Night of Naiiki Picture

-Story of Naiiki-
man and jaguar always were rivals, yet were almost the same. jaguar was always part man, and man was always part jaguar.
one day, a man was out hunting in the forest and jaguar saw this. jaguar schemed up a cruel plan to get back at man for killing his cubs earlier in the year. payback was on jaguars mind...
he hurried to man's village, where he captured man's oldest son, and changed him into a tapir. jaguar then lead the tapir out into the forest, so man could hunt. man, seeing the tapir trail, went into hunting mode immediately, and started tracking.
jaguar, smug in a bush he hid in, laughed to himself as the tapir came towards man, recognizing him, but man did not recognize his own son, and killed the tapir for his meat. as man began to cook the meat, then eating it, the remaining tapir parts changed to their normal form as a human.
man, seeing this, cried out in horror at eating his own son's flesh, and cursed to the sky he would kill jaguar for this cruel trick!
he went after jaguar, tracking day and night, until he found jaguar by a rapid river.
'i will kill you for what you made me do!' man came at jaguar with his spear.
jaguar leapt at man in response. they clashed on the shore. they wrestled and fought, rolling on the ground. soon, they were in the water.
they started to drown each other as they fought, and the water turned red with their wounds, blood mixing with the current.
'you deserve to die!' jaguar cried. 'you killed and ate your own kind!'
'you tricked me!' cried man, struggling to breathe.
and they fought deeper into the river, and soon neither could breathe. water filled their lungs, but they still fought and fought. even as the world around them got black, they felt the warmth of the blood around them.
neither could come back now...

their blood mixed even more, as they died together in the river. when the light returned to their eyes, they had been reborn as a single demonic beast... a single beast with a taste for human blood...
they did not want to be one; they wanted to go to their own after life. what kind of after life was this?
man did not want to eat human flesh, but could not control what jaguar wanted.
their merged soul became known as Naiiki, a word in man's language that means to be blood hungry and cannibalistic. they have no allies and spread terror across the world...


this is the oldest art i will post here P: i made this short story and this character after reading about Yanamamo Indians and their mythology in South America. i liked all the stuff about how you shouldnt trust jaguar and how terrible cannibalism for their culture. "naiiki" is a Yanamami word. i am posting this despite its age because it is still kinda cool.

i was a disturbed child

EDIT: oh derp i forgot to explain the look of Naiiki. the black is jaguar and the blue light is man trying to take control, but he is not strong enough so he just stays a ball of starlight within the shadow. in this picture, Naiiki is eating some random creatures because he eats anything made of meat, really.
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