'Cerrnunos Renewal' Picture

Good evening everyone. I don't usually leave long drawn out messages along with my work, but I would like to make an exception tonight, if you would allow! Here goes:

Well, King Winter and Imbolc are behind us and the Queen of Spring and Beltane will soon arrive to renew the Great Marriage. Cerrnunos, the Horned one of the Earth is looking to renew his reign.

It is a time for growth, renewal, birth and wonder. In my 52 years on this planet I have never felt the need to tell anyone what to believe or believe in anything for that matter, and I'm not about to start now. I would only say to all of you who read this to be very hopeful in the coming next few years. Even though it may seem that everything is hopeless. There is reason to believe that a great thing is about to happen that has not happened for a great good long time.

On February 17th I, along with my wife, son and some friends, witnessed something quite amazing in the night skies above my house, but because of the nature of this forum, I feel only the need to tell you how it made me feel inside. Before this, I was quite the pessimist about the future of our world and it's people and environment. This event did not only affect me, but also had the same profound affect on those who were closest to me at the time. Only after this date of the 17th do I now feel that there is hope for us and our planet, but it will not be without a few hiccups!

It is for this reason that I'm presenting this piece for you, for I can feel the blood coursing hot through my veins again as if I were reborn into a new age of knowledge and understanding. And the youth and vigor of the wild man of the forest has entered my spirit once again. HA! Even my co-workers at the kindergarten where I'm headmaster have asked me "what has happened to you!"
"You look 10 years younger and act like a kid on Xmas morning!" "What's going on?"

I will just finish by saying this: If you go about your days looking at the ground you will never allow the light of illumination shine upon your face. Please, everyone, in the coming years look skyward and let this wonderful thing happen to you as well.

Have a Great evening, all ;o)
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