Toriko OC: Hercules Picture

after mentioning Hercules in my latest Toriko chapter;

Name: Hercules
Nicknames: Herc, big guy
DOB: unknown, lived long before Acacia
Height: 3 meter
Weight: unknown.
Eyes: red brown
Hair: dark brown

Occupation: Hercules was a gourmet hunter of incredible skill and remarkable strength, even at a young age.

Appearance: Hercules was a giant of a man, standing 3 meter tall, incredibly muscular and broad. he had dark brown messy hair, red brown eyes and a rough beard. he was known for wearing a lion skin, with its head as a helmet. he wore a boar skin vest and the manly skirt of the time. he wore high strap sandals, a belt with a sword attached to it, as well as a bow and arrow. also could he often be seen with a massive club in his hands.

Personality: Hercules was a fair man, when he made a bargain, he always held up his end of it. he did have quite the temper though, not liking it when he was scolded as a child, nor when he was cheated out of a deal he had made. when this temper struck, he could lash out, forgetting to control his immense strength. he did appreciate life and people, making sure to protect both.

History: Hercules was born with gourmet cells. the people of that time thought him to be a demi god, because of his enormous stature and immense strength. as he grew older and started taking out a multitude of great and powerful beasts, he became one of the first gourmet hunters of his time. when he had to right the wrongs he had caused during a wave of madness, he got twelve tasks, all within the gourmet world. he went there, cleared all his tasks and only grew stronger. eventually even the eight kings respected his power.

Hunting Method: Hercules relied on his overwhelming strength, as well as on the skills he had gained during all his hunts. using an evergreen tree club, (evergreen tree, gourmet world tree; ten times stronger than diamond) as his secondary weapon, his blows could inflict massive amounts of damage. his arrows were dipped in the venom of the hydra and his sword was made from gourmet world minerals and sharpened there as well. with weapons, strength and skills, he conquered many prey.

Intimidation: Hercules his intimidation was an enormous humanoid manticore with six horns, massive claws, huge fangs and a monstrous appetite.

Accurate hit: Hercules focuses all his attention on one spot and hits that spot with everything he's got. (usually when using his bow)

Full Strength: Hercules focuses all his strength into one single attack to finish his prey. (he usually saved this for a last resort)

Full Course Menu Of Life: completed

Hors D’oeuvre: Nemean Lion steak. Nemean Lion Capture level 1453.
Soup: Stymphalian birds, Orthros, Geryon stew. Stymphalian birds capture level 500. Orthros Capture level 1056. Geryon capture level 1357.
Fish: Lernean Hydra filet. Lernean Hydra capture level 900. (gets 100 points stronger for every extra head it gains)
Meat: Erymanthian Boar pork, Cretan Bull steak, Diomedes Mare ribs and Geryon cattle Surloin. Erymanthian Boar capture level 1300. Cretan Bull capture level 1458. Diomedes Mare capture level 1327. Geryon cattle capture level 789.
Main Course: roast Cerberus meat. Cerberus Capture Level 2500.
Salad: Hesperides apples with harpy Amazon eggs. Hesperides Apples capture level 1446. Amazon Harpy capture level 1276. their Eggs; capture level 1000.
Drink: Ceryneian hind tears. Ceryneian Hind capture level 1507.
Dessert: cow clam pudding. Cow Clam Capture level 758.

Toriko belongs to Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
Hercules belongs to Greek Mythology
Artwork belongs to me,
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