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After my emotional breakdown (See my journal for further info) I started to look back into my old characters looking for something to help me not get so stressed at work. At the same time, I started roleplaying about Saint Seiya with my good friend SO6W . Thanks to that I decided to revamp Daena's outfit, her cloth/armor as well as work on her backstory and abilities more. Howesver, how she became a saint of Athena and met the five bronze saints and her little friends (Yue, Kula and Ryujin) will be hopefully explained on future drawings.


Name: Daena Narukami

Apus Saint, Oracle of Hecate

Alignment: Good

Nationality: Japanese / Tibetan

Personal History: Daena's story actually begins during the Holy War between Athena and Hades back on the XVIIIth century. Hecate, goddess of crossroads, while having close ties to both the Underworld and the Sanctuary, decided to keep a neutral position on the conflict, believing humans should forge their own path and that none of gods have the right to meddle with their lifes. Angered at that, Hades sent his specters after her.

Having no choice, Hecate sought out Athena for assistance and met the first Apus Saint, a young lemurian girl called Dae who was assigned to guard her. Due Dae's trusting, friendly nature, friendship quickly blossomed between the saint and the goddess. However, that friendship was short-lived as they were ambushed by Hypnos and Thanatos who were ordered by Hades to kill Hecate. Dae bravely stood up against them to protect Hecate, but was powerless against the twin gods' assault and viciously killed.

Furious, Hecate unleashed her powers as the goddess of witchcraft, sending both twin Gods back to the underworld not without seriouly injuring both. Athena and her saints arrived shortly later, but there was nothing they could do to save Dae. Touched by her selfless sacrifice, Hecate, with Athena's help, decides to bound her soul to Dae's to prevent her soul from fading away, hoping she would someday be reborn and carry on her fate as the Apus Saint and allow Hecate to repay her debt to Dae and Athena.

Time passed and in the XXth century, the Apus Saint was finally reborn. Daena's mom was Esther, a young lemurian woman hailing from Jamiel, who fell in love with a traveling business man, Mitsumasa Kido, who got lost at the mountains, during one of his trips around the world. Months after their encounter, Daena was born. However her mother passed away sometime after giving birth(probably due blood loss) leaving baby Daena to fend for herself. Hecate, through her soul link with Daena, tries to use her teleporting abilities to get her to Sanctuary where she'd be trained as a saint and to pay her debt with Athena, but due Daena's young age and lack of control she was teleported to the Cosmo Delta Mountain instead where she was found and taken in by Elryos Narukami who became her surrogate Grandfather. The only token of her past home was the star pendant on her neck.

Elryos was a former Captain of the Sanctuary Guard, known for being able to face Silver Saints in equal levels and being a well respected even among Gold Saints for his wisdom and knowlodge about cosmos and the meaning of being a saint, serving as a role model to his soldiers and aspiring saints. Unfortunately, due a rare heart condition he was unable to be promoted to a Saint and forced to retire from his duties returning to his home town, the Eleusi Village.

Due its remote location, the villagers from Eleusi are really supersticious as well as wary of outsiders almost to the point of downright xenophobia. They always saw Daena as a cursed child due the strange markings on her forehead and her mysterious appearance at the mountain, blaming her for any hardships the village face like drought, floods or weak harvests. Many tried to expel her from the village, but due Elryos' reputation as a strong fighter as well as a respected figure among the elders, they allowed Daena to live among them. That didn't stop the villagers from threating her as an outcast though.

Elryos was a strict yet loving teacher towards Daena, teaching her how to fight from a young age as well as how to fend for herself. He also taught her about the cosmos, Athena and her saints, and his philosophy of life: 'when you find something worth risking your life for, you find meaning in your life'. Despite the poor treatment given by the villagers, Daena had a relatively normal life until Elryos' illness finally claimed him. On his deathbed, he gave Daena two parting gifts: a book about herbal medicines and potions and a map with the exact location of Sanctuary, telling her to head there once she felt she was ready.

Unfortunately things only got worse for Daena after Elryos' passing. No longer protected by her grandpa, the villagers' abuse of her increased from name calling to throwing rocks at her. Despite that, Daena never fought back, not wanting to give them a real reason to banish her or harm her in a more serious way. Two years passed and Daena kept training herself, physically and mentally, learning how to make herbal medicines, pondering whether or not she should follow her grandpa's final advice and leave to Sanctuary. Until an eclipse changes everything.

Occupation: Athena Saint

Language(s): Japanese, English and some Ancient Greek.

Gender: Female

Age: 15-16

Birthdate: April 16

Sign: Aries

Cosmos Color: Red

Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Dark brown, long, wavy, thick, worn on a ponytail,


Distinguishing Features: Two Red Round marks on her forehead instead of eyebrows. (A sign of her lemurian heritage)

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Personality: Shy, Impulsive, Friendly, Resourceful, Stubborn, Reckless, Loyal, Sincere.

Family: Esther of Jamir (Mother-deceased), Mitsumasa Kido (Father-deceased), Elryos Narukami (Adoptive Grandfather-deceased), Hecate (Guardian Godess), Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki, Geki, Jabu, Nachi, Ban, Ichi (Stepbrothers from her father side), Seika (Stepsister from her father side)

Friends: Saori Kido, Yue Yoshimitsu, Ryujin Kyokushi, Kula Amaranth, Seika, Shunrei, Miho, Seiya, Shiryu, Hyoga, Shun, Ikki.

Special Items: Star Crystal Pendant (AKA Apus Clothstone), Cap, Scarf, Tome of Herbal Medicines

Weapons: Apus Bronze Cloth. It also comes with the Apus Bow.

- Proficient in the use of hand-to-hand combat and archery.
- Enhanced strength, agility, senses, endurance, and reflexes.
- Cosmos manipulation,
-Psychokinesis, Clairvoyance, Teleportation, Telepathy, Stardust and Crystal Manipulation (Enhanced by her soul Link with Hecate.)
- Very knowledgeable on herbs and medicines.

- Her Psychic abilities when used too often or for too long leave her with severe headaches
- Gelotophobia (Fear of beling laughed at. In her case, the smallest joke might lead to rather violent attacks on the person who made the joke.)
- Reckless and short tempered, specially if someone important to her is in danger.
- Insecurity and low self-esteem.
-Tends to space out a lot, though sometimes is due Hecate's taking control of her body.

1 - Star Arrow: Her main attack, Daena summons her bow and creates an star shaped arrow made with both her cosmos and stardust before she fires it. Daena can use this attack without her bow firing it from her right hand, similar to a shooting star
2 - Starlight Tempest: A more physical attack where Daena takes advantage of her skill using her legs. She gets down on her hands, spreads her legs, and then spins very quickly to create a hurricane made from stardust and her own cosmos. The enemy is hit by both her kicks and by the star shower created from the spin.

Interests: Poetry, reading, writing, gardening, mythology, astrology.

Likes: Writing and reading poetry, sky gazing, gardening, cooking, playing with kids, training, being with her friends, hanging upside down.

Dislikes: Being alone, being laughed at, people that hurt others.

Affiliations: Athena Saints

Allies: Persephone, Polaris Hilda, Hecate.

Enemies: Hades, Loki, Hera.


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