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EDIT: I... got in??? Holy shit I can't believe this ;_____;

Hello, I'm back! I was previously the user Iceyspade who submitted an application After I wasn't initially accepted, the character somehow attatched himself to me. During those ten months, I continued to develop Andrew's design, history and such and this is the end result :'D I'm quite proud of him and after months of stalking here I am! \o/

[Name:] Andrew Belrose / 이지우

[Age:] 21 | October 18

[Gender:] Male

[Height:] 5' 7"

[Weight:] 153 lb

[Ethnicity:] French-Korean

[Orientation:] Gay or European? Panromantic-Asexual

[Weapon of Choice:]Andrew mainly uses a scythe named Oberon, which is a very versatile and adaptable weapon. By turning the blade he can quickly change into one of the three possible modes.
A: The first form is a war scythe that can be used to fence with. Used mainly for hyper-offensive situations.
B: Just a simple sword that can be used to swing around with more ease.
C: It's the same as form B, although its base happens to be a grappling hook gun with a scope attached to it.

[Personality:] In all honesty, Andrew overall is a very confusing individual. Around others, he's very impish and often teases others, although he doesn't handle it very well when it comes back to him. That said, he's easily flustered and surprised, especially when he's in a whole new situation. Although he may be quite clueless and naive in social situations and such, he's also very analytic, perceptive, and has a good intuition. Andrew has the ability to flirt decently but if he's facing someone that he really likes, he's horribly cheesy and awkward.

Additionally, Andrew is vocal, cheeky, often reacts comically/over-the-top, immature, childish, easily upset, gets bored easily, hyperactive, curious, adventurous, easy-going, and lax. He's very accepting of others as long as they don't have any harmful viewpoints.

Despite everything, he can be a good moral booster, being positive, optimistic, cheerful, silly with a sense of humor that often makes no sense except to himself. It doesn't matter if others don't like his clown-like nature because he believes that being a fool is better than being an outcast. There are times when he's stupidly bold, and feel free to smack him on the head when he does so. He'll only be serious if he feels in danger or pressured.

He's a bit lazy and quite difficult to motivate him if you don't have the right bait or blackmail (some of which are expensive food and WiFi)

One of his pet peeves is being commanded directly or too forcefully, or anything that restricts his freedom. Andrew was almost always alone, so he's extremely independent and could adapt into a new situation with some time. He dislikes loneliness with a passion and is always trying to break from it, although he's quite lost on how to make friends or interact with human beings. At his early childhood he was quiet and reclusive; greatly disliking himself, he gradually changed himself to what he is now today.

Andrew is also very fun-loving and greatly enjoys freedom, especially when he has time for himself. He spends those quiet moments just observing the world around him and being pensive. At those moments he's very calm and reserved. Don't bother trying to reach him in his brooding moments or he'll be pretty irritated.

There are many things that he keeps to himself, such as bottling his emotions away, which he often lets out by crying whenever he feels gloomy and when he thinks no one is seeing. It's difficult for Andrew to genuinely trust others or talk about what's weighing him down because he often feels like it's unreasonable to add to the weights others are already struggling with.

He may have a very long fuse being patient, but once he's at his wit's end, Andrew can be very aggressive, malicious, brutal and cruel.

Andrew's parents were actually caring and supportive, but they often had business jobs that required them to travel 24/7 and were rarely at home. At one point, the couple filed a divorce for a reason unknown to Andrew, and Andrew's older sibling Thomas went with his father while Andrew went with his mother. (He was probably four at the time.) However, a car accident killed his mother while she was returning home from the grocery store. (However, she also had a suspicious bullet wound which puzzled the authorities.) This occurred five years after the divorce.

Due to this, after his mother's funeral, his relatives heatedly discussed who would take custody of the child when his father disappeared off the face of earth (not to mention he never dropped by once to the funeral as well). Eventually, Andrew's uncle was the one who were to become his new guardian, even if it was temporary since no one was really able to support a kid due to various reasons/excuses.

Sadly, the uncle was a drunk that was rarely home and did a lot of shady things. (Just imagine how much he would be a great role model for Andrew.) His uncle still was pretty smart and knew that it was pretty unsafe for him and Andrew to live together (not to mention that he could accidentally harm him while drunk), so he taught Andrew how to live independently and survive the cities.
Using the monthly stipends Andrew's father sends the uncle, he rented an apartment room for Andrew to live in alone and would come to visit at least once a week sober to check up on him.
(Andrew still secretly admires his uncle however, which explains why his morals are often a bit skewed.)

All this mayhem and trying to survive kind of postponed Andrew's mourning for his mother, and this might have caused him to lock away his emotions and bottle them up. He also grew a little reserved and depressed, although the adventures with his uncle have helped him recover from those negative emotions a little.

Andrew continued living like this until around age 14, Andrew's grandparents from his father's side finally learned of his situation and quickly invited him to live at their place. After discussing this with his uncle, Andrew accepted their offer as a change of a new environment and a fresh started sounded very tempting. His grandparents owned an agricultural farm of mostly apple and grape orchards, also owning a portion of the rural town's vast fields of wheat, which helped Andrew gain some stamina and be more hard-working and dedicated as he helped his grandparents and neighbors.

Once he turned 18, Andrew soon realized that his grandparents were a bit struggling financially, which postponed his dreams of attending a local university and be a florist or something, so he began to search and apply for universities that were decent and affordable. As he was trying to get into at least somewhere, he somehow ran into the very criminal organization his grandfather once was a member of named Et Noir. (He probably met them in some rich man's bachelor party.) The organization at a glance was just seemed to be a notable corporation that produced all sorts of items in black and high quality, although they were also a vigilante that often raided other criminal gangs that were notorious for their crimes, also having various bases scattered around the world.

Interested in Andrew's potential and knowing the fact that he was the grandson of a former member, the group invited Andrew to join their organization after completing some 'tests'. (Not to mention they bribed him with good salary for joining them which means he's not chained by debts anymore.) In the end, Andrew was able to become a member of Et Noir and during the short three years he climbed up to one of the semi-elite positions. Ironically, the very organization Andrew had joined was responsible for the murder of his mother.

Recently, the founder of Et Noir heard news about the Street Rangers being active once more, also rumors of them being much stronger. While the boss had heard of the Street Rangers a while back, he brushed them off as unimportant as they had disbanded after a while. However, the boss's advisers were intrigued at what the big deal was back in the States, and decided to send one of their elites to join the vigilante and assess their abilities to see if they were worth extending their alliance and hospitality to. In short, Andrew was chosen thanks to numerous complications and lazy-asses and he was shipped off to the US.

+Video games
+Cool animals
+Goofing around
+Myths, stories, lore
+Paranormal Activities
+Poking people
+Free things, especially food

-Being patronized/underestimated
-Natural/Human disasters/Anything that causes despair
-Being ignored
-Bigoted assholes
-Invasive questions
-No WiFi
-Expensive stuff

[Additional Info:]
-He really enjoys holidays, especially Halloween.
-Andrew's pretty good at gathering information
-Could easily disguise into various people, especially into women
-Sometimes he likes wearing feminine clothing because it makes him feel pretty.
-Once had a nasty run-in with a gang, which caused him to have a pretty bad rope wound on his neck which he covers up using makeup.
-Theoretically, you can buy Andrew at Wal-Mart. Just let the cashier scan his tattooed bar code.
-Andrew's nickname in Et Noir is Fenrir since he's kind of acts like a wolf and he's interested in Norse Mythology.
-The whole organization has an interest in mythologies around the world.
-He hides Oberon in a cello case that he carries around. Also plays the cello.
-His hand is black because he accidentally used a paint that won't come off his skin for Halloween when he was fifteen.
-Oberon means King of Fairies. Just saying.

Er... This came out longer than I've expected *wrings hands* I hope it wasn't boring or a hassle to read ahaha :'D
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