Djinni Picture

New hero, based on Arabic mythology. Made using HeroMachine 3. HeroMachine 3 belongs to UGO networks. I did not create it, I do not run it, I just use it for models.

Code-Name: Djinni
'Real' name: Ben Aden
Age: 324
Powers and abilities: Longevity, shapeshifting, occult fire, smoke form, super-strength.
Weaknesses: Confused by technology, weakened by prolonged contact with soil or water (and vulnerable to attacks based on soil and water), highly vulnerable to iron.

A long time ago, when the world was created, many different creatures were made. Among the creatures of the Earth were humans and the Jinn. The humans were creatures of earth and water, inventive and stout, yet lacking in natural gifts. The djinn, however, were beings of air and fire. Though possessed of great power and freedom than humanity, the djinn were not a particularly inventive race. Humanity soon proved adept at tricking the djinn, and through learning they even began to discover magic. Fearful for their future, the djinn fought against humanity in a great war. In the end, the sages of the humans and the mighty ifrits of the djinn worked together to forever separate the two peoples. Now, the djinn exist upon a separate plane of existence from humankind, unable to see nor touch the world of man, just as humanity cannot see nor touch the world of the djinn. Only on rare occasions, and in the times of noon and midnight may the barest shadows of each world be glimpsed by the other.

Many generations later, human sorcerers discovered the magic that separated the worlds. With great finesse and power, they discovered how to create portals between the worlds. Rather than attempt to cross over themselves, they instead plucked hapless djinn from these worlds and imprisoned them. The djinni proved to provide a paradox for earthly sorcerers: while djinn had no defense against the magic of humanity, human mages also had no way to defend against the magics of the djinn, save for enslavement. Eventually, the binding of djinn was made illegal amongst wizards, and the practice was discontinued.

However, for every law there are those who would break it. Four years ago, a rogue sorcerer attempted to summon the djinni known as "The Son of Air and Fire". When the sorcerer attempted to use the unfortunate djinn as a weapon against his ex-girlfriend, he was promptly defeated by The Alliance of Super-Heroes. Rather than return to his own world, however, the djinn elected to stay on Earth, for he had grown tired of the world of the djinn. In return for being given lodging and food by the heroes, he would join their organization and try to aid humanity.

The djinn, named Ben Aden (as his djinn name was unpronounceable to most of the team), has taken well to living on Earth. Ben is a kind soul, if a little brash at times. As a djinn he does not sleep, but eats quite voraciously. He does not use modern technology, though this is not for any occult reason (as magic does not conflict with technology, despite rumors). Rather, djinn have a hard time understanding tools and inventions, as their natural abilities make all the basic tools unnecessary. That said, he has a fascination with human theatre and films, especially with their depictions of the djinn (although he usually requires a human helper in order to watch movies, as previous solo attempts to use the DVD-player ended rather badly).

As an outsider himself, Ben is one of the few members of the Alliance who take "The Team" seriously. Similarly, the Team finds Ben to be a refreshingly spirited and easy to work with; an unusual quality in the Alliance.
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