My personal top 10 Favourite Fictional Pigs Picture

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Ah Pigs, often regarded as dirty, smelly and lazy animals.......but they still have shining moments of intelligence and entertaining personality too. Plus they ARE one of my favourite animals next to birds, cats, foxes, snakes, lizards and bats.

Lets take a look at some of my favourite fictional Porcines:

10. Rosalie and Truffle
Now, if you guys know me, I am NOT one for most 'Love at First Sight' stories- especially with the Disney Princess formula *gags with spoon* BUT there are VERY VERY rare ocassions where I actually like one of these- mainly if its animal-involved (like Bambi and 'Milo and Otis') Rosalie and Truffle are 2 young pigs who met under an apple tree and spent some time together, eventually feeling like they are ment for one another, despite their friends saying that 'there are more good looking/better pigs out there' And yes, they have been featured on valentine cards and even stop-motion German Animation shorts. (one even hilariously parodying Titanic. I myself can't even STAND that James Cameron movie and its associated song, but the short with these 2 pigs makes it funny and cute XD)

9. Olivia - Books by Ian Falconer
From the Books by Ian Falconer, this precocious little piglet is regarded the 'Eloise' of the new generation, even getting her own animated TV series (which I haven't got around to see). Anyway what I LOVE about the Olivia series of kids' books is that it pretty much reminds me of how it is like to be young again- a little kid with a BIG imagination (scenes like her looking at a famous French painting and imagining herself as a ballerina) or even feeling like sometimes you wish for (and some of my favourite books were Olivia getting annoyed with the whole 'fairy Princess' phase (and she DOES bring up some good points- why always a pink fairy princess? not a chinese princess or a Medieval princess or an Indian Princess) or when she goes to Venice with her family XD And yes while she is precocious, she's still a little kid and her family does have to teach her stuff on growing up. Which is pretty realistic :3

8. Tepig (and his evolutions, Pignite and Emboar)- Pokemon series (Black and White and onwards)
AH! *Flameshield from Rabid Charizard and Blaziken fans*
MY MY, this starter pokemon gets quite a lot of HATE from an ALREADY fanbratty fandom. What is it that puts you off him? that it's another fire fighting type? that it's evolution is ugly? (a very subjective term) that its stats are akward?
Ok I can understand the whole fire-fighting thing getting old at this point. BUT he has a different playstyle to the OTHER fire-fighting starters (HINT: keep Flame Charge) And Emboar is actually my Second favourite fire starter of all time (Delphox is my first Favourite). Ugly? SO the Hell what? I think he looks like 2 of the pigs on this list that I like (one of them being a character from chinese mythology- whom he was based on according to the creators of pokemon). Oh and I find him fun to use in battle too.

7. Ganondorf (Zelda series)
Ah yes, one of the villians of the Zelda series and one of my faves (though he dosen't top Majora's forms from Majora's mask in my eyes). Anyone who is a die-hard Zelda fan would know he needs no introduction.
ALSO: People who complain that Ocarina of time wasn't dark need to remember this- originally, it was BLOOD he spewed out NOT Vomit.

6. Porco Rosso
A very underrated Miyazaki film (HOW many people do you see bringing this film up whenever they mention Ghibli OR Miyazaki) This World War 1 Pilot also known as Marco Paggot became a pig when he swore he didn't want to be human again due to being disgusted by the government and politics (which I don't blame him at times) Having a very charming personality, he also has a very deep friendship with Gina, a sophisticated lady and hotel owner, who so happens to be his childhood friend. If you people haven't seen this movie, I recommend you check it out- its pretty good (though for me it won't top Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke or Kiki's Delivery Service- which are my 3 personal fave Ghibli films)

5. The Three Little Pigs (Many versions)
No matter if its the Disney version OR the original Fairytale version OR the Jazzy Looney Tunes '3 little Bops' (My personal fave of the 3 mentioned), heck even the amusing Cameos in the Dreamworks' 'Shrek' films, these pigs will always remain timeless to me. AND yes, in the Original fairy tale version (Sorry to eventually spoil your childhood) the 2 pigs who had houses of Straw and sticks actually GOT eaten by the Wolf and the Wolf had to come up with SEVERAL tactics to trick the 3rd Little pig (a visit to the apple tree, the fun fair etc) before meeting his fiery demise. Well, I can say that it may be a fairytale- but it sure has something that scientific research has proven- Pigs are shown to sometimes be smarter than Wolves.
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