in a really nasty argument. Mauris will become angry and demanding if provoked to that extent, but will generally try to keep a level head.

• Bio:
(this is assuming they have schools heh)
Mauris had a pretty average life. Her family rarely moved, due to money problems, but they were very close-knit; if they did something, they did it as a family. Her and her family tried to spend as much time together as possible, to prevent any big family issues (which worked, to an extent). She was an avid reader ever since she was young, spending her free time reading anything she could get her hands or eyes on. Despite her intelligence, she was never as good in school; she was always daydreaming, doodling, or reading in class, causing a lot of frustration for everyone. When asked about this attention 'problem', she would simply respond ''It might manifest itself if I really believe in it!'' ; As a child, she believed in a lot of crazy things (santa claus, easter bunny, antifreeze). Mauris does not have any attention issues, however, she just decides to zone out when she finds something uninteresting.

Mauris was an amazing reader and speller, but her skills were lacking in the mathematics and sciences; This never brought her down, because she passed with semi-average grades in these classes.

She began writing small stories in her free time when she was fourteen, and shared her writings with her closest friends. She found her second hobby when she got her first writer's block around that time, and that was cardiovascular exercises. They cleared her mind and helped her body, so why shouldn't she do it? To this day, she balances her time between staying fit and staying creative.

Mauris would draw/pull her greatest inspirations from old art pieces, from when humans were the dominant species on Earth, and would write long stories about what it would be like if MTTs had never come to Earth -mostly consisting of utopian/dystopian societies. After seeing the massive intelligence of even the earliest humans, and how they mapped the stars and planets, she has a growing love for the unknown; Also, for the same reason, she believes that everything is possible if you truly want to learn about something.

Her hologram is the same colour and shape as the yellow marking on her side, and makes a static noise when she waves it through the air.))
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