Damian Kato Picture

Name: Damian Kato
Age: 21
Birthday: October 31
with emerald green eyes you can drown in.

Charming and mischievous he loves to tease and mess with people, though has a temper when set off. (note: He is very good about not showing his dark sided temper at work or in public) He is awkward with making close friends even if he puts on a charismatic front for the customers at the café. He is a bit of an emotional masochist He can get frustrated if things are not going his way however, he is used to being in control.


Though born into a well off family Damian from a young age became a troublesome child, brought on by the death of his mother and abuse received from his father. Never quite fitting in just right, never making friends, not able to live out his childhood as he should have been able. It caused him to lash out and become increasingly destructive and rebellious with age. The only person able to reign him in was his one friend as a child, his younger sister Rose, whom he protected fiercely from their fathers heavy hand.

Though he had always had a quick mind he chose never to apply himself when he started school, ever worsening as he progressed through his school years. If it was not a class he found interesting, he would ignore it, or simply not show up on occasion. Once in high school he began to hang out with the local gang, a strike out against his father and the old mans insistence he learn to take over the family business. Though scene as a trend setter in his class he did not actually have terribly many friends floating around alone most of the time. Due to his association with the local gang he got into many fights, and got into a lot of trouble, If it where not for Rose insisting he study and attend school he would have dropped out long before graduating from high school.

Though his mind is able to pick up academics quickly when applied right he prefers the physical pursuits, studying martial arts as well as kendo in his free time. Due to his physical strength and fighting abilities he became a part of the true inner gang of the city during his last year in high school and beyond. Though it is not clear what he does for them he still has an attachment to the gangs, however he has a clear line with them, making sure they stay away from his personal life. Work, family, and his few friends.

Grown now he has settled in his identity more, only causing his father inconvenience with his rebellious nature while showing the rest of the world a more charming side, though rough around the edges he has his shining qualities. Though he can judge harshly it is mostly due to his awkward nature about making friends.

Reason for joining the cafe: Money, he needed the money. As well as to help himself start anew.

Position: Waiter


His little sister
Using switch blades or pipes as make shift weapons (don’t get on the other end of a gang fight with him)
Rough sex


Overly peppy people
Not being in control
People who try and top him


Don’t be afraid of him, he is a big softy on the inside!

Even if he likes music and has a nice sexy voice he can not sing worth crap, he can play the cello decently though. shhh he doesn’t like people to know

Can not cook to save his life

Has a weak spot for cheese cake with strawberries on top

He is pretty much strictly seme

Isaac-[link] -future wifu
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